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  1. Hello, I need  some help and advise. How does "pushes"  and fences work? Can model be pushed through fence?  

    In my club  we used play in way - that model which is higher then fence can be pushed through. But if it is same height or lower then it is stoped when reach btb with fence.

    On attached photo there is example of such "fence".  It is for sure good hindrance for  gremlin size models (ht1)  but such monster as Chompy will pass and not notice it. 


  2. 3 minutes ago, -Loki- said:

    Of course it is to make the argument actually work. Otherwise he's wrong.

    if we compare models we compare their  potentional dmg.   If none of them  hit then both have dmg 0.  However ML6 with +   has  good chances to hit. 

  3. Unfortunately no,  he still can make 4 attack on single charge without any support from other models. In order to  get triggers he just need  hit with one of all 4 suit whish are included and get free attack.  Then hit with 2 left suits to have another free attack. And that all with + to attack flip.

    1 minute ago, qoob said:

    First of all you have to play Asami to have this option. 2nd you always have to have Asami in 4" to Yasunori to pull that off. 3rd you have to spend a lot of cards to hit the right triggers. 

    Yasunori is good but there are similar models in other factions too. 


  4. 6 minutes ago, Rathnard said:

    Put Nekima vs Yasunori and I'm pretty sure Nekima will win 90% of the time. 

    Under ideal circumstances Yasunori will come in with more attacks, sure. But that Armour +1 she has will massively blunt any hits and Nekima will do far more damage with each strike. And she doesn't need an Emissary and Master to help her along either. 

    More on topic,  think Joel has nailed the crux of the problem here. Malifaux isn't a game where you can charge headlong into your opponent and kill everything for the win (usually). AP denial/efficiency and concentrating on scoring VPs is what wins games. Not a supercharged Yasunori or Misaki wiping out models.  

    Ok  lets put them,   Yasunori  Charge range 12,  Nekima 9.   Ysunori  min dmg 12 max 20  (we take all that all attacks hit and both triggers worked),  Nekima min 12 max 18.     Nekima only defense vs him is preventation with cc   but he has armour so it is like  preventation for 1 every attack.  So as for me he is better  but for some reason is cheaper... 

  5. 1 minute ago, Ludvig said:

    @cptRamires those boards are screaming for double trappers on a rooftop killing stuff in their deployment zone eagerly cheered on by Lucius. 

    I would recommend adding 2-3 small forests to each of those boards and adding a lot of terrain to the center.

    We  have different boards, I just can't upload images - there is some limit on uploads :) It was just example that we have los blocs and don't play on emptyfield.

  6. 14 minutes ago, Ludvig said:

    Is their ability to charge for a (1) worded so that Collodi and Zoraida can force them to do it? An obey or acollodi's thing should mess it up badly. 

    A sniper or two might also be a decent way to put some pressure on the player.

    I believe neverborn can out-activate TT on most occassions. Do that, pull a heavy hitter forward late in a turn so you can charge the Yassi, then cheat initiative with a doppleganger next turn and you have two activations without any reaction in between. 

    I don't think anyone is arguing that they're not strong but to a player of Joel's caliber they're probably a fun challenge more than a ragequit. I usually expect to lose against new models for a few games until I learn their limitations.

    This is one of the ways to counter them, but again "stuborn" it mean that Master should spend 2 ap  to get clear flip  (Collodi can ttake focus from his toys). Don't you think it is too  much for just enforcer ?   We campere it to Nekima and seems like  lady losing dat compare.  Armour, flight, stubborn, pul cards  great 0 actions,  + on ML flips,  all triggers included... 

  7. 4 minutes ago, Ludvig said:

    Wait, they don't ignore LoS?! That made the problem less scary to me. Don't stand where they can see you would be my first tip :) Learn to build proper boards with lots of houses and learn to position so their 50mm base won't fit on the side they need to be on to attack you.

    Here are few boards in our club in our last tornament 



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  8. But how ?   his models are faster and deal more dmg then yours/  If you try  put marker  he just kill shem runner and  after he gor advantage in activations Horse and misaki will go for your key models.

    3 minutes ago, Joel said:

    Will it score 10vp sat in the middle of the board? Doubtful, so I'll just go and do that instead


  9. Blocking los  great,  but unfortunately I can't block los to everyone.  And that is only 1 master. I mean you will see dat Yasunori in all TT rosters, so you should look on it more closely  after dat Errata and new GG2017.  Combine new Misaki  Yasunori and Emissari,  now add  there Anna Lovelace   and few sheme Runners  and imagine what dat combo will do in the middle of the board. 


  10. Just now, Ludvig said:

    Don't have my book but what's the WP on a Yasinori? Lilith might be able to screw with it. The TT boards may be able to give you competent advice on what usually counters them. It's fairly common for a few new models to be percieved as completely broken, some of them might be but there are likely ways to counter it.

    Waldgeists are armour 2 and can have a 4" engagement range so you could set it up so that almost no matter where that Yasinori charges it will be engaged. The geists themselves would suffer 1/2/3 from that attack which seems manageable to me considering they are 7 wounds.

    A doppleganger carrying useless duplications could set up her :-fate to ml attacks and then use the discard from the upgrade to put Yassi at double negatives but I'm not sure if you're willing to put that kind of resouce investment into it.

    WP 6 and stubborn,   It is hard to engage him because combination wit Emessary let him get fast from emissary and dat action also push model 4 in any direction so before charge he usually get pushed 4 and get fast. 

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  11. 3 minutes ago, marke83 said:

    Sorry I have no help to offer, but to me it just sounds like a limited meta environment. Certain elements seem strong, if the meta is one sided and skewed towards certain playstyles or models.

    Pretty common in games. Diversity ftw!

    In our club we have all factions presented. And most game masters. As for me I have all neverborns (except Lucius and Collodi? Collodi is next to purchase)

  12. Yes he can't charge while engaged, however  his first charge for 1 AP  it is potential 4 attacks  ML6  with  + to hit  and damage 3/4/5.   Actualy he have great chaces to kill  first target and get second charge.  All mentioned except manipulative are ignored due to his + to hit, he just got clear flip without +.  Ufortuanely not all models have manipulative and Opposet player is not idiot - he will charge model after it activated or other model without manipulative. yasunori have thrreat range 12 (10 CG + 2 meele range)  and flight so  he can choose whom to charge.

  13. Yasunori  can chardge for 1 ap  with Asami combine it with Emisar and he get Fast, so now he has 3 ap  and charde for 1 AP.  You can make 2 chardges in a row and with his triggers it will be 6 attacks.  hooded Rider can make 6 attacks mmmm  in 3 turns/ But more over if first target  and second was in Asami  aura then dat hourse can make 3 chardges and that will be awesome  8 attacks in 1 turn, so now pls tell me who  potentialy will make more damage ? 


  14. Hi Everyone,

    In my club we have few games after January Errata and including new models. I need to notice 
    that few last realized miniatures are tottaly imbalansed - which ruin game balance 
    "Yasunori" - this enforcer with 12 cc is totaly better then any other 
    model. He is faster, deal more damage then other heavy hitters with same 
    "game role"... I play Neverborn and my best heavy hitter is Nekima but she 
    cost 13, not so fast, deal less damage. 

    Another Overpowered model from new book is "Witchling Thrall" - compare it with Teddy - Thrall is much better 
    but cost 9 !!! Have these models pass game tests ? All our club players are totaly dissapointed because such miniatures ruin game, it is permanently in all TT rosters, all TT games just because it is far 
    ahead over other models in faction... 

    And now another "good" news from Errata, I totally cannot understand why Ironsides and Misaki become so strong.  Both are hard counter for  ML models, now you can kill yourself just hitting Ironsides and in case if you didn't took models with Ca and Sh actions which can make threat to master with 14 wounds - you auto loose, she just run in to your models and kill everything, then got heal :(

    Misaki even more overpowered right now, Really from dat Errata seems like there are only two masters in TT faction (Asami and Misaki)  other are even not close to these two stars. Lets look more closely - Master with DF6  and WP 7  which can be increased to WP 8 by adding "Servant of Dragons" and even WP 9 if Oiran is near. Then she add "Disguise" Upgrade and cannjot be charged and finaly last one for example "on wings of wind"... So what we have now - master DF6 WP9, which cannot be charged and have bullet proff :)  More over if soul stones is over she have + to DF - that is great, But now she has 0 action "Dealy Dance" which allow her  to push 3!!! after enemy model ends walk action within 2 of her, so here is the question - who can heart her? I don't mean lucky flip I mean really who is a treat for her?  the answer is - only models with 3 ml range which can walk to her and after that make 1-2 attacks, not so many models in game... Probably models with shooting attacks can but in my faction (Neverborn) there are not so many such models plus bullet proof  and + flip to DF... Ca vs WP -  vs 9 WP!  ridiculous. I can understand such great defence on model which is "tank"  but She is one of the greates heavy hitters in the game. Really have these been tested ? Just Take Yasunori + Misaki and while you try catch one of them they two will kill key models who have ML range 2 or SH attack which can pass through DF6 with +  and that's all - after that she became immposible to hit. 

    Also I as neverborn player expected in this errata that our "weak" models will get buff... Actually I mean Barbaros and Candy -  both henchmns who rarely in game.  Barbaros is great, but he cost 10! Compare it with Guild Jurde or Francisco pls? both cheaper and better.  Candy - no commentrs at all - yes her abilities is good, but CA 5  while you let appear in game models with WP9 (Misaki or Perdita) pfff.  And her  manipulative is lower then even on Chagelenig but she is henchman with cost of 9 !!!

    And last one is "Silurid"  7CC  cost  for what ?  useless model, when these will get buff ?  

    Have anyone ideas or suggestions how to play against overbuffed models ?  

  15. Thank you, And one more question if I am able summon model only in base contact with another model and same situation on roof but only place where I can put model in base contact is in the air - can I summon model and then it fall? And if height is for example just 0.5 inch - so model will not be in base contact but engaged. 

  16.  - Lynch

    Rising Sun (2ss)
    Expert Cheter (2ss)
    Addict (1)

     - Hungering Darkness (0ss)

    Fears Given Form (1ss)

    - Doppleganger (7ss)

    - Lilitu (7)

    - Illuminated (7ss)

    - Illuminated (7ss)

    - Illuminated (7ss)

    - Mr. Graves (8ss)
    Retributuion Eye (1)


    Lilitu and Doppleganger make 4-5 lures per turn, and their "lure" is much stronger then beckoners lure, so it can bring enemy model exact when it can be reached by illuminated after Lynch will give "brilliance" to such unlucky model.

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