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  1. Check out this tournament June 16th, in Burbank CA Oath Breaker, a 50ss GG18 Tournament
  2. Welcome to "Oath Breaker" the tournament! The Los Angeles Malifaux Players community will be hosting the tournament at Emerald Knights this June 16th. Test your grit against our friendly group of players and see how far you can go. This tournament promises to be a fun-going, friend-making, prize-winning experience. Check out our Facebook event page: Oath Breaker Tournament Details: -Gaining Grounds 2018-50 Soulstone Crews-3 Rounds-120 minutes Rounds-Fixed Faction$15.00 Registration Fee - $10.00 if you preregisterRegistration starts at 11:30AM. First found will start after orientation beginning at 12PM.Please come having eaten Lunch as there are no scheduled Lunch breaks Please RSVP so that we can get an accurate estimate of how many tables are needed. We will be capping our tournament to 20 players.
  3. Thimblesage

    Widow Weaver Horror Duels

    Just to clarify, a model gains immunity from only the model that generated the horror duel in which it passed. ”...Additionally, the model is considered immune to Horror Duels from the model that generated the Horror Duel until the End Phase of the Turn. A model, therefore, does not have to pass multiple Horror Duels caused by one model’s Terrifying Ability, but it might have to test against a different model’s Terrifying Ability in the same Turn.”
  4. Thimblesage

    Schemes & Stones Zoraida Crew Spotlight with Adam

    This focus clause means that if the attacking model focuses, it doesn’t suffer the negative from proper manners and thus would be on a positive baring any other modifiers. Focus doesn’t simply cancel the negative, (which would put it on a straight flip) but nullifies Proper Maners changing the attack flip to a positive. Aside from that, positives and negatives still work the way they were written in the rule book. @emiba has it right. ”When determining how many cards to flip, the + and - symbols will cancel each other out on a one-to-one basis. Therefore, Fate Modifiers applied to a flip are always completely +, completely -, or none at all, after cancellations.”
  5. Thimblesage

    Schemes & Stones Zoraida Crew Spotlight with Adam

    I can see your point. The triggers possibly could be considered the origin of the attacks which would proc Bewitched. However, and I'm unsure about this counterargument, but all these attacks including the ones from the trigger might be considered effects from the charge. below is some supporting examples. Burt cannot use his Slippery ability against attacks from Charges or Flurries because those attacks are predicated on conditions/effects of the action that generated them. Also for reference:
  6. Thimblesage

    Schemes & Stones Zoraida Crew Spotlight with Adam

    Yes it was regarding Yas and yes Yas has the double triggers which is nice but if Yas was Bewitched then declared a Charge, (either in-activation or prompted by an Obey) the opponent would only draw cards from the Charge and not from any of the subsequent attacks generated by the Charge.
  7. Thimblesage

    Schemes & Stones Zoraida Crew Spotlight with Adam

    @56:35 Bewitched doesn’t quite work that way. Attacks generated by a charge action don’t prove card draw. “Bewitched: Every time this model declares a Walk, Charge, or Attack Action which was not generated by a Charge, the Model which applied this Condition May draw two cards.”
  8. Thimblesage

    Creature Feature Begins

    yep, me too.... I think the deadline is going to catch a lot of people
  9. Thimblesage

    Wyrd Painting Contests Announced

    I wish to enter the contest!
  10. Hello Southern California Malifaux players and hobbyist. I am happy to announce that this upcoming April SoCal will be hosting a painter's league for all those hobbyist out there. What is a painters achievement league you might ask? It is a league designed for those who are into the hobby and want to participate in an achievement system that rewards playing with new and painted models. How the League works: Starting in April you can post photos of Wyrd models or terrain in any state up to 'primed' once approved by a participating Henchman you can then work on that piece to your hearts content. After you feel satisfied with that piece take a photo of you playing a game with the model, (that's kind of the point of it all) and post it to social media and let your Henchman know. The hench will then record your work. To sign up please register at this link: Event Registration On May 1st, when the League concludes your games will be totaled and you will be able to redeem a prize based on the level of participation. (All completed pieces are subject to henchman approval and are not entitled to approval if the Henchman deems the piece abusive to the spirit of the league) Check out the prizes below: Rembrandt Play 5 games with 5 models painted during this league = a set of any Wyrd, Secret Weapon, Micro Arts, Reaper bases under $12.00 Picasso Play 5 games with 10 models painted for a friend during this league= a non crew pox model box of Wyrd miniatures. Michelangelo Play a game(s) with every model in a crew box that you painted during this league = select a Wyrd ALT model (pending availability) Picasso Play with 25 models that you have painted during this league = a crew-box from Wyrd (pending availability) Bob Ross Play on a terrain set that you painted during this league = Alt Lazarus
  11. Thimblesage

    Master Timing Chart

    Would love to see this added and even deconstructed fully.
  12. I was wondering if I could clarify a couple points of timing regarding Pandora's new summoning upgrade specifically with the "Growing Woe" ability. So for models with "i'm not really dead' abilities, (i.e. Huggy/Levi) a poltergeist would not be summoned not because of timing but because the ability on the defending model means that it hasn’t been killed therefor the summoning requirements have not been met, correct? For models with other “killed” abilities like explosive demise the newly summoned poltergeist would not be affected by these abilities because the timing would always resolve the “killed” ability before the “growing Woe” according to my interpretation of the wording of growing woe. Am I correct? I would love hear more thoughts and whether or not I’m correct in interpretation and why. Also, if there are any other problematic timing scenarios that might be fun to point out I would love to hear them.
  13. Thimblesage

    Master Timing Chart

    Would you consider adding the clause "after killing/sacrificing" and/or "when killed/sacrificed"
  14. Greetings Travelers! Get ready for Malifaux at Kingdom Con 2018! Last year we had a good turnout and this year looks even more promising. Test your grit against California’s best. This tournament promises to be a fun-going, friend-making, prize-winning experience. When: April 20th-21st Where: Crowne Plaza San Diego - Mission Valley 2270 Hotel Cir N, San Diego, CA 92108 For more info about the convention, check out this page: Kingdom-Con Also be sure to check out the Facebook page Malifaux at KingdomCon If you wish to attend any of the events please be sure to register: Register for the con Convention Registration The tournament will be capped at 20 players. Event Schedule: Friday Malifaux Demos - Noon - 4:00pm Never played Malifaux, but are interested in learning? Come over and let us show you how to play! We will have a few tables set up, and several types of models available for you to learn the rules and see what this great game has to offer! GG2018 Henchman Hardcore - 6:00pm to 9:00pm Henchman Hardcore is a tournament version of Malifaux which focuses on quick, brutal decision making. It is perfect for a group which wants to face a new challenge and experiment with Malifaux in a slightly different environment. The key differences between Henchman Hardcore and regular Malifaux are the reduced game size (20 Soulstones) and the fact that all Crews must be led by a Henchman. Saturday Kingdomfaux GG2018 Gaining Grounds 2018 is the Malifaux Standard for organised tournaments. The format dictates current Schemes and Strategy rotation, standard Crew size, and tournament rules to for our event. This GG2018 event will consist of 3 rounds with registration starting at 10:00am. First found will start at 10:30am. Each round will be 120 minutes with a one-hour lunch break after Round 1. 50 Soulstones 3 rounds Fixed Faction Models must be Primed 120 minute rounds including 15 minute for set-up Convention pass counts as Entry Fee
  15. Thimblesage

    Cyclops vs rougarou