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  1. I love this! Not a vote for whichever way the ruling lands. I just think this is super fluffy.
  2. Lol, let's not make assumptions about my community. I was just illustrating a point.
  3. Well Cyclops are WAY better than I thought. They can position themselves 2" away from an enemy model, (within their engagement RANGE,) and create 2 ice pillars between the models so that LoS is blocked. Now the enemy model is perma-paralyzed
  4. I must have missed something but did Wyrd get rid of the forum badges? I don't think it's a browser issue; I have tried several. Anyone have any insight on this? I could wager that with the dawn of 3e they might have wiped the slate clean. If true, I would love to know why and if they will be starting anew or permanently ceasing badges.. Any leads would be great!😁
  5. I am not sure where you are getting your page numbers? In the English version of the rule book, the section on "Engagement" is Pg. 26 Also, regarding your point #3. LJ's engagement range is 2" and only 2" to be clear. Point #3 could be misinterpreted as '2 inches plus her size" as if you were measuring in the 3rd dimension. Just to reinforce a couple rules. Measurement is always made from a top-down perspective. Any intervening model or terrain interferes with LOS in an abstract pass/fail way. If the object between the two models is of height or size lower than either of the two, than it is ignored otherwise it is not and blocks line of sight.
  6. @solkan Would you mind weighing in on Gamble Your Life? This action does NOT have a Resist and is listed as a Tactical Action. How does Incorporeal interact?
  7. So to be clear, unengaged models CANNOT walk into and then out of engagement with a single walk action. (baring abilities like Agile) But you could Charge through engagement correct?
  8. What are you quoting? Pg. 10 has something similar but with no reference to Attack or Tactical. NVM, found it on pg. 22
  9. On a related note, can you not walk through engagement ranges anymore? I believe this was true in the Beta but now I cannot find anything in the rulebook about unengaged models walking into and out of engagement legally and without penalty. Anyone care to help me out with references?
  10. Just wondering when we will receive an iron painter forum badge? 😁
  11. I have experienced two separate intuitive interpretations or carry-overs from Malifaux regarding blocking terrain and LoS interaction. First, with people interjecting ‘height’ rules. E.g. King’s Empire standing on terrain to “see over” other terrain. This is not in the rules as written and I was wondering how others are interpreting blocking terrain. Second, RAW Top-down perspective issues when fireteams are atop blocking terrain. I also was listening to a podcast that said ADEODATOS could stand on terrain to have LoS anywhere on the board to levorege his Twisted Path action. Also, LoS is determined from a top-down perspective which means if two fireteams are both on terrain with the blocking trait then they would not have LoS to each other. Furthermore, if a fireteam were on blocking terrain so that all parts of its base were surrounded by the terrain from a top-down perspective, than it would for all intents and purposes be “invisible” to non-titan units. I believe that this list point is more of a RAW which should be a RAI but would love your thoughts.
  12. Congratulations all who finished! I sadly didn’t make it in time. Was so close but ran into trouble with my “mirrors” that took longer than I thought and didn’t turn out well. I wanted to do mist and a water effect that would reflect the models like a mirror but couldn’t not get a reflection with my water effect. Good learning experience and if anyone has pointers I’d love to hear them.
  13. So the red joker has every suit, does this mean that you can declaring every suit trigger of an action if the action has multiple suits for different triggers? Or does the RJ allow you to pick one trigger from any suit? Based on the rules as written it looks like the red joker is very powerful and allows a player to gain assess to every trigger provided they are different suits and declaim all of them if they wish.
  14. So the Gibbering Hordes adjunct card “Morphling reads: Does this mean that the fire team with the morphling gets to take two Actions or does the “in addition to any other action it can take.” mean that it may supplement it’s normal action with one printed on other friendly non-Commander squad?
  15. It’s interesting that the TOS rules don’t have the Malifaux rule clause, “ if two rule sets conflict, the more specific rule set supercells” So is it a lack of specificity? There are many excamples of units breaking specific rules. Like with the Electricutionrs have the, “Technophiles: Fireteams in this unit do not need to discard a card to use Actions on Prototype Assets.” Which gets around the, “This Action may only be taken by discarding a card.” This might be an elligant way to fix this problem as a catch-all but it might preserve the original intention if individual units had specific rule breaker text like electricutionists.
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