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  1. Played the Jamie Varney style Nicodem list (this includes the new addition of a lampad) at a very small tournament over the weekend. Played the triple nightmare Matures Dreamer list against it, having to deploy first in standard. I again put the matures 6" away from enemy deployment zone, one at the center and two 12" from the board edge to make any area of his deployment reachable turn 1. Out of activation charges are definitely clutch in this list so save any high moderate or severe tomes. Target mindless zombies on the fringe of the Nico bubble after forcing a journey with empty night, it is really a game changer to have that free charge and their defense 2 (or maybe 3) makes cheating in a charge through super easy. Lampads change the order of operation somewhat, because in some cases you are better off waiting to see if they activate the lampad early to put burning on the Mature, then Dreamer can heal and wipe out the burning condition with empty night. I doubt the Nico player will make the same mistake twice, but it is worth holding Dreamer back until you need to buff the last Mature to activate. If you take Growing Up on Dreamer don't forget his "Your Turn" trigger on the cricket bat, that was a great help in maneuvering around cramped areas in enemy deployment zone. Won 5-4 on Supply Wagons... completely ignored the wagons. Got 3 VP for take prisoner on malifaux child and 2 points on Dreamer entourage.
  2. Got to live the dream with not just one, but two out of activation Mature Nephilim charges on Nico. I used the combo of Empty Night w/ Journey and the Charge Through trigger, once was a lucky RJ, second was a high tome I cheated in. Nicodem was dead middle of turn 2, I lost 1 Mature in the process and another shortly after. This game was different as I deployed first, placing 3 matures evenly along what I guess you'd call the from the shadows line and Dreamer dead center along my deployment line. Not sure if there was a better way to play this, but it worked fairly well. My opponent deployed in one corner after seeing how I had arranged things. I believe there is a counterplay where the Nico player fills their area with a mindless zombies so that you literally can't place a Mature close enough to attack.
  3. That was offering different options for how to deal with being blocked by a model, so assuming being engaged. Either give it playtime and flurry to hunt for a high tome or give it fast for the wing buffet then charge, not both (just due to lacking AP). Using Dreamer to push it would work but then you wouldn't be able to accomplice, which may or may not matter. If blocked by a model with 3" (so outside Mature's 2") you could try the push or fast to let it move around inside that engagement or to close distance or to wing buffet. Getting a free push and attack then cheating the charge through is a baller move, really like that. Biggest/best part of this is exactly how many options you have even when they know exactly what you're up to. If they make it to turn 2, there is even more options with Dreamer up close to the nightmare Matures. This is the best version of an alpha anti-Nicodem list that I've played with. We got a local guy who plays it in a lot of tournaments and I needed a response.
  4. I have been going back and forth on the value of Doppleganger in that crew. Assuming you deploy first and go second turn 1, there still isn't much that Nico's engine is going to do. Other lists will certainly have options, but Nico has a pretty set order of operations to complete the engine. If charge was blocked by a model I'd most likely either go to a different Mature or give the blocked Mature playtime, accomplice into it for flurry and look for a high tome on the free cards/ plus flips for charge through. I feel it would be hard to block all the Matures with one activation, just make sure Dreamer can get within 6" of all the Matures with 2 AP. Also keep in mind that a fast Mature with a charge lane can wing buffet a blocking model out of the way prior to taking the charge. I played against the Nico Engine after my opponent knew exactly what I was doing and with me deploying first. He decided to place Nico at the absolute back of deployment behind a large building, blocking my charges with terrain. I decided to have my Matures kill off the other pieces of his summoning engine and charged through to Nico when finally able to. He was also limited because the shelling up caused his own charge lanes to be blocked. There was some advantage to him turtling up like that, but it caused a bottleneck on his side as well. Definitely has its issues and is a gamble to get at that engine specifically, just more flexible than it may appear.
  5. I had some success with Dreamer, Serena, 2x Matures w/ Warped Reality, Doppleganger, Changling. You can place a Mature at the absolute closest to the enemy and still get Dreamer to him with 1 AP left to give it Fast, then accomplice to it. Turn 1 I went first, moved Dreamer up, gave fast to a mature, accompliced to it, it walked to get a charge lane and then hit Nico hard. Nico tried to block second Mature, but I had a high tome for charge through and then landed a RJ on damage against Nico. It was about as best as that could of gone for me. In another game having Dreamer within heal range of the Matures meant I was able to heal, give fast, give playtime, and heal again to full, followed by accomplice .... got 4 free cards from that. My favorite version of this list right now (this is really only for breaking the Nico Engine): Dreamer w/ Growing Up, Otherwordly, Wings of Darkness. Serena Bowman. 3x Matures w/ Warped Reality. (maybe) Primordial Magic.
  6. Yep, can still do today, sent you a private message with some info. Gonna try to get more stuff assembled this morning
  7. That all sounds fine to me, gotta start somewhere. I got most my stuff assembled, but maybe only 30% painted. Just bring what you got, I'll do the same and we'll cobble together something to play. I haven't looked at the starter scenario in a while, but it is really helpful so definitely bring that. Lemme know what they say at Gamers Heaven, curious about the terrain situation.
  8. I'm free to play this Saturday or next (1/7/17, 1/14/17) if you're available. Gamers Heaven opens at 2, lemme know if you're up for it. Did you check out the store? I haven't been there for several months.
  9. I believe there is a table to for war gaming at Gamer Heaven in Phoenixville, up by the pool hall across 23 from Weis and French Creek Outfitters. Some players on A Wyrd Place (excellent Facebook group) play at Enter the Realm in Springfield, about an hour away. I believe it is fairly regular play on Saturdays. I have neverborn, enough to play a full sized between two people (masters are lilith, lynch and dreamer). I do have a malifaux play mat, extra deck and tape measure, just no terrain pieces. I have another local player, but he is more involved with 9th age currently. Are you typically free on weekends? I work a fairly normal 9-5 job.
  10. Yep, I certainly did that when I first started playing. You're basically focusing on shooting and alp spamming the models you want to have Chompy go after. Coppelius is roaming the board scheme runner hunting or just scheme running himself. It... it doesn't work too great, though it is fine as a starter thing. Buying a couple small boxes can help like: Teddy, stitched, madnesses, lilitu & lelu, widow weaver, waldgeists, Mr Graves, Nekima, etc.
  11. I'm local to Phoenixville, but willing to travel to surrounding towns/cities for a game. Currently only have one other local Malifaux player and not LGS. Lemme know if you're out there!
  12. I was surprised you found Teddy to be more resilient than Nekima. My meta has the opposite opinion on the two, part of that is the fact that Nekima can stone for damage prevention.
  13. Hey, so I'm a newish player, but passed the point of needing a demo... Will there be other players to get a game in with?
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