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  1. Out of curiosity, will each player receive one of the custom decks, or is it a specific prize for a smaller subset of players?
  2. Hmm, good to know; I was aware they did Halloween sales, but wasn't sure of what other sorts of events they have going on.
  3. I had seen Miss Step, but since the Ebay ones are going for $65+ right now I feel like I'd rather do something else, since she doesn't specifically fit with the showgirls crew (aside from being another female model, of course.) I mean, if anyone is unloading one on the cheap I sure wouldn't turn it down, but...
  4. I'm working on putting together a Colette crew and one model that comes up a lot is Howard Langston. Now, Hank is a great guy and all but I feel like he is a bit... out of sorts with the rest of the showgirls- and also I know that if I buy the Ramos starter I'll end up filling out that crew as well, which I should probably hold off on.) So I'm looking for ideas for something else that could be turned into a good conversion for ol' Hank. My best one so far is Hannah- with a bit of re-working to add some steam vents and mechanical cabling and claws (which is pretty doable, since I have a large box of spare bitz to work from) she seems like she'd be a very passable conversion, but I'm not married to the idea yet. Obviously anything I use will have to be on a 50mm base and will ideally be roughly the same size as him. Can anyone else suggest any good stand-alone kits that might work?
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