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  1. RaguRagla

    May 2 - Malifaux Vintage

    Wow, it's kinda funny comparing people's reaction to these news on FB, Wyrd Place and this Forum. I really like these, especially Hamelin. I'd buy into his crew if I could get my hands on him. But then again, I' don't really care. I only started Malifaux half a year ago and from what I've seen, Wyrd is an awesome company when it comes to listening to their customers. I'm not worried in the least that one day we might see "Vintage Master Series Boxes" or something of the likes. And if we don't, well, Life goes on.
  2. RaguRagla

    SS cache size - rule of thumb?

    This is all very helpful. Coming from mainly playing Misaki, I was usually at 2 or 3 stones and wished I had more quite often. But whenever I had the points left, I would rather get an upgrade. Looks like im going to try 4-5 stones for a couple of games which seems to be a good number to aim for regardless of the Master.
  3. I'm curious if there's some sort of rule of thumb on how many SS a crew should have. I have played like two dozen or so games and usually when building my crew, I would spend all my points on models (mostly bringing 8 models regardless of master); ending up with something like a 2 SS cache for some games. The highest I used was 4 SS with Kirai i think. I now realize that this may not be a very wise thing to do. I'm guessing it depends on the Master how many SS one will need, so I'd like to hear how other players approach their SScache size
  4. RaguRagla

    Lets talk Datsue Ba

    What about Denial of Sanzu? I found this to be a very mean Action that can shut down a model on it's own. Since Jakuuna has it too, and Yin having something similar IIRC one could make a pretty mean Denial-based list. What's your opinion?
  5. Jakob Lynch starts to get a lot more interesting just from reading what you guys have to say about him I like the fact that he "messes" with core mechanics of the game (Deck/Card/Hand manipulation). The Illuminated look solid too ruleswise, however, the box as whole does not appeal too much to me from an aesthetical POV. I guess I'll get back to him soon enough but I'm only really interested in seeing how his manipulation tricks unfold in the game. Von Schill, Mei Feng and Leveticus are out for the time being. After reading a bit more about Levi, I realized that I neither want to field Desolation Engines nor A&D and that my idea of having him lead Abominations, Necropunks, the Uniiversity and 1-2 Riders would probably look cool but not be very effective. Mei seems cool, but she needs constructs which 10T don't have that many and I'm not looking to expand into Arcanists any time soon. Von Schill seems somewhat 'generic' and I'm not really excited about his crew, other than they would be useful to have. That leaves me with Shenlong, whom I'll get for sure and Jack Daw or Viktorias. Both Jack and Viks seems like Crews that can be succesful 'in-theme' crews which is what I'm looking for. I'd want to get Ronin for Outcast Misaki sooner or later and I guess I might simply buy Vicotrias instead plus I'd get the Student and Taelor. Jack on the other hand would benefit from my Tormented models (Hanged, Drowned...) and he seems to be play very different from the Masters I currently own. Any thoughts on how Jack/Viks compare to my current Masters? Also one more question: I'd like to think of Malifaux as a game where everything you bring to the table is considered fair game, right? Or are there things one should avoid bringing to the table too often? i.E. i quickly realized that I was the only one enjoying the Ikiryo wreaking havoc in my opponnents crews and I didn't play Kirai since.
  6. Big thanks, a response like this is exactly what I was hoping for! Sorry if I'm a bit unclear, English isn't my first language so I may sound a bit strange haha. I have a basic understanding of the game and since I've played tabletops and MtG for 2 decades and some, I'm good at learning I'd like to think. However I don't know much about the game itself. The books certainly help a lot with theorizing but without much experience, this could just be me not having a clue. I will probably not attend tournaments anytime soon, mainly because there are none around me. I guess I have a semi-competitive approach in that I would field a unit for it's effectiveness even though I don't like the looks of the model. However, I'll try to avoid this whenever possible. Lynch is probably out for the time being; might try to get him and Huggy seperatly later. Leveticus seems like something for later too as he's likely to become an entire project of it's own? Tbh Von Schill is only on that list because I'm reading great things about the Librarian and the Trapper. I guess I'm most interested in the Viktorias and Jack. The only problem I see myself getting into with Viks is painting. I do worry that they will look more like female Punk Zombies in the end, but that's pretty much the only reason why I'd shy away. Glasscannon style sounds good to me to actually. And Jack looks like a great addition to my existing collection for whenever I want to play something 'different' from what I have. Plus I already own a good amount of tormented models. Shenlong will be a must anyways since there is so much useful stuff in that box. So yeah, your post helped alot already Tawg. I'm trying to get as many opionions and "reviews" on those masters, so I can decide what to add instead of just going out buy stuff without having a plan.
  7. Like so many others, I seek advice on how to expand my growing Malifaux collection. I have Misaki, Yan Lo and Kirai; most of the 10T boxes (except for Masters, Dawn Serpent and Fuhatsu), the Resser Spirits and a couple of Punk Zombies. I mainly played with Misaki, Snipers, Samurai, Torakage... the stuff I thought looked best when starting out . It worked pretty well since all the models were capable of doing a good job on their own. Also had a couple of games with Kirai, and she was quite brutal. I guess that's because nobody played against her before though... Can't say much about Yan Lo yet, not quite sure what he's best at. The crew was awesome at healing for sure. Now that I have all three books, it's clear to me that I 'd like to get a couple more Masters! 10T will be my main faction but since most of them are Dualmasters anyway, I'd also like to branch out a little (like with Kirai for Ressers, whom I'll keep mainly 'in-theme'). Having said all that, here's why I consider getting some of the following Masters. I would greatly appreciate it, if you could elaborate on these. I also read through the wiki, but any extrainfo or opinions are most welcome Shenlong: This one is actually a top-priority, mainly because I want Yu. However, I'm not to keen on learning Shenlong at the moment. He looks like he's some sort of combo-master with wyrd shenanigans that wont do me any good until I get a deeper understanding of the game. It also makes me dizzy trying to figure out how to best abuse his abilities, at what time and so on. However, I might be getting the Box for the Monks, Yu and the Sniper (my LGS still has a couple of those) Mei Feng: I really like her model, but overall her box doesn't appeal to me very much aesthetically. But she looks like a lot of fun on paper with her movement-kick-punch combo trickeries. I consider her a very mobile "Streetfighter" type of master with lots of cheap constructs. I would also have a reason to field a Mechanical Rider, which is one of my favourite models across the game. Jakob Lynch: He seems interesting for his card manipulation ability which is the main reason I consider him. Fetching cards with Samurais or Fuhatsu seems like an especially fun thing to do. Not a big fan of the Illuminated though and I don't see myself getting into Neverborn and/or the Darkened theme. Von Schill: His Box looks solid with a lot of useful things. I would consider his Crew to be somewhat "Space Marine"ish elitists that are pretty good at what they do. I'd guess he's similar to the 10T Misaki lists I played in that each model will perform well on it's own while Von Schill will support his crew. Not really sure though. Should I want to play Misaki in Outcasts, I'd guess that Box would be a good addition. Leveticus: I like the whole concept behind him and the fact that he can hire from a huge pool of great looking models including the Riders. He seems to be a Top Tier Master and I could totally see him lead a couple of Techo-Undead into battle. I could use my Resser models with him, but I'm pretty sure I'd rather go the Iron path. Then again, this might be not the right choice for just playing now and then. Viktorias: Mainly because they're girls with Katanas, really. They'd probably do well with Misaki and I also like them enough for a stand-alone Crew. Plus I'd really like to try Ronin with Killjoy in way or the other. Jack Daw: He looks extremely interesting on paper and from what I can tell, his Box is a pretty decent one. I could get his box and use Kirai's Hanged and be at 50SS already, or add any of the tormented models I have. I like his theme and background and he might be just the right choice to branch out into Outcasts. However, his Guitly don't seem to do much for Outcast Misaki - Viks or Von Schill would probably be better in that regard. So that's that. As you can see, I'm leaning heavily towards Outcasts for maybe even a "second main faction" at some point. I'd also like to get Bishop and Killjoy which would further point towards Outcasts. Let me know what you think, especially if you own several of the above Masters and/or the ones I already have. Thanks in advance!
  8. RaguRagla

    Interested and lost

    I also just started out, The Thunder being my first box as well. Samurai and Snipers sound good to me. Both of them have decent ranged and close combat attacks. Trying to get your hands on a Shenlong Box with a free Sniper might be a good idea. You don't really need two Snipers anyway and you'd get Sensei Yu, which is considered one of the best Henchman in 10T; some Monks that you can try plus another Master should you get tired of Misaki.
  9. RaguRagla

    Best Paints for Wyrd Models?

    I started out with Citadel and pretty much stayed with them ever since. Great range of colors and easy to use with their Base/Layer/... system. I guess if I were to start out with tabletops again, I would probably go Vallejo simply because some of the best painters seem to prefer them; some even mix colors from different manufacturers. However, GW offers some really great "technical" colors, like "Blood for the Blood God" and that thing that makes cracked-earth-desert-like bases... these are really great and I can highly recommend them.
  10. RaguRagla

    Dear Wyrd

    GW robustness also has the advantage of being easier to work with when it comes to conversions. Wyrd models usually require little to no conversion to look agile, dynamic, impressive... what you like. GW on the other hand produces a good amount of kits that look fairly static. BUT can look amazing with a little conversion. So far, I have found little no reason to convert any of my Wyrd minis. But look, I'm currently "three or so boxes into the the game". I have Misaki, Yan Lo and Kirai. All of these kits had parts that were a nightmare to put together. Why does that Ashigairu have to have his spear come in two parts? With a tiny surface to glue them together and arms/torso needing allignment? Or Yan's beard... really? Really?! Blood pressure very high. (I actually just assembled the guy and felt the need to post here). I also don't want to assemble heads that come in three parts no more. And if they come in so many parts, it would be great if their connections to the sprue could be in a place that won't be visible on the final mini (yes, I'm looking at you, Kirai's cheek). And don't even get me started on the Misaki box, I assembled this from looking at the renders and images on the web and it was a complete and utter nightmare. I'm also afraid to have these dudes break really fast, be it from transportation or bad handling by either myself or friends who "just want to hold it quickly to look at it". Not intending to rant, it's just... that beard made me really angry. I just hope that Wyrd keeps looking into the 'ease of assembly' aspect and try to improve there without sacrificing on the aesthetics.
  11. RaguRagla

    Kirai tips?

    Very helpful thread, great insights! I recently started out with the game and have my first Crew ready, which is Kirai. I focused on models with an asian touch so my choices are a bit limited, but I think they'll do for starting out. I currently have the following models assembled and ready for play: Kirai, Lost Love, Ikiryo, Datuse Ba, Izamu, Yin the Panengalan, 1 Flesh Construct, 2 Shikome, 2 Hanged, 2 Onyro, 3 Gaki and 5 Seishin. People around me also just started out and mostly they bring two lists, one for 35 and one for 50 SS. After reading through the forums a bit, it appears that people seem to summon the things I would want to hire and go for models that I don't have. The lists I'm planning would look something like this: -Kirai; Unforgiven, Spirit Beacon (3) -Lost Love (4) -Datsue Ba; Spirit Whispers (9) -2 Onyro (10) -1 Shikome (8) 35 SS (Cache 4) -Kirai; Unforgiven, Spirit Beacon, Absorb Spirit (4) -Lost Love (4) -Datsue Ba; Spirit Whispers (9) -Izamu the Armor; Unnerving Aura (11) -2 Onyro (10) -1 Shikome (8) -1 Night Terror (3) 50 SS (Cache 4) I went with Unforgiven and Spirit Beacon because they're the most essential upgrades in my view. The extra damage, though a trigger, comes handy because I already have Onryos and Datsue Ba who can hand out Adversary. The bonuses to summoning seem quite awesome too. Spirit Beacon is there to avoid hard hitting attacks. I also added Absorb Spirit in the 50 SS list, because the Buff seems quite nice for when it really matters and drawing cards is always great. Datsue Ba is there for some control and mean things and summoning Seishin for Kirai to turn into something more useful. Onyro look awesome to me. At least on paper. Maybe I should stick with everybody's experience here and summon them instead of hiring, but I really want to try them in my core list. They hand out adversary and poison which is great for everybody and especially the Shikome. Plus they're incorporeal and have pretty decent attacks for a 5 SS minion from what I can tell. Not being able to trigger for Ikiryo seems to be the only downside they have in my opinion. Having three Gaki, another Shikome and two Hanged left for summoning, I shouldn't run out of stuff to put on the table. Shikome seem like an overall brutal Minion with only it's cost as a downside. I want one in my core list because she fits aesthetically and I don't want to rely on being able to summon them early. For the 50 SS list I added Izamu which is pretty much a no-brainer and a Night Terror which seems like a super decent minion for only 3 SS (easy proxy). This leaves me with 1 extra SS for the Cache in both lists. Is this okay for a Kirai crew? Let me know what you think, all input is highly appreciated!
  12. RaguRagla

    Dear Wyrd

    I guess there are lots of people starting out with Malifaux who have a background from GW, so it's normal that you would compare the two. When it comes to assembly, I certainly prefer GW. They do have kits that are annoying to put together, but IMHO it's nothing compared to some of the things Wyrd puts out. You certainly don't see threads pop up in forums where people complain about having a really hard time getting their kits together. Their "harder" stuff - like some of the Harlequins, or maybe Dark Eldar - is still easier to put together than some rank and file Gremlins. Then again, an Eversor Assassin costs about as much as any of the Riders and you certainly dont get more plastic or 'better details' for the price. The Riders especially look awesome and come in way fewer parts than one would expect, so why should that not be possible for infantry models? It's clear that you need a certain amount of parts to achive stuff like the Necropunks, or having a couple of arrows sticking out of Izamu, but i guess something like an Onyro could be done in 4 pieces with pretty much no loss in overall details. But then again, you don't need 10 or 20 of those models so it's bearable. Still, I think it's fair to point the finger at something which can be improved to make everybody happier
  13. RaguRagla

    Rank the Emissary renders

    1) Shadow Emissary: Instant-Favourite for various reasons. I really dislike the Dawn Serpent model but a nice proxy is on the horizon :). Reminds me a lot of the Mortal Kombat logo, might even inspire me to do a themed crew. I can see problems with it's 'moustache'. 2) Mysterious Emissary: Love the overall concept. The lower part looks awesome and I for one really dig the plants. Would love to see this as a larger model though. I imagine assembly will be a nightmare. 3 & 4) Keeper of Secrets and Lord of Change! Both are decent but the bird seems fresher. 5) Brutal Emissary. I kinda like it but compared to the other 4, it seems a bit unspectacular. I guess the guy in the cage might be annoying when it comes to building and painting but could easily be replaced with something nice to give it a unique look. The sword looks like it has not yen been finished though. 6 & 7). Well, I really like both the models for Hodgepodge and Lucky but they seem unimpressive for Emissary models. Hodgepodge looks like he belongs in a Family crew, maybe Jack Daw. I think it will look too cartoonish in other Outcast crews. Lucky is funny, nothing too impressive though. I'd get one if I'd play Gremlins, just to add another eye-catcher.
  14. RaguRagla

    Obsidian Oni proxies

    I'd probably go for some Warhammer beastmen in armor. I think they're pretty close except for the horns and axes. But that could easily be dealt with and with the right paint job, I guess these could do it http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2853/11678379526_aaa9c0f74e_b.jpg