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  1. Does the upgrade give him a Cg? Causing Leaping of - isn't really helpful
  2. Sorry. Never realized there was something in the rules about that. I wonder why they have that rule at all. Very few ways to even flip 4 cards. Outside 10T and focus flying around like popcorn.
  3. I have one with Hoffman. Flipping 4 cards per attack with with a peace keeper and getting 4 attacks on something (One of those is focus for flipping 5 cards on the attach) Toolkit discards a card to give Peacekeeper + to Melee, Hoffman power loops the peacekeeper, the Emissary does need to be close to give the + to Melee Hoffman does On-Site Assimilate on the toolkit and discards another card for another + to Melee Machine puppet the peacekeeper with a ram for him to focus and fast. Discard a card for flurry into something.
  4. I'm looking to confirm if A Debt to the Guild provides +1 damage on any blast markers. It doesn't mention anything having to do with target just "Attack Actions". So it doesn't adds damage to Papa Loco's blow himself up(Tactical Action) or when he dies (Ability) but I believe it adds to his Melee and Shooting attack. Does that make sense? or am I wrong in my thinking?
  5. I believe Hoffman is the best although he is card intensive so requires a decent hand to be effective.
  6. Is the real issue with activation control or the ability to use it to your advantage to get killjoy across the table on turn 1 after the opponent activated. If the the first one then you do need to restrict the rats in some way. If the second you can fix it simply by adjusting killjoy in one of two ways: 1. Make it a non-peon model is killed or sacrifice 2. When an enemy model kills or sacrifices a model in this crew. According to the above the super activation control only exists for turn 1. After that you only have a rat catcher for your 8 stones of hired rats. Although the Wretch can lead to future activation controls but you are trading 4SS (1 Wretch) for 4SS (2 Rats)
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