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  1. Yeah, well, shouldve done my research before posting. Still, i want to believe that archivist will be included.
  2. We have seen 9 model boxes in m2e, so i dont see why that cant happen again. And i dont think there was a box without henchman­čśü
  3. We saw art on Minako in Broken promises already Also, there is second Mourner on the far left So I am pretty sure that this is correct:
  4. As I mentioned above, I was never disappointed by BBS. And 3 Illuminated is sometimes too much.
  5. Probably no, as BBS can give only Black Blood only 2 times in the first turn, and turn two Illuminated like to be already on the frontline, not in the range of Shaman's range
  6. Mr.Cooper is Tiger Lillies, not sure exactly which song, but probably this:
  7. He gets to draw cards during obey charge, but not during its activation, as Rage Builds buff lasts only until the end of current activation, not end of turn. But the combo is pretty solid anyway
  8. I always take one BBS with Lynch and it never disappoints me. Throw black blood on 2 illuminated turn 1 and later just support to make them even more survivable, and even more hard-hitting, and inflict a bit of irresistible damage if someone gets within 1"
  9. This is still not final errata, after all. So maybe...
  10. Beckoners are great for 6, now there is actual reason to take them over Lilitu. Not sure about Lelu, Kade, Tuco and Spawn Mother, in my opinion price was not the problem with them, it was rather their weird roles. Ill try them now anyway. Rider is insane for 10 IMO, and I think he will become an auto-take in sertain strat/scheme pools. Bunraku seem great, but i have never played or faced them so not sure how great exactly. No strong opinion about Vas and Bad Juju.
  11. Oh. Didnt know that, as I havent purchased cards in the app. Sorry
  12. Seems like no. Maybe just not yet, we saw only cost changes for now.
  13. Something from the new errata appeared in malifaux app We got several SS discounts: Beckoners, Lelu, Baby Kade and Tuco each dropped 1 stone, all of them being 6 SS now Bunraku are 5 SS Hooded Rider dropped 2 SS, now he is at 10 Vasilisa and Spawn mother go down to 8 SS Bad Juju 7 SS What do you guys think?
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