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  1. Hello all, I'm new to Rasputina and Ramos, and have a few questions. - After purchasing the Ramos box set, what do I need to buy for the full summoning crew? There's two different boxes of spiders and I don't know if I need multiples or even one over another. I may or may not be magnetizing spiders between single and swarm bases. - Raspy totems. When would you choose Wendigo vs. Essence of Power? Both look amazing, but you can only have one in a crew, right? - Do I need more than one Silent Ones in my crew? - Do I need more than 2 Acolytes in my crew? Thank you!
  2. That's...ingenious and scary. I love the idea!
  3. Hi all, New player to Malifaux here. I've decided on Outcasts as my first faction, and Hamelin as my first master. I've heard with his summoning he can be a bit hard as a first master, but I'm OK with that. His two box set models sold him and the game for me. I've read up a bit on how to play and what models work well with him. What do you think of my first list? Hamelin -Sewer King -Survivalist -The Piper -7SS The Stolen Crooligan x 3 Johan Nix Obedient Wretch Sue My plan was not to focus completely on summoning rats but using what I can get as the game goes on, building up to Rat Kings and then Rat Catchers to get more activations each turn. I've hired a Crooligans as my main scheme runners while the chaos goes on. Johan and Sue are my first couple turn hard hitters until the rat machine has started up. I wanted to switch out Sue and 2SS for Taelor but I can't find anyone selling her separately from the Viktoria's box set, and I don't want anything else from that set. Plus, I get to play Johnny Cash in the background each of Sue's activations. Do I stand a chance?
  4. My apologies for asking, but to have knowledge of what models I'm buying I have to buy 3 books right after I've purchases the digital mini rulebook? Is there not another site that has at least images of the cards, or an app like what Warmachine has where you purchase the ability to view all cards without paying money for each rulebook? I'm kinda regretting purchasing the mini rulebook now instead of the larger one...
  5. Hi all, I'm very new to Malifaux and have the rulebook. How does one know what a model does before purchasing and then getting to read the stat card? I've seen websites that describe what a model does but I'd like to be able to actually see the card before deciding on purchase. Does anyone know where I could get this information? Thank you.
  6. Thank you all for the recommendations. Very appreciated.
  7. Aha. Thank you! To have all upgrade options to the Lady Justice box set I'll also need The General Upgrades deck then?
  8. Hello all, I'm looking at staring Malifaux and drawn to the Guild mainly due to Lady Justice's boxset models. If I purchased the boxset and main rulebook, would I have everything I need to play the game? What are arsenal decks, and do I need one? Thank you,
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