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  1. I've always thought of the bar as health equal to cost +1 for a vanilla model. I think a lot of the problem with Marcus's crew and the Order Initiates could be solved by increasing the rare limit on the mutation upgrades. I find it really hard to justify an Order Initiate just on the grounds that they can give themselves upgrades when the upgrades I'd most want them to have would be better served on a Cerberus, Scorpius, or Blessed.
  2. Youko is my pick for the worst master in the game.
  3. They would take 1 less damage though because they couldn't declare the action generated by the charge.
  4. Also the Riders all have ride with me, which is an insanely good bonus action. It gives a bunch of extra movement to the Rider (which can also get them out of engagements, though the Yasunori can often do this too) as well as what is often better than an extra walk for another model. You could easily trade both of the Yasunori's bonus actions for Ride With Me and bump his cost up to 11SS and I would hire him over his current incarnation, which makes me think that the Riders in general are probably a bit overtuned. I guess having access to this kind of movement might have different balance considerations in a faction that has other easy ways of moving models around though.
  5. Yep. I never managed to win another Youko game after she got nerfed. Oh yeah, Leverage gaveto all duels per enemy revealed scheme back then as well. Fun times.
  6. Didn't you vehemently oppose nerfing Hinamatsu during the beta when she had 7 Df, a 2/4/5 damage track and Finesse? You may be unbiased, but you can definitely be wrong about stuff. Your metrics for balance being just podium placements since release are going to have big problems with a game that has a meta. If Shen dominated the next four (moderately sized) tournaments and grabbed all podiums, but then came dead last in the next two tournaments it would indicate people had figured out a counter to him, but by your metrics he would be first in line for nerfs. Older tournaments should, by default, have less weight than more recent tournaments when it comes to determining balance. I don't think anyone is seriously expecting Wyrd to nerf Shenlong based on the outcome of two tournaments this early into the meta. When people say he is broken they're just predicting that he will continue to dominate tournaments, and should that come to pass he should be nerfed. I also highly doubt that anyone wants just Shen to be nerfed. It is obvious that balance is off in Arcanists given the prevalence of Soulstone Miners and SA Swarms in people's lists, same as Ressers with Archie or Bayou with BBB. I personally hope Errata are frequent, and comes with buffs and nerfs to plenty of models.
  7. Not all tournaments are created equal though. Wasn't this the biggest one so far? Additionally, as the meta develops people will figure out the best models and lists which ought to mean that more recent tournaments are more optimized and should be given more weight. If TT dominate the next two tournaments it would definitely be worrying from a balance standpoint because people ought to be adapting to Shen, even though by your metric they would be at 4/15 tournaments and would be behind Arcanists.
  8. How aggressively did you play Misaki? Did you play it safe and unbury late, or did you go in on an isolated model early, or what?
  9. Am I wrong in thinking this is primarily a Shenlong issue rather than a Monk issue? Apparently the 1st place Shenlong player hired almost entirely out of keyword. If Chi is nerfed rather than Shenlong without those other Monks getting a look at then the rest of the keyword might become really bad.
  10. Youko can't really discard your cards that well if you don't let her. The only way she herself can force you to discard your cards is with a trigger on her bonus action (so once a turn) which will discard two random cards until you reveal your schemes. Her action that allows you to either discard two cards or let her gain two pass tokens? Give her the tokens every time unless she gets the obey trigger and it's a potentially devastating action. Youko is really easy to kill, especially with adversary. I'd definitely take two copies of the intuition upgrade (one on Kirai, one on a Goryo maybe) to mitigate the lack of a hand, but I assume you've got it stapled to Kirai's card already for summoning. Charm Warders are very scary (they also have the discard trigger, and anti-summoning tech) so I'd focus fire on them. For Distracted just concentrate to get around it, none of Youko's models are hard to wound so you should be able to kill them pretty easily with focus. Youko is IMO rather bad because she is very easy to play around. Her opponent dictates whether or not they reveal their schemes or choose to give her pass tokens so once you figure out the best line of play against her she folds due to underwhelming stats.
  11. If you compare it to similar models around the same cost it seems pretty insane even with 5 wounds. Why they tacked on that extra wound above the norm of health = cost for Armour +1 models I do not know. Most Keywords would kill for a model with a built in leap, let alone a tanky cheap one with Entropy and card draw.
  12. The Scorpius is (IMO) one of the few beasts that is good for its cost before upgrades (along with the Cerberus and Blessed), which makes it great in a Marcus crew. If your opponent can't ignore armour then you can put it up to armour +2 and it becomes very difficult to kill. It has extra movement, ceaseless advance, armour, stat 7, poison (and the poison damage aura), and can turn off stoning and triggers. I would consider it close to an autotake for any Marcus list.
  13. How do you deal with the burning generated by the Forgeling? Or do you go with it first and then try to cleanse Kang? I really wish that stupid Fiery Presence ability was optional. It is so damn annoying having to worry about it during deployment. More generally, how do people like the Metal Golem? It seems... lackluster to me for a 10SS Keyword model. Stat 5on a model with only 2AP (no flurry or whatever) is generally pretty bad compared to many other beaters (even the Arcane Emissary has Shove Aside rather than Knock Aside, which can almost be a 3rd AP some of the time). Is the Off The Rails action good enough to make up for these deficiencies? My main concern with it is that on the boards I usually play on a 6" push on a 50mm is almost never going to get you where you want to go without ignoring terrain. It would be amazing if models like the Metal Golem had some ability that destroyed destructible terrain of lower Sz on contact during pushes. It is really disappointing when your gigantic charging ton of steel is stopped dead by a Sz 1 crate.
  14. I only have a real problem with it on models with decent health or another defence. Masters with Butterfly Jump that have 10+ wounds, can stone, and usually have another defence on top of that are a bit too much. Shenlong is (probably) the most egregious example, but I despise that Neverborn upgrade nonetheless.
  15. I believe a lot of people consider Shenlong to be overtuned. That's mostly Shenlong the master, not so much Thunder Archers though (or I haven't heard much grumbling about them specifically). Despite this, I'd recommend Steam Arachnid Swarms with Diesel Engine to deal with those Archers. They have more wounds than their cost, which is very useful against the Monk's Irreducible, and also have Armour +1 which drains Monk resources to ignore. They will likely kill a Thunder archer in a single charge. They can move up 13" and still have an AP left (On The Move 3" + Nimble 5" + regular walk 5") which makes their charging threat range ~19", all Unimpeded. While in base contact with a model they also lower its defence by 1, which means that after chi they're at Stat 6 vs. Df 6 against a Thunder Archer (and any Monk I think). This thing would still be gobbled up by Shenlong, but only after it has killed at least one Archer. It also loves scrap markers for healing which is great in a Mei Feng crew. Two of these things would certainly help your chances IMO, but Shenlong is still really nasty.
  16. "Auras are not cumulative. If a model would be affected by multiple Auras of the same name (i.e., if the Aura would change its game state in some way), then it is only affected by one such Aura of its controller’s choice." pg 30 The Recharge Soulstone aura doesn't affect the model that dies at all, so you can stack it. This works similarly to the Life Leech aura, in which the aspect of it that affects models (the damage) only triggers from one model, but any number of models with Life Leech can heal off of one model activating.
  17. I just don't hire the Showgirls. A typical Colette list for me might include: Colette + Doves Carlos/Cassandra (8SS) Coryphee Duet (12SS) Mechanical Rider (11SS) (maybe with Diesel Engine, +2SS) Angelica (7SS) Soulstone Miner w/ Magical Training (8SS) I haven't taken this exact list before but I think it should actually be pretty solid even with a 2SS cache. The SS miner can generate stones and Colette can use the doves, so you have less reliance on a cache. In my last game with Colette (vs Viks) I ran almost this exact list, but with a Steam Arachnid instead of the Soulstone Miner. It died at the start of turn 2 in my deployment zone (Flank + Corrupted Idols), so I wouldn't recommend it. You could easily swap out the Soulstone Miner for a Mannequin as well if you wanted some backup healing for the living models. This list is decently tanky (without relying on distracted + manipulative, which fails versus stones and is clunky to use as a defence) so long as you don't send the Rider into a big combat on turn 1 or 2. There are still plenty of crews who can threaten you but much less than if you rely on Showgirls/Ice Dancers.
  18. "If the Strategy Marker would be Dropped on top of a Strategy Marker, Impassable Terrain, or a model, the player with Initiative instead Drops the Strategy Marker evenly on the centerline, touching but not overlapping that Strategy Marker, Impassable Terrain, or model. If this is not possible, the Strategy Marker is not Dropped." The way I had understood this strategy is that if you fail to drop it the first time then you drop it next to whatever blocked it. If you fail to drop it again then the exact same wording kicks in and you must drop it adjacent to whatever blocked it and so on. Maybe yours is the correct ruling however and it is possible to block an Idol without filling the centreline. The amount of terrain you would need makes it very difficult to do with destructible terrain though. You would need to get two terrain markers on the edge and another three markers 8" up on one side and then not have them be removed by the numerous models on that side. I expect this would cost more AP to set up than it would take my opponent to remove. You're right, I misremembered slightly. Aionus walked up once to be on the centreline and then used his unbury twice to drop an unactivated Nothing Beast and Void Hunter. Herald had put Aionus 6" up the board in concealing and my opponent had soulstones to prevent whatever damage I could get up to Aionus. I never said Aionus was on top of my crew either. All of the tying up of my crew Aionus did was done by being within LoS to fast models, which included the Ice Golem which my opponent unburied behind Aionus using Sever Timeline. Again though, outside of defending how I played this game this is kind of irrelevant. Aionus acted as a taxi and as a more annoying version of Mood Swings this game and in any strategy other than Corrupted Idols I wouldn't have a problem with him. It is literally only due to his pass token generation in only Corrupted Idols that I think this one trigger on one of his actions is unbalanced.
  19. The reason I didn't try to activate the Golem is because that line of play would (almost) never have allowed me to threaten Aionus if my opponent didn't want it to. The only outcome which would be unfavourable to my opponent would be if the Ice Golem got through all of those enemy activations alive and unburied (just two Void Wretches are probably going to do around ~3 damage and cause ~3 TN14 Wp duels, and that's a small fraction of my opponent's crew), and it would have been exceedingly unfavourable for her if Aionus was still engaging the Ice Golem. Trying to activate the Ice Golem (and thereby passing) was quite unlikely to achieve that outcome, so I didn't do it. I would have had to allow Tara to activate literally her entire crew in a row and all she would have to do with those activations to make me gain almost nothing from giving her free rein is kill or bury the Golem OR Aionus. Instead I tried to threaten Aionus with other models and tried to kill the Nothing Beast before it could be buried (quite hard to do). I also don't quite understand why you think it would cost Tara effectively two pass tokens. Maybe my local scene is an anomaly, but we usually don't pass activations when our important models are engaged and threatening each other, that is the exact point where we choose save them for initiative. This argument about the Ice Golem and the Buffering ability is kind of irrelevant though. I don't know for sure what the best line of play is there and I don't particularly care from a balance perspective. There are plenty of models that are more capable than Aionus when it comes to tying up and annoying the enemy crew. My problem with Aionus is only the advantage he gives to the Corrupted Idols strategy. I doubt he will even need to be errataed as long as whatever Gaining Grounds equivalent comes out doesn't make one player near guaranteed winning initiative on every turn except the first into a disproportionate advantage in one of the Strats.
  20. The issue is that if I choose to go that route there is absolutely nothing stopping the Tara player from either causing a bunch of TN14 Wp duels and chip damage with Void Wretches or just burying Aionus to save him. Or from just doing both if the buries don't work out or something else happens. I can't just pass 2-4 activations in a row on turn two when the Nothing Beast and a Void Hunter are in the middle of my crew, and if I did I wouldn't even get anything out of it as long as my opponent remembers to save two pass tokens and a high card. The whole problem with the activations is further aggravated by Tara getting a free activation every turn that doesn't give her opponent a pass token. In this game my opponents plan was to just kill the Ice Golem before I got to activate it by using a bunch of attacks from a few Void Wretches, a Void Hunter, a Dead Outlaw. That didn't go to plan so instead she buried it (causing it to lose fast) and had it unbury on the opposite side of the board to where the action was. It eventually walked back to the action and got a single attack in on turn 5. That would all be fine if I could at least have contested the Strategy, but as it stood I needed to both get full points on schemes and ensure my opponent got no points on schemes to get a win. And that was with me being lucky enough to get the first Idol Marker. Unfortunately they can still drop scheme markers, charge through walls from a safe position, be healed up, and/or attack any of my models that are buried ignoring range and LoS. Very few models in the game can be as effective as Obliteration models are while on such low health. This is how Tara plays and it is cool and powerful and I don't have a problem with it. What I have a problem with is one crew getting a very large and uninteractive advantage on the strategy. You can't block the spawn of Idol Markers. If I don't spread my crew out (hard to do when you're not incorporeal and have to deal with terrain) then my opponent can get to every Idol Marker spawn except the middle one before I do. It is also quite hard to control the centreline when your opponent's third to last activation is Aionus unburying the Nothing Beast (unactivated, fast) and a Void Hunter (unactivated) (and unburying Tara in a less aggressive position) over the centreline and ready to attack my crew. I managed to get full control of most of the centreline from turn three onward. I still only got one point from the strategy (from the first idol) because my opponent concentrated something like 40+ SS worth of models around the leftmost four Idol Markers and I would have needed to get to them, kill most of them, and then interact with the Idols, potentially multiple times, to get them over the centreline. It would be a challenge to do that even if I managed to steamroll her crew, which I didn't.
  21. Whenever I threaten a model in Tara's crew but don't manage to kill it my opponent will usually just have a Void Wretch walk up to it and bury it with a bonus action, making it impossible to finish off. This game I had an unactivated Ice Golem (with attuned) sitting right next to Aionus (potentially min 5!), but because it had fast I was unable to threaten him unless I gave my opponent like 6 activations in a row (pretty good defensive tech btw). All I'm saying is that I find winning on VP in Corrupted Idols a bit difficult when my opponent in all likelihood gets to choose the placement of 4-5 of the Idol Markers and goes first on every turn that matters. If the pass token generating mechanic was something I could plausibly disrupt or if it required interaction with my crew then it would be a lot fairer in my opinion.
  22. My opponent had Servant of Dark Powers on Aionus and used him to unbury Tara, The Nothing Beast, and a Void Hunter over the centerline. My opponent only needed a 9 or a 10 to make it impossible for me to win initiative and two of the suits put the Idols on the side of the table with her entire crew. 50% of the time I would have to cheat initiative first which I rarely did because my king would be equivalent to a 7-11 for my opponent. The large surplus of pass tokens also made threatening Aionus very hard due to his ability to pass enemy (enemies with fast) activations with them. Aionus is very hard to beat in this strategy because the Tara player can choose which side of the board she is going to hoard markers on after deployment and then easily redeploy there. I can't really interact with the strategy from that point on until around turn 4/5, and that is only if I'm able to walk over to Tara's new side of the table and kill most of her models so I can interact with the Idols. I think being able to control the suit of initiative with almost no ability for your opponent to contest you is unbalanced in Corrupted Idols.
  23. In my last game against Tara my opponent used Aionus and his easy Pass Token generation to force all but the first Idol Marker to appear on one side of the board. Tara was easily able to redeploy her crew right next to all of the Idol Markers using her buries while I only ever managed to get the first Idol Marker. My opponent routinely outactivated me and simultaneously got 16+ on initiative on several turns.
  24. Is anyone getting any results out of Lust, or is she as terrible as she looks? I don't understand why she is so squishy compared to the other Crossroads models, with her having 4 Df and 7 health. Also, how often are models actually drawing cards in your experience?
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