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  1. Awesome, glad to hear it! For anyone who is interested, I posted the first three parts of the story at https://themythomaniac.com/category/journal-of-adam-cobb/?order=asc. Feel free to give it a read!
  2. Greetings, My gaming group and I have recently finished playing a TTB adventure. It was the adventure found in Wyrd Chronicles Issue 33; Worked to Death. I have written a story from the viewpoint of my character and plan to post it on my blog. I was wondering if I'm allowed to post my story. Will this violate any copyright laws/IP laws if I do so. Cheers Sniper
  3. There are Character sheets for the normal fated without the background if you check the resource page for through the breach, not sure about the into the steam, into the bayou and Under Quarantine
  4. Thanks for this, very helpful! Think I will go for a saloon since in the story it makes the most sense.
  5. I'm running a through the breach game in a few days and I'm working on the story. I just wanted to ask, what do you call a bar in the Malifaux world. Is it a: pub, inn, tavern, bar. Any help would be appreciated!
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