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  1. i bought Zoraida, aaand many people say i should take her outta the "swamp" but i dont know what to buy except i know i will need a nurse any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ^^
  2. Creative taxidermy Story encounter. Are those Story en ounters usable in normal games and if where can i find the rules
  3. Oh dear god hate mctavish model, though im rly happy to hear the sow is playable love that model. As i can read with wong i will need to focus on getting good models for glowy then rest of crew ??
  4. If Pandora Casts selfharm with wp 16 . Do i need 16 or 17 to resist it..... and is it same for df duels ? Pls
  5. How about we get a new conversion thread going here guys ^^ show me what u did ill start off with my own Zoraida "Cthulhu" inspired swamp crew ^^ (its a treeman hand over the doll btw :P)
  6. sounds epic, so you simply just say go for an Lenny first but else agree with my Sensei Dogmantra? ^^
  7. First time i post and i run into this amazing perfectly clear answear i needed to start purchasing. Many thanks Dogmantra! Srsly ty
  8. Hey im new like in i borrowed a crew LOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEED the game so so god damn much and now i need my crew. like other post i do not care about the "bank" i just want a competitive crew to start with (prefer wong) so i can play with my friends which are rather competetive aswell pls help a noob start fast ^^
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