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  1. So if there's effectively no way to deny opponents through positioning tactics than it's pretty moot. If you wanted to 'lock down' a passage, ally, bridge, or some choke point and there's seemingly no mechanical way to do so than that feels moot. Would you mind giving me an example of how models that can create terrain or markers intended to 'control' areas of interest be at all effective in these tightrope walking scenarios? It seems to me that these models in essence want the ability to control the board through manipulating movement access and if they cannot than I am unsure of their fundamental purpose.
  2. Not arguing that fluff should be a basis of mechanics. I was making a point that it's satisfying when they seem to Complement each other.
  3. What about Hard to Kill interacting with shielded? Can the models controller choose not to burn the Shielded if HTK resolves first?
  4. Cheesy in both fluff and mechanic. Mechanically it would seem cheesy to render outmaneuvering and tactical positioning moot. If you take away players agency to counter their opponent through maneuvering and positioning it would greatly detract from the game IMHO. From a Fluff standpoint it doesn't "feel" right if a lumbering size:4 golem pirouetted atop a clothesline to avoid the opponent's counterplay. Obviously fluff has no grounds in a rules debate but it's nice when mechanics complement the fluff as much as possible leading to a good immersive game experience IMHO.
  5. I ask a similar question in that thread too. Tightrope Walking
  6. So how would you mitigate any cheesy tightrope walking shenanigans? I've had a couple games in 2e where enemy models climbed up fences and walked as normal across a razors edge then dropped which skirted the intended rules of the terrain and resulted in a poor play experience. the fence was climbable so no rules were broken but it didn't feel right. Making a blanket rule where railings, banisters, and other 'sliver' pieces of terrain are Impassable might help solve the issue but the problem with declaring all 'tops' of things like fences as impassable is that models would not be able to climb over fences at that point. So any ideas on how to solve tightrope walking?
  7. Absolutely, I completely agree and am so glad that we have very dynamic terrain and models and that its not an aesthetic similar to mancala. Not sure what your point is or if you answered the question. My apologies if I don't understand your answer but I would love clarity. I love referenced opinions but a reference without a statement feels a lot like "Try reading the rulebook, it has your answer" Which isn't as productive or helpful for me. Thanks for your understanding.
  8. So I was wondering what constitutes “any”? If it means in part or fraction of than that would mean if even a sliver of a base would cross over the edge of terrain than the model would be forced to fall. This would be weird mechanically because it would result in “free” movement shenanigans as well as making movement more restrictive and tactical because of the added difficulty. If any implies 'the entire' than that would mean players could move around objects only utilising slivers of terrain while most of their base were unsupported (if players wished to cheese). I’m thinking of a scenario where there’s a model on a bridge with the intent to block movement and an enemy model climes the 2mm rail on the side and tightrope-walks around the model intending to block. In my group we play more pragmatically with loose rules of “if it fits it sits” but I would like to hear your thoughts on the “actual” rules of the game for adjudication purposes. Thoughts?
  9. Let's start with this rule pg.14 DRB So I was wondering how this comes into effect with models on different elevation. If there’s a piece of terrain that has multiple levels can models ‘overlap’ If on different levels or is this above rule all-encompassing? On page 14 there's a Pandora/Rasputina example. Let’s say Pandora is actually standing base to base with the height 2” crate and Rasputina is Pushed 2” towards Pandora. Two inches would be enough to move Rasputina completely off the crate which would mean she would be directly above Pandora which is why the overlap rule exists. So in my opinion Rasputina's push would stop immediately before she would overlap Pandora’s base. Was Raspy’s push “interrupted? Invalid vs Interrupted Next Question, What if a model is standing on a bridge. The gap below is 2”. Does that mean that all non-incorporeal models cannot walk underneath the bridge because the bases would overlap? Would love to know your thoughts. Thanks
  10. Hobbyist [400 Points] Once per Week [2 Points] "MAKE" new friends - Assemble a model [6 Points] Bob Ross - Paint a model [3 Points] Back to the “Base-ics” - Create a custom base [2 Points] Rich Uncle Pennybags - Lend a card or model to a friend in need [3 Points] I Make This Look Good - Create a custom scenario element (Corrupt Idols, Explosive Markers, ext.) [2 Points] Technicolor - Play a game with a fully painted crew [3 Points] Every little bit helps - Create a piece of small terrain [6 Points] Too big to fail - Create a medium to large piece of terrain [3 Points] Wax Poetics - Write and post a battle report to a Malifaux group of forum [2 Points] X marks the spot - Create a custom Scheme/Corpse/Scrap marker Once per League [8 Points] Attack of the Clones - Complete the "MAKE" new friends achievement 6 times [10 Points] Taste the Rainbow- Complete the “Bob Ross” achievement 6 times [12 Points] They Call Me Jackson Pollock. - Paint a friends model as a favor [10 Points] All Your Base are Belong to Us - Complete the “Back to the Base-ics” achievement 6 times [7 Points] Mad Props - Complete the “I Make This Look Good” 6 times [8 Stones] Editor in Chief - Write and play a custom story encounter that is approved by your Henchman [10 Points] In Living Color - Complete the “Technicolor” achievement 6 times [15 Points] Board to Tears - Create a themed display board for one of your crews/factions Strategist [400 Points] Once per Week [1 Point] Bueller, Bueller? - Show up to a league day [1 Point] Speed Dating - Play a game against someone you haven’t played a league game against yet [1 Point] Can’t Win if you Don’t Play - Play a game of Malifaux [1 Point] Spamalot - Hire a crew where each model has a SS cost <6 [1 Point] Elitist - Hire a crew of 5 models or less [1 Point] Mob Mentality - Play a game with no Henchmen in your crew [1 Point] You Scratch My Back… - Buy something from a league FLGS [1 Point] Fluffy McMeta - Play a story encounter you haven't played yet in a league game [1 Point] Pick a Card, Any Card - Let your opponent cheat for you with a card from your hand [1 Point] Nothing Up My Sleeve - Reveal both of your schemes at the start of the game [1 Point] One Hand Tied Behind My Back - Play a game without spending any soulstones during play [2 Points] Feelin’ Lucky Punk? - Play an entire game without cheating fate [2 Points] Can’t We All Just Be Friends? - Win a game without killing any of your opponent’s models [1 Point] Private Tutor - Watch a game be played and discuss it afterwards. Once per League [10 Points] Perfect attendance - Complete the “Bueller, Bueller?” achievement 6 times [20 Points] Young Padawan - Bring a friend who has never played Malifaux 3E for a demo or game on a league night [11 Points] Jack of All Trades- Play every master in a faction at least once [8 Points] Know Thyself - Pick a faction, play every possible upgrade in that faction [14 Points] What’s Mine is Yours… - Let another player use one of your crews for a game [14 Points] … and What’s Yours is Mine - Use another player’s crews for a game [13 Points] Life after Death - Win a game without any friendly models left on the table Bounties [10 Points] - Available only during specific weeks [Week 1] The ol' Switcheroo - Intentionally cheat the Black joker [Week 2] Insult to Injury - Kill the opponent's master with a minion [Week 3] Everyday I’m Shufflin’- Go through your deck two full times in one game [Week 4] Perfect symmetry - Tie an initiative flip [Week 5] Ed, Edd n Eddy- Bring 3 models with the same name [Week 6] Legally Blind - Let your opponent Deploy your models [Week 7] All in the Family - Play a game where all models in your crew share only one keyword [Week 8] Bringing in a Professional - Hire 2 Versatile models whose base cost is 10ss or greater [Week 9] Au Naturel - Play a game without any upgrades [Week 10] What might have been - Play a game using only Dead Man's Hand models
  11. Overview There are two “paths” which you can participate and score points depending on your interests. You can even choose both! Hobbyist - Calling all Artists, Craftsman, and Academics Strategist - Calling all tacticians, gamers, and theory-crafters Scoring There are three ways of scoring Soulstones- Things you can do every week Visas- Things you can do once during the league Bounties - Things that can be done only during a certain week of the league. There is plenty to do here. So much that I really didn't intend or expect anyone to get every point, or even come close. Don’t stress over it, just do what’s entertaining and have fun! No need for sign-ups or paperwork. When you accomplish something let your local league organizer know and it will be recorded. Each week we will update a leaderboard showing where people stand. If you score something while not at a league game-day, contact your local henchman. Anyone wishing to participate can also submit their achievements through the online form: League Tracker Prizes (Award and Raffle) At the end of the league prizes will be awarded for the following 3 categories: Best overall score Best Hobbyist Path score in the league Best Strategist Path score in the league Then, we will have several raffle prizes. Players will automatically gain one raffle ticket for every 10 points earned over the course of the League. This is supposed to be informal and fun, allowing everyone to get some hobby-ing and gaming time with friends. Have fun, and maybe try something different! Print-outs are also available for tracking purposes: PASSPORT Printer Friendly Also please make sure to let your local henchman know if you would like to participate, we need to know for recording purposes. Don’t worry if you can’t make it every week, No pressure, it's really just for fun anyways!
  12. Hey SoCal Malifaux Players! Rumblings have been heard that SoCal is itching for another league. With M3E well underway now is the time to kick off the new season with a League. So in an attempt to do something a little different I am hosting a 10-week league where players can try new things, have fun experimenting, or just doing what they like best. League Starts: 10-1-2019 League Ends: 12-8-2019 This is an unprecedented LONG league to allow players to dabble with everything they would ever wish to without feeling left behind or missing out (FOMO) That said, take your time, enjoy the journey, don’t burn yourself out 10-days in. The scoring will come in a variety of ways, allowing everyone a chance to participate. Scores will be gained by doing hobby activities, showing up to play, supporting your FLGS’s and even things like bringing new players! Most importantly the majority of the scores are based on things coming from just participating, the more you do, the more you can score. No need to dominate on the table in this league!
  13. No sorry, completely hypothetical but I think with the help of everyone I have a better grasp of Shockwaves, THANKS!
  14. Another question, Shockwaves still go off even if the original target of the attack is killed correct? E.g. Attack action does 2/3/4 damage and has a trigger that generates a shockwave. the trigger doesn't state any timing so its assumed to resolve after succeeding, 2F in the timing chart. The damage is resolved in step 2E and kills the target, then the shockwave in 2F correct?
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