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  1. Mei Feng gets absolutely annihilated by Hoffman. She needs her scrap so badly and his crew eats it passively. Her crew's most powerful ability (other than Ride the Rails, which also gets wrecked) is Vent Steam and Hoffman's entire crew is just incidentally immune to it. Neil Henry is too squishy to be a counter to that crew IMO, but if you need him just hire him OOK or something. Sparks would be nice just for the obey, but still not worth it. The Peacekeeper can have inbuilt Armour Piercing with Flurry and Fast (and even Trail of Gore), your armoured models are not going to survive. If you want Command Construct just hire Joss and get armour ignore from his Arc Axe (built in), best of both Neil Henry and Sparks. Electric Discharge isn't bad either. You'll drop more scrap markers because of Creative Salvage, but at least your crew's abilities won't get worse while Hoff's gets better when he eats them. Another reason not to go with Mei Feng, Hoffman can hire this guy too and then he can obey your constructs.
  2. With Stand Together Amina can draw a card from Walk the Line on full health targets, and Mouse gives Ironsides two adrenaline with his bonus action. Does it work for things like Code Red on the Medical Automaton I wonder? It would only work on things with 5 or less max wounds but it would enable the Automaton to teleport 6" as a bonus action towards them if they're near a scheme marker, could be very strong. Also uber charges it with power tokens on turn 1 with Emergency Mode. It'll be healing for 3/4/5 all game as long as you keep the rams coming.
  3. Revealed on Steam Powered Scoundrels episode 36. Along with Drudges. (and an alt Anya Lycarayen, but who cares about her)
  4. That's not a great way to look at it in my opinion. It's costing you an AP (and possibly a high card, definitely not guaranteed) per stone (2ss swing though) on an 8 cost, and a vulnerable one at that and you're putting him in melee with likely a dangerous foe. It may be valuable to do this in certain situations but I wouldn't think of it as a "free" 2-3 stones.
  5. That would effectively make the Thunders player have to declare their alternate master in the first step which would leave them (maybe) slightly disadvantaged as their opponent would be able to choose from whatever titles they wanted to counter pick them, and if there are more titles released in future it will get worse for Master Huggy. I assumed they didn't want to do that.
  6. I would like to see Huggy become the master and Lynch his totem actually, and it wouldn't be that hard to do. They'd just have to release an alternate title card for both Lynch and Huggy and change The Real Power to an ability that allowed him to only be chosen as a Master in the alternate title step for Lynch. The fact that you can't hire titled versions of the same model would make it so they don't even have to worry about wording it so that Huggy the master couldn't hire Huggy the totem, or Lynch the master couldn't hire Lynch the totem.
  7. My gut reaction is I don't think I hire her in any crew. I compare her to Ohaguro Bettari and Yume seems worse (less mobile, no stones, worse damage without flicker), and I already don't hire Bettari. I might hire her if she had From Beyond. Her card manipulation might be enough to make the difference, but it seems like a lot of mucking around. It seems like she's balanced for Dreamer to be honest. She is going to die fast in a crew with no healing and few Wp targeting attacks like Asami's. Not getting the Shielded or being able to be reactivated in the new Asami is a major downside as well.
  8. I somehow hope that the new Marcus has nothing to do with upgrades personally, but I think that's impossible given the rest of the keyword is kind of built assuming they have them.
  9. Well obviously Misaki wouldn't hire trained Ninjas, her existing Ninjas would smoke bomb into battle.
  10. Winston Finnigan is the big one that comes to mind. The magnitude of the alpha strike, which uses an ability that seems like it's intent was for unburying on enemies, is beyond what has been allowed so far this edition. One of the bigger changes from 2e was the removal of most of those alpha strikes. The fact that it can also guarantee last activation makes it a very 2e style combo and I don't think they're trying to bring that style of play back intentionally.
  11. I'd heal it up with a Tanuki or something (LRM?) first, no way this version of Asami doesn't include OOK healing anyway given her stats and lack of healing. Ideally it would end up on the other side of a <1" thick wall or on a roof or something out of LoS of the enemy crew, but it would depend on the terrain/matchup and some boards would be more abusable than others. Thinking about it, it might be better to bury one of the Jorogumo on the other and then put that one in the Huckster for even more reach.
  12. If it kills something it discards a Flicker, so not a guaranteed death. I doubt this makes it to release in its current form. With Ama No Zako you could reactivate two Jorogumo, bury them on the same Huckster and have four Jorogumo activations in your enemies deployment zone on turn 1, which is beyond the kind of alpha striking this edition has allowed so far. Or just use the extra activations (up to two extra if you reactivate Ama and another thing before the Jorogumo) to guarantee last activations with the Jorogumo.
  13. Sonnia has a 3" hazardous aura that makes it suicide to attack her in melee if you can't kill her (which effectively discourages it while she has stones) and she (along with all who need it in guild) basically has the Armour +1 upgrade stapled to her card. Very, very different levels of tankiness here. I wouldn't be surprised if this new Asami is low tier just due to the poor defences combined with the low ranges of her abilities. On the other hand the reactivation + insane movement capabilities when unburying on friendly models is probably enough to make her disgusting. If the unburying on friendly models part changes (I expect it will tbh, that Huckster combo is probably too strong) then she'll probably be mediocre from a power perspective. On another note, Ohaguro Bettari and the Kamaitachi both have a lot of their (dubious) value tied up in summon specific abilities that the crew won't have access to with the new Asami. I don't like keyword models not being compatible (to an extent, there is a bit of new value there) with the alt master title, but I guess it's inevitable given they weren't designed for it from the get go. Maybe having the unbury from Possession count as a summon for the purposes of friendly abilities could fix it, with some limitations?
  14. Unfortunately the Soulstone Miner doesn't at any point move the marker, so it definitely still takes the Hazardous even with this.
  15. He was nerfed in March 2020 FYI. The Shenlong all stars fixed list that took first at the UK nationals was Shenlong (with pre-nerf Fermented River Style that gave easy to damage), Kitty Dumont (pre-nerf), the Yasunori (pre-nerf), Minako Rei (pre-nerf), Ototo, and a single Low River Monk. Because Shenlong swept with a fixed list (and so early into the new edition) it definitely became a bit of a meme in the community to look down on Shenlong players, or to despise them, or fiercely recommend new players to avoid buying him at risk of alienating all of their friends and family . The Monk keyword were generally considered to be pretty weak outside of Shenlong and Charm Warders, which left them, as a whole, pretty unpopular after the nerfs and, more importantly, lack of buffs (Wyrd I beg of you, please focus on buffing in the next errata). I think most people would prefer to hire in keyword models and it just isn't fun to hire/play with a High River Monk for example. I think the current "meta" way to play him is to transfer fast and focused to Fuhatsu and then push him into position and go to town, but I haven't actually tried that list and I may be wrong.
  16. Soulstone Miners have this trigger on their "Drill into the Earth" bonus action Miner's Tunnel: When resolving, before this model is Buried, Create a 50mm Destructible, Hazardous (Damage 1 and Injured +1), Severe Pit Trap Marker into base contact with this model. Now that the Hazardous rules have changed to include resolving actions while in base contact with Hazardous Terrain, declaring this trigger will now result in the Soulstone Miner suffering a damage and gaining Injured +1 before burying. This isn't a problem for the rest of the models that create Pit Trap markers, as they can place them up to 2" away.
  17. I think it might be partly because he was the first "OP" (to the point of being nerfed) master right at the start of the edition, which may have put some people off him. He's pretty fun to play in my experience.
  18. He's probably good against any Arcanist Master that isn't Sandeep, who has Oxfordians and Poison Gamin. The main cleanse of the faction is Dispel Magic on the Effigy, which is just a 5 Df, 4 health model vs. McMourning. There is also the Medical Automaton which is 4 Df, 4 Wounds with Armour +1 and has to damage to cleanse and is 5SS for most crews. If people hire the Oxfordian OOK for 7SS they do get (for a 1 action) a 5" bubble of end a condition when you activate, but they're pretty squishy with their only real defence being Arcane Shield. Other than that, Ironsides can cleanse herself of all conditions as a bonus action and you really don't want to be hitting her in melee. Also, technically you can shoot a friendly with Envy to get Prey on Nothingness to end a condition and deal 3/5/7 damage to them, but I wouldn't recommend it. Arcanists has no anti healing tech either, so overall probably a good matchup a lot of the time.
  19. Is that actually the case for 3e? It was for 2e, but it explicitly called out in the rules that it was top down IIRC. Do you think models on different floors of a building (or above and below a bridge) can't occupy the same top down space? For example, the rules for Place effects explicitly says not to take into account vertical distance, implying that by default you would take it into account. Further, in the examples for measuring it explicitly calls out vertical distance as being a component of the distance between models. A model on a Height 5 building is considered to be 4" away from a Sz 2 model that is horizontally 1" away. In fact, the first example given for measuring distance uses a side on view to show that height can affect distances, which is not a 2D perspective.
  20. Fluffernutter is definitely better than Stumpy (what is Stumpy even for? What VP is it getting you?). What Fluffernutter brings to the table is unresisted 2 damage (somewhat AoE) from up to 12" away with Stampede and Carrot Quake. The 14" gun (with the marker moving, ping damage trigger) and the (built in on charges) card draw trigger on the melee don't hurt either. Pretty sure he's decent for 6ss.
  21. I'd probably only recommend this if you're planning on branching out into McCabe eventually, but somewhere down the line the Hucksters/Desper box might be worth it. They're all premium scheme runners (which is what Youko desperately lacks) and they have a little bit of synergy with Youko. Hucksters have the Shady Dealings trigger on their melee and have manipulative (which is nice with Distracted spam) and Desper can steal stones and give stunned to finish shutting down enemy models in ways Youko can't. Mainly it's the Hucksters and their scheming capabilities you'd be after though. These guys would help you complete the schemes/strats Youko might struggle with, like Symbols of Authority and Breakthrough.
  22. Charm Warders are a must have. They allow you to potentially fully discard your opponent's hand, and are great besides that as well with Lantern of Souls, and Chi. I think Kabuki Warriors are good, but they come with Bunraku which are not great. Kunoichi are a decent alternative if you're facing an opponent with limited ways of removing distracted so their unexpected ferocity trigger hits hard.
  23. Look at Chasing Fate on the riders for an example of an ability that allows you to spend multiple tokens. "Chasing Fate () : During the Start Phase, this model gains Fate Tokens equal to the current Turn number. When declaring Triggers, this model may discard any number of Fate Tokens to gain + to its final duel total for each discarded Token."
  24. While I agree that does support your interpretation in some ways, I thought the point of that clarification was to clearly state that you don't lose your movement distance when walking onto terrain. In support of my interpretation however, it says that pushes don't allow you to go over terrain with that rule because it would require you to split the push into shorter distances, not because it isn't a Walk action. Again there is definitely enough ambiguity that an FAQ feels warranted. Additionally, does it not feel clunky that you would need both a section in the Movement rules to limit it to Walks and a terrain trait that allows vertical movment to define how Climbable terrain works? Surely just the trait should be enough for simplicity's sake, even assuming your interpretation is correct.
  25. I believe that the Climbable trait's wording is enough to count as Terrain supporting a model (as it says a model may move up or down it). You may well be right in your interpretation, but either way an FAQ or a tiny errata to the Climbable trait would be very helpful. I doubt anyone who has this question in a game will look further than the Climbable trait in the moment, as it only references general moves in its text. In my opinion the rules here are ambiguous enough to warrant a once-over at least, and the text about Walk actions seems vestigial. As it is, I'm still pretty sure that the text of Climbable alone is sufficient to allow models to move vertically using a normal move as long as nothing explicitly contradicts it elsewhere in the rules. I'm really not "reading what you think something should do, not what is actually written.", I just don't think that a single statement about what Walk actions may do is enough to exclude other moves from what I understand the text of Climbable to say. Just to be clear, I don't think that text about the Walk action on pg 14 is necessary for the Climbable rule to function, and if it wasn't in the rulebook I wouldn't have thought twice about letting models move vertically on Climbable terrain despite the general falling rules. You can do it if you're on a higher piece of terrain than the target (assuming you don't restrict it to walk actions obviously).
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