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  1. i'll do a bit thread necro here - do the new operations hange in any way the stratagems you choose? I am using artillery strike a lot lately. it is awesome to break the build up of forces some of the armies (Especially Hordes) do, and prevents opponent from grouping in a certain place. Regarding card draw, dying grenadiers provide me with a steady 1 card a turn. as long as i keep them alive (which isn't very hard), i can keep some minimum hand to feed my stratagems. I also feel KE is better at making the opponent discard his hand (thanks to intelligence corps, multiple "take this action again" triggers and some token manipulation from infitrators) thank in building my own hand.
  2. I had a couple games lately against GH (1 and 2 commander). It looks like important part of games against GH is breaking their combo potential, which is mainly built around reinforcement tokens. This is difficult for me in 1 commander games due to low amount of tactic tokens i have available (i don't have Thrace). In 2 commander games using artillery strike can force hordes to move forward to prevent loses, which makes some of the glory building (e.g. create egg, eat an egg) much more difficult. Also, it is easier to get our units to glory if we have squishy units on opponent side. On eels - only reliable solution i see so after couple more games is kings hand, but due to their extra damage mechanics he needs some screening as it can be easily destroyed in melee. I tried to use infiltrators to remove reinforcement tokens and score objectives, but i was disappointed with the results (they are not reliable).
  3. I tried using false flag operation as the first player in last game (against the cult) and it worked like a charm. the opportunity to disorder enemy formation in first move is very valuable. Chain activating into grenadiers or rifle corps, while expensive (between stratagem and chain activation you use all 6 tactic tokens in 2 commander game) is very powerful, and has strong impact on later game. What i am not sure though is if the lack of at least 1 card on hand is worth it. Edmonton and stoic demeanor go long way to boosting survival rate of KE, and (without taking Kassa) there are no ways of drawing extra cards later in the turn in KE.
  4. when i use false flag operation, what company rules should i use for the squad activated - KE or of my opponent? E.G. if the enemy unit i activate kills enemy fireteam, does it go to glory? Also, can i use enemy company abilities - e.g. if i activate a CotBM unit, can i make it go through a portal?
  5. I always take megaphone on Margaret Belle ( in single commander games only so far). Her biggest drawback is that she has little to do until you commit her to attack, and then she either dies horribly or does wonders. with megaphone she can reliably give reinforcement to 2-3 of your units every turn, which is huge - they can take inspired, advance more freely, etc then. once she kills something you can go to "her majesty's secret service" + 1 megaphone action, which also gives you card draw, and more backfield role to the commander. Regarding stratagem, i like overwatch for the extra threat it brings (just be sure to always use it after your opponent made his last activation, so that you know which unit will be positioned well to take the shot). I also use behind the enemy lines with borders. Against malifaux side, counter - strategem (sorry i forgot it name, i mean the one that counters enemy stratagem and returns it to their hand) may be costly, but sometimes good. i am not convinced on this one due to high cost, but countering breachling bomb or time glitch on horomatangi can be huge. Also, against hordes i tend to use bloody their noses. it is "Get out of jail free" card in case enemy has stormsiren and puts some of your critical units into tide pool - they can activate safely in the pool and get out of it then.
  6. it would also create a huge gap in your defences - intel corps are a soft unit. they could be replaced with some other unit though (grenadiers maybe?) to threaten both commander and the units nearby. In this scenario edmonton will be good - sniping commanders is defintiely his thing, if you can add some rockets from gloried grenadiers that definitely could work
  7. Charles Edmonton has an action "volley fire on my mark". it allows one fireteam in the target squad to take a projectile action. Kings empire allegiance "bayonets" ability allows fireteams to use projectile actions in melee as if they were melee actions, but with a -2 penalty. Based on this, can Edmonton e.g. target engaged royal rifle corps unit, so that they make additional melee attack on unit they are engaged with? or can they only shoot, for which they would need to be unengaged?
  8. i have been using them recently (1 commander + 10 scrip games, agains cult and the hordes). Based on the results - i really like them. they have 2 main uses: - hand domination, in ToS you don;t have that many cards in hand, and there is good chance you will only have 1-2 high ones. Intel corps can sit in a safe place and target enemy's hand easily, and they either allow you to do that, or avoid drawing cards (e.g. by storing tactics tokens) - both ways you get an advantage by having them on the board. - sniping enemy adiuncts: they have accurate and do not randomise when shooting into engagement. i really like this for games against the cults (removing these pesky madmen), but agains hordes it also help, you can free up your killers if they are tied with lightweight hordes units - e.g. yarazi, karkinoi. They tend to be squishy though, and need to be protected. For some reason this was not an issue in any of my games, but may change widely depending on your playstyle. also, i don't think bringing 2 will be that helpful - their main uses don't scale up very well. i think it is 0 or 1, but i think they will be a frequent pick for me in next games due to the hand control they bring, and which is otherwise very weak in Kings Empire.
  9. Good catch regarding the pinned tokens, thanks. Apparently we played it wrong. Apparently grenadiers and kings hand are going to be my main solution for the whelk problem, as they can remove them in a more permament way.
  10. i have no experience with eels so far, but stripping tokens can be nasty, and we do not need to use margaret for that - infiltrators can do "remove one token, add one token" action 3 times, and are also quite cheap while doing that. With whelks, i did not find them troublesome in the games i had so far. they are tough, and they prevent me from giving pinned tokens to nearby units - which is troublesome, but i still can remove reinforced by other means. also, i can give pinned to whelks, which significantly reduces their speed. Whether they are left behind, or if they are slowing hordes advance, this gives me significant benefits without killing the unit. as for killing whelks - they are dying just fine when targeted by grenadiers or kings hand. Piercing allows you to get this much desired 15 total, and area attacks (with cheating 10+card for penetration flip, or with increasing the range by kings hand asset trigger) are really nasty as hordes like to keep units close to each other.
  11. i am after two games with it - against gibering hordes and burning man, each at 1 commander + 10 scrip. my configuration was laser, symbol of the realm and area gatling gun. Overall - kings hand worked very well for me. between medic and electric megaphone it was very durable. also, as it can shoot into engagement it could free my units that were engaged, which is sometimes critical. The fact that it can walk out from engagement was also important, to the level that my kings hand was a good objective grabber, while remaining on offensive. i think it will be a must have in my lists for some time yet, due to the option to set it up as necessary. Against GH it looks like a must have. ability to ignore tidepools when shooting and wide area attack was huge. Removing enemy units from glory was less important, but helpful as well. and with different attacks and good board presence kings hand is a great overwatch candidate - i was able to consistently shoot at different targets while returning the stratagem to my hand (i had too keep high card on hand just in case though). it was also very good candidate for keep calm and carry on, for same reasons. Against cult it was less important, but helpful as well. essentially cult is a faction of glass cannons, so anything that impacts multiple units hurts them. symbol of the realm is also much more effective here, as cult seems to be reliant on being in glory. we can conisder blocking portals with KH by standing on top of them - another advantage. The disadvantage though is cults mobility, they have much easier time staying out of kings hand limited range. i am conisdering using more of meele setup when playing against them, or at least give it soulstone processing matrix - so that it can absorb attacks better. i have no experience with it against abissynia yet, but i think between piercing attack to shoot titans and removing their units frm glory, KH should be fine there as well - definitely worth the 10 scrip it costs.
  12. and what about it's use with Edmonton? i understand we cannot use it with stratagems for additional shots (as it is not a squad), but giving it additional shots via Edmonton or Thrace looks solid. Also, edmonton could give it much needed inspired tokens to increase accuracy. I did not play artillery team yet, but it looks to me like a good drop against abissynia - large number of titan-like units requires strong firepower, and grenadiers are just too little for that.
  13. Are you using Kings Hand in your games? if yes, what are your experiences with it? After several games i start to feel that it is key piece against most factions (to remove CotBM or GH units from glory, use area attacks against the latter, and to punish Aby units with high penetration flips). This is based on 1 commander games only though, and titans are hard to remove in such games. Focusing on ti in 2 commander game may prove to remove titans easily - or do they also endure well in such games of yours?
  14. After several 1 commander games against the cult i see that getting RRC to glory turn 1 does wonders towards countering both ranged and CC threats - and having Edmonton helps with that significantly. Borderers are great tarpit, and if they have some models removed, they do great offense as well (up tot he point that i am actively trying to get them in harms way, so that they get reduced numbers). for some extra screening, motor scout can be useful as well, to block movement paths. Did anyone use Margaret Belle already? if yes, how did she perform?
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