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  1. This totally needs to happen. I don't have much interest in Von Schill as a Master, but I absolutely need the Trapper and Librarian for my Viks crew...
  2. Thanks for all the comments and tips, guys! I tried to apply all your suggestions on this next pair... EDIT: How about we try this with some non-potato photos... ones where you actually see the model... Now on to the two Viks and hope I don't screw them up
  3. Thanks guys! I've got a set of Vallejo washes so I'll be sure to crack into those. When it comes to thinning paints, is thinning with water enough, should I get some proper paint thinner and use that? And how do you know what ratios to use when thinning?
  4. Hey Everyone, I'm pretty new to the miniature hobby, coming from board games. Malifaux is my first miniature game, and while I painted up a few of my board game minis - but nothing comes close to the intricate level of details found in Malifaux. As such, I really consider these to be my first "real" painting efforts. They're nowhere near the level of stuff presented by the awesome painters on these forums - but one must walk before they can run. Thoughts, comments, tips will be greatly appreicated. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for all the answers! I think I'll start off with Vanessa & Lazurus. Maybe throw Sue in, budget allowing.
  6. Vallejo have fantastic 16-color sets that give you pretty much everything you need. Depending on budget I would recommend their "Introduction" set, followed by "Advanced" and rounded off with "Specialist". They've also got some 8-color sets for more specific things like Skintones, Washes, etc. But even the Introduction 16-color set will cover most things you will need with a bit of color mixing.
  7. Thanks guys! I'm miffed because Von Schill as a master doesn't interest me one bit (I'm leaning towards Tara or Misaki as a potential second master further down the line), but it seems like his box is too valuable not to get...
  8. Hi Guys, I recently got into this game with the Viks box, and while I'm only starting to get the hang of things, I'm starting to look forward plan my next purchases. It's been very clear that Vanessa & the Malifaux Child are a must buy, but one thing I noticed is that Viks are seriously lacking in Ranged support. So who would you suggest as a ranged support for a Viks crew?
  9. Hi All, I've recently learned about Malifaux, and while I'm waiting for my box to arrive (Viktorias!), I thought I'd start delving into the rules of the game. I think I've got the hang of most of it, but there's something I'm unclear of regarding summoning - do I need to pay the SS cost of the models I will summon as part of the Hire Crew phase, or do I basically have unlimited access to the model (provided I have the miniatures, of course)? Thanks!
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