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  1. I finally received my order- half of the stuff is missing. Beside that, the packaging is ridiculous. A few boxes are sealed, the rest is cracked open and/or damaged. Some unit cards were flying around loosely. The rules are wrapped in a plastic bag... That is what we got for an almost 1000$ pledge. I will never ever give this company a single dollar anymore. Lessons learned. Wyrd, i am done with you.
  2. I still got nothing. No answer, no tracking number, no email.
  3. Cant believe that. They used different Shipping centres for the customers and the retailers? One messed it up and the other delivered just fine? And the one who messed it up, was accidentally the one with the customers-stuff? Cant believe that.
  4. You are right. They are only Humans. But thats no excuse for behaving like an amateur and fooling their customers. And that is exactly what they are doing. They are fooling us. They served the retailer first and telling us, there is a problem with whatever what. Honestly: F*** you Wyrd. Thats what you get from me in the future. And I hope you read this. They wont see any money from me anymore. Neither TOS nor Malifaux. If I would do this in my job, i would get fired immediately. Wow. That felt good!
  5. German Backer here... Still nothing. No Email, no tracking number, nothing. This is getting beyond frustrating for our gaming group. After 1 year of delay, we havent received anything. And to watch our german online stores selling TOS stuff already, is more than disappointing. What a cheek! We gave Wyrd our money over 2 years ago. And all we get is excuses every 6 weeks. No response to emails, nothing. I loved this company, and Malifaux for years. I spent so much time with the game, introduced new People, kept the game alive and only spoke well of Wyrd. But now I am done with this sh**. And I know for sure, that this incompetent company wont get my money anymore. There are a lot of other great games out there. This may sound rude, but I am at the end of my tether.
  6. Addico

    Gremlin Fonts?

    Hi, I try to make some Malifaux Markers and Tokens for my Gremlin Crew. Someone has Tips for a cool Gremlin Font? Preferably the original one Thank you, Best regards!
  7. Any news? I really really need the german Version :-(
  8. How can i find a flagship store in my area?
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