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  1. Thank you mason, you have been great to converse with and the games are looking great all the best for the future both you and to Wyrd 😁👍
  2. Thanks Burnin' Coal hope you get your stuff soon it's purdy and yeah RStrickland saves heaps of time but you have to be committed doing huge batches takes it's toll on your sanity
  3. Since my photo links have reappeared again I thought I'd start putting pics of my stuff up again, just happens to coincide with the arrival of a big box of shiny new minis 😁
  4. It's been quite a while since I played gh and the player I played against didn't know how to use them much, mostly ke player which plays waaay more differently. I actually made this list so I could play steel legion and have run it with mh, crow runners (extra bodies are good) etc and it still works, I just really like the electrocutioners models. The pinning tokens also help from the crow runners to negate some of the more nefarious gh spawn tactics
  5. Used right cotbm is a total pita to fight, there's not much wiggle room in a single commander battle with the boxsets, I wouldn't leave home without unathis mine control device, make sure you tow around the bossman for extra tactics tokens, they are gold, arguably more important than cards in hand.
  6. I've played about 12 games with that list against alot of different armies and won 8, I like the kassa art and model way more than Prince u. Only a fraction of her abilities work only on combined arms. I've only played 1or 2 games against gh but its solid against cotbm and ke. She works great as backup to Margaret belle as well and i can take a non combined arms titan with her plus some rock solid troops to backup the glass cannonish aby specialists. Like I said in my post with the list depending on what you face will depend on how much you have to protect her, I've only lost her a couple of times but I was usually far up the board claiming objectives and still outscored anyway
  7. Lol best I could do at work, as far as upgrades go I like deflector shield on kassa if a think she's going to come under pressure, I like experimental rocket on electrocutioners For a bit more ranged support. If I'm playing a ranged army and I think kassa is fairly safe from assassin's I don't put any upgrades on her, Just make sure she's hidden behind something, and I put an engineer in the electrocutioners for extra ranged attack options, card draw and survivability, a rail gunner is handy too. So my usual list goes like this- Kassa okoye +25 Electrocutioners 10 Steel Legion 12 Rail gunner 2 Leaving me 1 scrip to pick either deflector shield or an engineer, being Abyssinia we get free prototypes anyway so the units get upgrades to play around with. It's not a big army but one I've had good success with against cotbm and kings empire. Alot get surprised with the maneuverability of this army too so use that to your advantage, plus it won't take long for your opponents to realise against steel legion their titans are as tough as a wet paper bag so they will definitely target them, I use that so my electrocutioners can pick the strongest units and waste em.
  8. I've been running steel legion, electrocutioners, and a rail gunner with kassa for some time now, leaves me a scrip for an asset for kassa but if I'm up against ke where their mobility isn't an issue I'll put an engineer in the electrocutioners instead. When the cards are working it works awesome and if they aren't I did very quickly but I have a ball running it which is all that matters 🙂
  9. TheGreg

    next purchases

    Don't worry found it, wish I bought a marauder, that would be boss with behind enemy lines
  10. TheGreg

    next purchases

    Out of curiosity, what strategem allows you to bring in baso cav? I don't have that one
  11. Lovely work everybody, I was glad to have entered a painting comp with all of you most excellent people. 🍻
  12. My grandfather fought with the ghurkas during Ww2, some of the stories that he handed down about them in the jungle, they were badasses, I'd gladly have them fighting alongside my rr
  13. I've split my collection into batches, here's molly from the first part of batch one ready for finishing touches, mainly freehand, nmm and glowy stuff
  14. Well long time no post and it looks like my previous photos aren't showing up :-( well instead of reposting those I'll add some of my ressers I've been painting, I've done most of the undead flesh, just blocking in colour for shading
  15. Did some more to my oni, pushed the shadows a little deeper and did some gold nmm on the round blade
  16. A wip photo of my much neglected obsidian oni, still a bit to go but I'd been dragging my heels on those for reasons I can't explain
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