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    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Five Announcement

    I just now finished magnetizing my skink from round 2. I made a gaming base to fit the model on, which is stored in the hollow underside of the display base when not in use. It's the best thing I've ever painted and I probably wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for Iron Painter.
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    This one was a bugger to photograph. You've got to zoom in on that main image, it was the best I could do. The idea here is a tropical landscape unrealistically afflicted by winter. I couldn't find as much reference material as I would have liked, I thought that this concept would have been done more. I did find some games where it was used, Crysis, Donkey Kong and Warcraft I think. Given that 'apocalypse' is a Mayan word, that's where I took my theme from. I imagine that these fantasy Mayans have used necromancy to survive the apocalypse, which in this case is some kind of deadly second ice age. This was the best jungle I've ever made, it's a shame I had to ruin it with snow.
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    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Five Announcement

    Uploaded - 5 rounds down. I am IRON! Feels good! Now excuse me while I drink lots of rum and go all floppy.
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    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Five Announcement

    This is the second round I've had the flu now. If it wasn't for the extra week I'd be screwed. Must think strong thoughts, there's time to collapse next week.
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    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Five Announcement

    Had to sleep on it, but I've got an idea that I'm going to love doing. I'm currently raiding my paintbrush graveyard for scrap to build trees, it's going to be a fun couple of weeks.
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    Murphys Law

    A fun alternate use for a Blood Bowl model. I could have put a bit more into this if art didn't imitate life; my boiler broke down (in December of course), and it was my turn to get the flu this week. Still, as scrappy as this one is I quite like it.
  7. neveroddoreven

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Four Announcement

    Done and uploaded. So a few days ago my boiler broke down and I'm freezing my butt off, and it only just occurred to me as I was taking the photos of my entry what it was I had been painting this last week. A shoddy Skaven boiler exploding. I feel like I'm in a Stephen King novel or something.
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    Lots of fun little details here, keeps the eye wandering. I like it!
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    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Four Announcement

    I'm on schedule - week one down and it's all built, next week is all painting. So much happier now I'm dropped to silver, I'm having a good time again.
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    Stranger Things

    I spent a week and a half making a big complex diorama for this round. There was something very mediocre about the whole thing, and I spent most of the time in despair and self loathing, so I threw it over my shoulder and decided to have some fun instead. What I ended up with was something that I made just for me. I've done models like this before, the multicoloured psychedelic kind of thing, and they are always divisive - some people liking them and others thinking I've made a mess. Silly cosmic abomination! You can't read, you don't have eyes! I took inspiration from acid art, particularly Alan Forbes, whom I've been a huge fan of all my life. For some reason I've never tried adapting those motifs into miniature painting until now, it's a perfect fit being all brushwork. When I showed the model to my brother, I pointed out the texture I painted onto the cloth areas because I thought it may be too subtle to notice. He told me it'd be weirder if I didn't do a freehand texture at this point. So I've got that to live up to now.
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    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Three Announcement

    Done and uploaded. That one was a trial. I sculpted two models and a big diorama that I didn't use, going for a fun single miniature instead.
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    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Three Announcement

    Ok, I've been thinking and I could use some advice. Do I scrap everything and do a single model on a small scenic base, or carry on working on an elaborate diorama that I might just finish in time? I know I'd enjoy the single model option more and that it would play to my strengths, but in my experience dioramas are better at conveying theme (and maybe tend to score higher?). I'm not sure.
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    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Three Announcement

    I've had really low morale this round, certain I won't win. I lost a few days progress to anxiety and the procrastination that comes with it. I usually structure these rounds so that week one is all about building with week two for painting. Like a half-time deadline. I've yet to begin painting on this project, and I can see a few all-nighters ahead. It's not going to be great, but I'll be satisfied just to get it done.
  14. I had a few ideas for this round, but decided on a safe one instead. I've now painted five of these, it's one of my all time favourite miniatures. I based the feathers on pheasant tails, then added other colours as glazes. The freehand scale patterns are great fun. I've used this on many Lizardmen models before, but this is perhaps my best execution of it. I used screenshots from the recent Total War game as reference. Another go with resin as water effects too, with the same tricky problems. I suppose it looks ok though.
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    Water Skink

    Thanks for the kind words guys! A lot of comments about the eyes. Funny thing is, I found them to be one of the easiest parts. They're so big on this model that you can cram a little extra detail in there. I really wish I had more time. A busy work rota and 2-4 hours of sleep each night interfered with how much I could have put into it. This probably would have been the best thing I'd ever done or at least my favourite if I had spent another week on it.
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    This is absolute madness! The scale of it and machination of all the individual parts, all for a time sensitive competition? That takes some serious fortitude. I couldn't do it, I keep mine simple and still struggle. A few parts I particularly like ; The algae on the boat's underside - nice touch, an easily missed detail, the leather texture on the hats is nicely done, shading green skin with red - I do the same thing with my gremlins, the clever model choices and their application, and the use of the beach ball and rubber ring to raise the humour level just enough. You must have had a image in your head and just ran with it. It's awesome, love it.
  17. neveroddoreven


    I like how this piece dominates your attention from just one or two angles. It's just like a 3D painting. There's a great quality to the lighting, especially the way it contrasts with the water. The light (as well as the shadows it produces) is warm and soft, serene and still, and the water is the opposite. It's a narrative contrast as well as a colour contrast. On the subject of colour, there's also the great usage of a limited gamut, with the hues brightest on the subject itself. All in all it's a great diorama. I only wish I could see some more pics.
  18. neveroddoreven

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    ...And I'm in. Done. Finished. This weekend felt like a year. So much work, so much painting, so much coffee, so little sleep, but I'm done. Excuse me while I collapse.
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    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    Trying to pick an idea from a bunch is hard. I had 3 ideas; an ambitious risky one, a funny one, and a safe one. By day 2 I decided on the safe option so I could spend more time on it. I've already seen the same sort of thing as mine uploaded so it's not as original as some of the other lovely entries I've seen so far, but I needed the time. I'm sleep deprived, overworked, broke and hungry, the end is in sight and I'm getting excited!
  20. neveroddoreven

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Two

    Yikes. Gold. Last year silver was intense enough, and I knew I couldn't match anything I saw in gold. Usually I come up with an idea within minutes of reading the theme, but this one...I'm struggling. The only idea I have is ambitious, and honestly not great. I spent the week off sharpening my sculpting skills, and it looks like I'm going to need them. Oh, and I'm also paired against the person who I gave the highest score to in round one. The odds are against me this time.
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    Iron Painter Round One - Voting

    Just finished voting, what a journey! I've never forced myself to be so strict, but if I didn't I'd be here for days. I probably spent most time on my own entry, being my own worst critic. I gave no 25's or 0's, but there was something for every other score. I'm usually quite good with object source lighting, but decided to approach it in a way I wasn't comfortable with and push myself a bit. I think this theme may have been a trial for all of us
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    The more I look at this one, the better it gets. There's a lot of subtle things going on here that I missed on my first pass. Great use of directional light, cast shadows, and attention to colour temperature in the shaded area too. This may be my favourite of this round.
  23. neveroddoreven

    "Union Workshop", Iron Painter 2017 Round 1 - OSL

    I love the high contrast colours of the lit areas. It's very illustrative, and gives this piece an identity all it's own. Great stuff.
  24. neveroddoreven

    Phoenix Ablaze

    I really like the softness of the lighting on this one. The use of a neutrally coloured light doesn't interfere with or overpower the colours of the subjects in the scene, specifically their clothing. My only criticism is maybe the missed opportunity of some lovely soft cast shadows, but that may have required a starker light, and ruined the tone of the piece. Really nice work.
  25. neveroddoreven

    Not THAT dead ... yet

    This is so subtle but effective. Proof that a single model can be just as atmospheric as a full diorama.