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  1. As the title suggests,I'm after a force of cult and hordes to go with my earthside force,mainly so I can actively start demoing for people. UK based
  2. Thought that might be the case,but wyrd do need to push it,otherwise it will just wither and die. Unfortunately,I can't make tomorrow
  3. I picked this game up a few weeks ago,and to be honest I'm a little shocked at the lack of players. Is there any reason for this? I maybe missing something,but wyrd don't really seem to be pushing it (I guess this could be down to 3rd ed), I love the game and the fluff,but I've got a feeling I've bought into a game that's not going to take off.
  4. So,I was looking through pics of other peoples crews and saw a couple of crews thatbi didnt recognize, it was basically a crew/musical band,who are they?
  5. Hi As the title says, I'm getting back into the game after around 2 years away,I gave up a few months afte V2 hit,so what have I missed? My aim is to get the missus playing (who has never played a wargame in her life),so im looking at getting the 2 player starter,along with the mcmourning box for me, and a neverborn starter for her (along with kandy, kade and tuco),hopefully a load ofbterrain,and ive already picked up the rulebook and crossroads)
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