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  1. I think it went quite well thank you. They enjoyed it, and would happily play again
  2. I am running a demo day on the 10 December 2017 at Warboar games and paradice board game cafe in Bromley London United Kingdom All ate welcome though I already have 6 in attendance.
  3. Fully booked. Intro day for 6 players. Warboar games bromley United Kingdom.
  4. Im sorry to have to announce, this event is cancelled. Due to a Family Situation.
  5. I won't be able to attend, the ticket will have to go to waste. The personal family situation means that I can't be too far from home. Sorry everyone.
  6. Due to a personal situation, I might not be able to make this event now.
  7. Im very interested to help with playtesting. My favorite RPG system is Through the breach, but i also play pathfinder, D&D 5ed, and the Starfinder (pathfinder in space). A bit about my RPG group, we are currently playing through a TTB campaign. We enjoy a good laugh first and foremost. My players are very much, "how far can we push our luck" and have a tendancy to go so far off tangent that I now have to write as I go with our campaign. For example we have a few players who are now death marshals, at the same time we have players in the same party who want to raise the dead. In short my group is Chaotic but a great laugh every single session, plus they buy me drinks
  8. Hi everyone, just wanted to get the community to pool their collective imaginations to create a pool of Character Concepts for Pre-Generated Characters for One Shots etc that dont have them. Ill start with my Favorite Rosie Brice, The information collector Normally able to get the information she wants simply by sweet talking the right person, Rosie is no stranger to the use of Mind Altering Magic, foul Necromancy, is that doesnt work then a pin point application of pressure from her dueling sabre is usually enough to get them talking. This is a social based character with social skill focus, with (I cant remember the name) mind altering magic and at least a level 3 in Melee.
  9. Ill be running two sessions of Night of the Carver on Sunday the 29th of October, these being at 10.30 and 16.00. In my store Warboar and Paradice Boardgame Cafe in Bromley, The Mall. This being my first Official Henchwoman event. I have most likely filled all places due to multiple RPG groups who have shown interest, though I will be posting on the Warboar RPG group on facebook. I do however hope this to be the first of many monthly events for this game. I will be creating at least 10 Pre-Generated characters which each player will pull a name of of a hat at the start of the session. Any character concept suggestions are welcome ADMIN: as I'm not sure. Do my players have to have a Forum account? Early Session 10.30 - Jared Copeland-Gregory - Chris - Rob - Filled - Filled Late Session 16.00 - Casey - Jake Mahoney - Clay - Filled - Filled
  10. I would make your own, I intend to do the same, but on the 29th of october (Im working ton the Eve itself) Im hopping to run two sessions one in the morning and one in the afternoon as I intend to make it an official TTB event at my store. I also intend to make about 10 Pre-Gen Characters and ask my players to draw one out of the hat.
  11. Dont forget my name on the list picked up the ticket yesterday. Amberleigh Elysa Clarke
  12. Thanks for your responses, Suffice to say I have bad news... Ive brought a Ticket. Thanks Again
  13. Also one other question. How will the event be structured? 3 games on saturday and 2 on sunday is what im assuming.
  14. Going to check for other commitments but i might just join in. Where abouts is the store based?
  15. Thanks for your suggestions. I was considering picking up Rafkin soon. And the Emissary of course. The mindless zombies were one of the first things I picked up and I own the scorpius
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