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  1. f1amius

    Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    1) "How can you do 4 or plus with stitched and vasilisa?" There are a lot of ways for that 😃 1. vasilisa's 0 cation on stitched + 3 action from stitched (take fast from upgrade) 2. use fast on vasilisa 0 cation+obey+ 2/3 action from stitched. 3. two ways before + lose 1 duel with stitched and get reactivate.... 2) "When you say "3 Attacks" with Collodi and one "my will" for running back.. you mean one use of my will for walk again Vasilisa back?" 3 action + my will on vasilisa for run back. also u can try to make vasilisa's 0 cation on ur puppet for shame marker and push a little bit back so u can take away collodi for 10". good luck
  2. f1amius

    Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    Collodi+Vasillisa can hit reva from 22”, and also be safe from her attacks on turn 1, cuz u will have about 10 activations. U will make 4 attacks 7ca vs 7wp but u will get focus from ur puppets, or even 3 attacks and “my will” for runnig back. Also u can kill one other enemy key model and try to give slow to Reva. Also u can take stitched together and vasillisa and make 4+ attacks against reva (this combination also good vs niko with his 4 df) u can combines this. list is like: collod+3ss upgrades vasilisa+3ss upgrades stitched 4 marionets 2 effigy already 9 models and 10ss left for whatever u want. Take Aeslin for lure protection or widow for more wp threat or even our emmysary for more df damage and summon or barbaros for high survival.
  3. f1amius

    Alpha Strike Titania

    For alpha strike i think better take student of conflict and give fast to Titania, so u can push her with graves and then with her 0 action so u push up for 12”, or even coppy Graves’s attack with doppelganger and push Titania once again and only after this use 0 action for push or charge make 2 attacks then use 0 action for putting sheme markers them make 2 more attacks. i also proposed to take our effigy for making Tittania more survival.
  4. f1amius

    Trying out this Lucius list Tomorrow: Your thoughts?

    Yes it’s sound good, but investigator’s aura range too short for making this combo really powerful with only one bultugin. Push from Thorn in a perfect way can give: marker, 2 attack from rougaru, and 1 attack from bultugin.
  5. f1amius

    Trying out this Lucius list Tomorrow: Your thoughts?

    I think change guild serg and 1 investigator for terracotta and Thorn/illuminate. Terracotta give u opportunity to switch upgrades on lucius, protect 1 of ur beaters and u will have model for devil’s deal. Illuminate will have senergy with becorner if pounces will not work. Thorn give u more pushes, free markers for investigator and also card draw.
  6. Aura "Autumn's Corruption" says Enemy models within 3" aura of this model cannot heal or use soulstones. This part "cannot heal" prevent from using healing abilities and actions or prevent model be healed from any source while it within aura effect? for example: 1) Enemy Teddy (5 wound remains) is within 3" of my Titania and also within 3" of his Dreamer (dreamer not within Titania's aura). At start of Teddy's activation will he heal 3 damage for Dreamers aura or not? or he will heal 2 damage from regeneration and 3 from Dreamer? or he will not heal at all?
  7. f1amius

    Supply Wagons

    But 30mm base models aren’t good for this mission, cuz they push the marker only for 2” and if opponent model stay behind marker u can’t push it forward. I played this mission vs TT and on the 1st turn his marker was on a center line. His master was mei, so i can’t even do somesthing to his models, after this he just block my marker and having enough hitters he star to destroy my models. Pandora is intresting choice, i even didn’t think about her, but still what crew do use with her for pushing marker?
  8. f1amius

    Supply Wagons

    Hi, What combinations do u prefer to use on this strategy? As i think gups are good chioce for this strategy, but they require masks and without them everything ruins.
  9. f1amius

    Countering summoning engine crews

    Try to play pandora with fgf upgrade and barbaros. Ressers don’t like mood swings and combination of df/wp simple duels. If u also take emmysary u will get more mood swings and can destroy simmoning combinations.
  10. f1amius

    NB Lucius - Trying to figure him out

    If u know that u will not face with “blastmaster”, it’s funny to play depleted-bombs. Take some deplets+ blackbloodshaman+ illuminates, also if u take condescending upgrade u will have depleteds for 3ss if u kill them by Luci. Now ur depleteds will be a solid problem for an opponent with bb all the time they get a damage. Play aggrasive Luci and use Devil’s deal to prevent/suits/etc and kill ur depleted and make more dmg, and brilance for ur illuminates. Also if u like alpha strikes u can use combination of mountedguard+teddy/baby cade/etc.
  11. f1amius

    Looking at Lord Chompy Bits Dreamer Crew

    If u want chompy on a 1st turn take student in list. Give fast to dreamer summon 3 daydreams and 1 alp and get ur chompy on the 1st turn:) Growing up i think is better for a reason u can get dreamer out from enemies when chompy dies. Just summon daydream ~7”and than change it with dreamer or Teddy if it possible. Dreamer with 5 ap look better than ME chompy.
  12. f1amius

    Playing into blasters

    50 SS Guild Crew Sonnia Criid + 4 Pool Puryfying Flame (3) Captain Dashel (8) Francisco Ortega (8) Peacekeeper (11) - Numb To The World (1) Guild Guard (3) Guild Guard (3) Guild Guard (3) Guild Guard (3) Guild Guard (3) Guild Guard (3) Something like that (may be guild players can recommend better list) u can’t lock in Sonia, before francisco dies or activates. i have some heavy hitters. if u stay 15” far from me u can’t then reach sonia in on activation if we are saying about lilith. If u say in general so u will not have los block all time in 15” from Sonia or take ciclopus? I can discard ur cards with 3ss minions with 6df 5wd 1 armor and free focus and attack range 12”. yes tactica to rush in is good but it need really good table with a lot of los blocks, but will u face sonia in this case?:) and don’t forget about perfect modelclockwork trap, take 2 and place them in 14” for our blaster. Or even near deployzone to block normaly move. killing them also not an easy thing thanks for armor
  13. f1amius

    Playing into blasters

    Sonia and her 13 activations really hard to counter. Los block? Nah, she shoot at her own teammate then u are burning! So no losblock for next 2 shots. Raspy - huge range and a lot of slow conditions (thanks to cheap acolyts and from the shadow) misaki a little bit easer now but also hard counter. And don’t forget that an opponent can take another master and all ur counters vs blaster become useless. In general i recommend to take collodi. he is only one who can have a tons activations, high ragne of attacks, cleanse, slowing enemy , survival and and u will never countered by an opponent. May be new dreamer can also be a good answer on blasters, but not sure. His def trigger still bad vs blasts and incorpsreal doesn’t work (exept misaki). Also try some heavy hitters with warped reality. And another one good choice is horseman with 1000 faces. Push charge (if it’s raspy taking retrebiotion eye) and try to kill or engaged blaster. Cover from our models vs blasters: Sonia have + vs wp6,use soulstone , shoot her own crew etc. Raspy also will use soulstones, for cards/repeat attacks and get her + (thanks to a tottem). Or kill ur cover model with silent ones or other models.
  14. I tried them with Titania and they are good. Titania tanking everthing while 2 knights healing her with markers and illuminates+beckorner killing opponents models. Also take dopelganger with 1000 faces and switch it for def trigger or retribution eye. With a tottem ability to resurect our minions it’s really strong.
  15. f1amius

    Neverborn hand manipulation

    If u want to get new cards for Lynch u can make something like that: widow weaver and 2(3) depleteds. 1st depleted make 1 attack to another one = 5th card out, then move 2nd depleted push to the 1st. Make 1(2) attack(s) = 5(10) out and mb we will get some aces. if u take more depleteds u can make this more time. And hopefuly we get 1 ace. then activate widow and shoot with her exale terror at delpeted 5 more cads out, that terriffy 1 more card out, cheat for an ace if depleted pass horror + 1 card in a hand. Repeat 6 card out +1 in a hand. activate darkness move (charge if u need more cards out) use 0 action = 2 cards out + 2 in hand. this combination give u 4 card in a hand and 25+ card out. With new upgrade u heal our depleteds. And lynch will have 16 cards in a hand. So he can kill opponent’s master and heavy hitter in activation