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    how about 2/3 motor scouts in a roster?

    I used to go with the "always good to have an extra one around" with Ramos's spiders. now, i don't want to to repeat that unless it is necessary Also, thanks for the feedback. Rancor - you mentioned sending the scouts to opponent's backfield, did you have any experience with that in actual play? i only run a few games so far, but i feel that it is very easy to remove a champion form the table if enemy focuses his attacks (not that wasting a complete unit's activation to remove it would be bad, but i would hesitate before sending an easy to kill unit as a decoy).
  2. hi, i understimated te kickastarter backing and ordered an additional motor scout.. and now i have 3 motor scouts coming my way, along witth at 1 of each other units. with that i am puzzled - i consider motor scout to be objective grabber, along with low cost units (e.g. infiltrators). I see myself taking 1, possibly summonig 1 thanks to glory (and switching him to glory is relatively easy using king's empire stratagems), but i don't see much use for more. Possibly he could give out reinforcement tokens via upgrade, but this seems to be low value for a 3 scrip investment. so, do you see yourself taking 2/3 motor scouts in the same time? if yes, what would you want them to do?
  3. Hi, i would lke to buy Chiaki model from the Yan Lo box, with her stat card and personal upgrade card. Poland based.