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  1. I totally agree with you. Drunken Kung Fu is almost wasted on him. Popcorn is coming back to my list and the enforcer will be a great pick in Brewie1
  2. Not sure. Ivan can kill a War Pig in a single activation without much effort. Plus Ivan usually benefits from having a lot of forests in the table (the most common form of concealing terrain), which Ulix doesn't like at all. Add to that the fact that Ivan's crew put staggered and distracted like candy... It's gonna be tricky to get to their key models.
  3. If Cadmus is in the mix, that invalidates Tri-Chi completely. Wong has a fighting chance if you can keep the Shambling Nests away in turns 1-2. Also Mah or/and Ophelia have some tools to deal with it. Same for Zipp between the blasts and the moves. Against Umbra bring the Emissary. It's going to be hard for Gluttony to land more than 1 Maddening Drums due to all the concealing. Ophelia is great vs Umbra, since she has only Sammy as a Wp6+ model, so Broken Specters won't happen if you hide Sammy from Ivan. Mah also has a fighting chance. Against Seeker, bring Trixie. Stat 7 Lure is great to get models out of the bubble and then just kill them. Brewmaster is a good pick too, but without knowing who you're facing, Cadmus is truly an auto lose. In general, Zipp is going to be good and probably Zoraida too, but I don't play either, so that's why I didn't mention them much
  4. When you need to have the firepower to delete a model in a single activation within 6" of your master.
  5. Pistoleros becoming Death Marshalls with +1 to all stats that after killing someone they heal 4 and become Monster Hunters. Was this supposed to be intentional? Edit: The fact that when the Monster Hunter kills someone, it gets replaced by a Monster Hunter, healing 2 and gaining Slow and Shielded +1, also seems quite weird and unnintentional.
  6. I never struggled to get as much burning as I wanted with Reva1. The only time I didn't have enough it was because a LJ jumped in the middle of my crew T1 and did the "Restore Natural Order". I usually was using her quick action to remove burning without even healing. Lampads are better, but they're still a bad 8ss minion. Well, you still need to get the card to discard, in a crew that has literally 0 card draw. Let's remember that this Reva now has no mobility at all and no real range for her abilities, so she's gonna need to be in the middle of the action. 11 Wds and the defensive stats of a 5/6ss cost minion (df5/wp6) is gonna mean you will easily lose your master against any sort of beater in 1-2 activations.
  7. You only need 3 activations, which leaves you another 3-5 after you bury someone. Hodgepodge to weary road 33 Tara to drop the echo marker and give fast to 33 Now 33 can easily get into the enemy's deployment zone and kidnap a model (if you have the card for it)
  8. Emissary for deployment to deployment, even in corner (measured in Vassal) attack with 33, bury someone, then go back to your echo marker, close to your deployment zone. It seems brutal. Size: 50 - Pool: 3 Leader: Tara Totem(s): Karina Hires: 33 Hodgepodge Emissary The Nothing Beast Talos Scion of the Void Prospector
  9. I haven't played her, but she looks extremely squishy. If you kill a Corpse Candle, you're giving a lot of activation control to the enemy (1 activation if it hasn't activated + 1 pass token when you get the next one). Other models can do the same with Scrap, Shadow and Ice Pillar markers, which are infinitely better to produce. Lampads are bad, and a summoned Lampad that comes in low health are even worse, plus all the investment to get 1 out... Doesn't seem better. Reva1 was already struggling to survive a 5 turn game (with so much more healing, more movement and to her defenses). This one is going to struggle way more, specially any sort of ranged attack can easily remove her from the game. But by far, the worst thing is that she does (almost) nothing for her crew, and definitely less than before. A keyword that is already struggling to reach a mediocre level.
  10. I've played him twice and did little to nothing. We'll see if Wong2 has some use for him.
  11. I just played a game yesterday vs Nexus. I confirm he/she/it is still a NPE. So many E&E, so much healing, parasites everywhere, card draw, body count, activation control... My opponent was playing a generic list and I even tailored mine to "counter" Nexus, didn't matter much. I honestly won because of some lucky flips and my opponent's misplays (not that I didn't make any).
  12. Change that "US" for "NA" and you got yourself a team We offer free healthcare and maple syrup! @SEV is the man!
  13. I didn't have troubles with the coming back with 6 Wounds, but I always bring a healer. On the other hand, not removing the conditions is overkill, that's my main issue with him. Channel gaining focused sucks, because if before they put Stunned on you and you're toasted, now you have a similar effect with Distracted. It should have stayed as to attack and/or damage but like now, only once per activation. Although I can live with this change. Necropunks are garbage. There's no reason to bring 1 with Leveticus in you need to rely on them for scoring. Now it's better to bring more Scavengers for similar purpose, since they can push themselves. The aura reduction (and now requiring LoS to heal) for Ruinous Repairs was too "gratuitous" and not called for at all... I felt it couple of times actually. Changes to Ashes&Dust make it borderline unplayable in GG2. Von Schill is way better than Leve in any GG2 and same goes for Zipp.
  14. I could think of many good reasons, like from a balance perspective it's not that good, it's insignificant, once it gets engaged becomes useless, requires from external support to use his only trigger in its main attack, doesn't do direct damage and it's just a simple duel... From a fluff perspective, it's a catapult, so it just launches stuff after targeting it in a direction and setting up the tension of the cord, not a gun or a cannon, so it should perfectly be able to drop someone in the shadow of a building.
  15. Five games using 1 or 2 of them, with and without GST, summary: I'm not sold on them. I'm gonna list some reasons: They're squishy as fuck, even with GST (that puts them at the price of a Mature Nephilim). Df 4 means that even the smallest of the Gremlins is going to hit you, and they don't gain that much burning if you actually want them to do something else. They also lost 1 Wound and The final Veil. Flaming body is great, don't get me wrong, but not that much when you still have Df4 and Wp5 and someone can remove all that burning with a single attack (or a tactical action that you cannot resist, yes I'm looking at you Shenlong!). The Demise is nice, but you have to spend 2 resources a Pyre Marker and a card (which Reva doesn't draw in any way). I understand that the card is mandatory (so you can not trigger demise multiple times and go around the board or stay in the same place jumping from one pyre to the next one). Also, having to jump to a pyre marker can be both, beneficial or a detriment to use the demise (maybe you'll end up blocking other models, maybe you'll be in another quadrant for Turf War or maybe you can't even see the Pyre Marker and you die. Their damage track is still quite "meh" for a 8ss model. I don't think that a 2/3/5 would have been overpowered. The "Flame Wall" trigger is a "create" and not a "drop", so you cannot place it touching the enemy you're attacking. Just compare a Lampad to a Student of Viscera. The Viscera ties him or wins at all categories: Mobility: Ambush is more reliable, they have Rush and Unimpeded. Viscera Wins. Damage output: Better Damage track, slightly better triggers. Viscera Wins. Tankiness: 9 Wounds, Armor and HtW. Viscera Wins. Utility: Situational Card, situational healing and pushing the enemies, hands out Stunned and prevents enemies from disengaging. I would say that Viscera wins, but since Lampads provide some targeted utility to Reva with the Pyre Markers and giving out burning, we could consider it a tie.
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