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  1. OK, so I had my second game with the original list today. It was better, but still went pretty bad for the piggies. It was close deployment against reva. Symbols of authority. Reva had a very soft list (as I believe anyway) with Vincent, Yin, 3 Shield Bearers and Bette. Terrain was pretty much my standard setup: three big buildings, 4 smaller ones (all played just as blocking impassable), three severe bodies of water and a lot of small walls fences (hight 1 blocking soft/hard cover, climbable) Lessons learned: - Banjonistas can only push gremlin models, so -2" pushes for the pigs - It is really easy to forget the right to activation order so that you actually have a bayou gremlin on two wounds before Somer goes - if your opponent already stands in your crew before the pigs go, even if they can't attack, the pigs effectiveness is reduced severely - bette (and probably killjoy for that matter) are great against this with reva, as they have a rather easy time outmanouvering you and messing up your activation order that way - being close to the opponents crew too early (as given in close deployment) is not as much of a good thing as you might think - if you start turn one with a good hand, the card drawing engine almost hurts your hand - your effectiveness is SOOOOO dependent on available push lanes - I still need a lot of practice The game ended 7:5 for Reva, so not terrible, but considering the crew composition, it felt worse. I will play this crew a bit more in the hopes of getting more practice in. But from what I saw so far, this crew does not warrant any demand for nerfs of any of the pieces.
  2. Hi everyone, I played a game with the very list from the original post. Admittedly, I went in it without any practice with this list, but it was very educational regardless. The table was not one I would call particularly obstructed in terms of terrain. In fact I am sure a gunline would have worked very well in this one. But there was a lot of smaller terrain pieces making pushes kind of tricky. The opponent was Nellie with 2 or 3 reporters, Franc, Peacekeeper, Phiona and a watcher. What I learned: 1. This crew needs practice. A lot! 2. Setting the crew up even just deployment-wise can be very tough if the terrain is against you. You will probably always be deploying your models very close together, but you really have to pay attention to the distances between all the models to get all the passive effects right. 3. In order to geht the full effect of the card draw, you have to be very speific with you activation order. There might be some room for error, but that is probably where the practice part comes in. 4. In the very beginning, before the drawing engine get going, if you want to get the full effect of all the pushes, summons and ensure the crier turns into a bayou gremlin, some luck is stell involved regarding drawing the right suits and high enough cards in general. 5. Once the card drawing is done, you hand is absolutely amazing! I am sure you could use very similar card draw without the pigs and get great results as well. 6. If the terrain is against you, you will still have a chance to reach at least part of the opponents crew turn 1, but the effectiveness is reduced a lot (I took out only 1 reportes and 1 watcher). 7. Timing for using One Pig against the world is not as straight forward as you might think. 8. Once the hand from turn one wears off, the effectiveness of the crew diminishes fast. 9. Armor (Peacekeer) and High defense (Phiona near terrain with Francs buff) can completely stopp your attack. 10. It is amazingly good fun I will keep playing this list for a bit and see how it performs with more experience on my part and a less bad matchups, as soon as I can and keep you posted. See you Teddy
  3. Hi Kai, would Akaname be OK, or are they too close to human(oid)? Thanks Teddy
  4. Hi guys, I just wanted to pick your collective brain about the following scenario: I have a model with Reckless (or Drunk and Reckless for that matter) and it has the paralyzed condition. The model activates and as far as I know does not generate any AP and can not use any actions. Can it still use Reckless? It would not generate AP from it, but would I still be able to use it in order to damage my model? Thanks guys Matt
  5. I just submitted my request, but no confirmation mail went out. Does this usually take some time or has Alt-Lazarus already broken the system? In any case, if I don't get the mail, should I resubmit or do I need to contact someone at Wyrd?
  6. Dead Rider with an attempt at generating a glow effect from inside the horse (between the stitches, eyes and mouth), its tail, mane and hoofs.
  7. I am with you on that. But I am still not clear when it is 4. Is it only when the model gets killed by something other than the condition itself or is it also 4 if the condition kills the model?
  8. Thanks for the confirmation and answers everyone. Just to be be sure, here the conditions text: The reason I am asking this, is because usually, with the thoroughness Wyrd usually writes their card texts, I would have expected either one of the following in the second sentence: If this mode is killed before this condition ends, all models within 2 suffer 4 damage instead. If this mode is killed by this condition or before this condition ends, all models within 2 suffer 4 damage instead. Either of those would be clear to me, whereas the original card text leaves both options as a possible interpretation in my opinion. It would have also been clearer, I believe, if if the first sentence instead was: After this Condition ends, this model and all models within 2 suffer 2 damage. In that case, it would be absolutely clear, that the condition is no longer on the model when the damage happens. Therefore the model is killed, but the second sentence clearly no longer applies. Am I overthinking this? Or am I missing something from the basic rules, that makes my trail of thought invalid? Thanks again
  9. I was not sure if quoting cards was allowed. The condition basically says, that when it ends (at the end of the turn), the model that has it as well as anyone within a 2" pulse receive 2 points of damage. After that it says that when the model is killed, everyone in a 2" pulse receives 4 damage instead (without being more specific as to what killed the model). I know, this is not a quote of the card, I am trying to avoid those as long as I don't get confirmation, that Wyrd is OK with those.
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