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  1. I like: Zoraida - silurids are great for claiming markers, and they are hard to kill from distance, also zoraida's obey can help u a lot. Lucius - ur crew really fast, have alot of actions out their activation and big part of mimics and elit model have good protection mechanics Dreamer - summon, alot of pushs/moves/places tricks, a lot of models with high move, have good survival with combination of incorporeal/sheilded/armor/terrifying and feed on fears.
  2. I had a similar question about auras and abilities. 1) Nightmare crew ability "feed on fear" - after an enemy model within this model's engagement range fails a Wp duel, this model heal 1. If 2 nightmare models engaging 1 model and this model fail wp duel, all nightmares will heal 1 wound or not? 2) can u please explain why this auras stack (example from rule book) "After an ememy model within 6" aura cheats fate, this model may push up to 2" in any direction..." Am i right that 2 auras with the same name can work in the same time only if they influence on 2 or more different models? Thanks for answers.
  3. No, they just give concealment trait only, so all shooting and casting attacks targeting ur model will have negative flip for duel.
  4. If u need a lot of shame marker take Lucius. On my opinion, Lucius and Zoraida are the best choice for any strategy, shames and against enemy faction. This masters give u opportunity to build universal crew. Other masters, even with strategy convenient for them, can lose u a game cuz they will be bad in shames. So i think we should find best masters for each shame 1st and only after that link a strategy to them.
  5. Vasilisa have a really powerfull ability "Tangled threads" so every enemy model during Start phase near 2" from puppets will gain Staggered. So u will need tanky puppets for allocating staggered. Staggered combines with Lucius's investigators and Alan Reid, so they can start to make a lot of dmg (3/4/5) with hit stat 7. Taking in attention that a lot of Lucius's models have "Coordinated attack" trigger u can wipe out enemy model at one activation. Candy. U will need her as a healer (changelings can coppy her heal), also she have good crowed control with her aura; dmg; tankes. This model is so good. It can solve for u a lot of problems. U will need juji only if u take zoraida as 2nd master.
  6. U will need (except Elite and mimic models): Hinamatsu Vasilisa Angel eyes I also prefer: Zoraida Candy Hooded rider Bad juju Also u can try mature nephilims.
  7. I have faced with some crews witch makes a lot of hazardous terrain. For example something like that: Soul Stone Cache: 7 [Masters] - Mei Feng, Leader [Enforcers] - Forgeling - Dawn Serpent - Yasunori - Sparks LeBlanc - Obsidian Statue - Wanyudo Sparks can gives up to 3 blast upgrades to own crew, fast. Can jump on scrap markers an trasform them into hazardous terrain (1 dmg +1 injury) Mei open her aura (3" hazardous and concealment) and with blast upgrade. So kill her with melee attacks to hard. Obsidian Statue is a good hitter and scrap maker also with hazardous terrain. Yasunori and Mei during their activation can push or move ur crew so u will all the time take bonus damage and debuffs from hazardous auras. If u try to kill opponent crew u also get dmg from hazardous and blast (from sparks upgrade). Now i find only one solution - hire widow weaver for cleansing scrap markers. But what to do with other problems ( blast, a lot of burnings, and tough crew)? Can all masters fight against such crews?
  8. I think u can include Candy, she is pretty good works with Ellite crew. She can give u heal, fast, control, damage. And if u give her shielded she become good tank in ur crew.
  9. f1amius

    Marcus NB

    I have tried Sabertooth Cerberus + inhuman reflexes + mutation upgrades, 4(5) attacks in a row with buildin + on damage flip and passive damage from inhuman reflexes really powerfull. Also we can take dopelganger (changling) for more heal. Also we can try to make interesting poison crew with dopelganger and scorpius. Anyway the most powerfull think, on my mind, is inhuman reflexes that makes Marcus really terrifying beastmaster.
  10. f1amius

    Agent 46+Thoon

    Did someone try to abuse "Frozen Trophy" trigger? Agent 46 with his "Inhuman Physiology" can easy transform enemies into ice pillars. Lucius crew have a good card circling so we can even try to spam "frozen trophy" with dopelganger. During a turn u can make about 4(5) attacks from agent 46 and 1(2) attack from Thoon. That case if u do everything right u can transform all enemy crew into ice pillars with 1(2) turns. Also we can try to hire Zoraida in a crew to make more attacks, but i think it will be to expensive. Also we can include lawyers to make more attacks and make harder to destroy pillars.
  11. What about make "Selfloathing" with constant dmg 1 + Staggered (or another controling condition) and build in trigget "mental trauma". So in tottal we can make 4 dmg in a hit or less dmg but opponent lose cards? In this case we avoid bagging but still have dmg or hand control.
  12. Ah, already changed, thanks.
  13. In last redaction of rules, iggy he can shoot without markers and may use marker for the shot only if he wants.
  14. Hire Iggy into Lucius crew grand u about 12 shokwave shots. P.s. wrong topic, sorry.
  15. I have played WOE list vs Lynch last weekend and i can say that "opportunist" useless ability, get + for attack for cleansing harmfull condition not even worth. On my opinion it will look more usefull ".... Enemy model get -1(2) to it's final duel tottal".
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