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  1. I wouldn´t go for a Grow list in competitive play. Thats a 3rd scheme to fulfill and costs too many APs to do it. My autotakes for tournaments are - Doppelganger (7SS!! for him are a joke) - Nekima (as a beater, I don´t like Teddy although he works as well) - Johann (most of the time in my list for condition removal and with Retributions Eye) Than I add Waldgeists, Graves, Tots or Silurids, McTavish Illuminated, Hooded Rider... to the list, depending on shemes and strategies. Best way to play her in my experience is to play her as a denial master. Don`t play her
  2. I started with Lilith Box, Teddy , Waldgeist, Doppelganger, Primordial Magic, Johan and Graves. Great fun to play beater model in Teddy, Terror Tots as scheme runners, Waldgeist for resilience. Have fun, Lilith is a great choice!
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