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  1. I've been wanting to order some Beckoners for a few months now, though the wyrd store lists them as temporarily out of stock, which is probably the reason why I can't find them with any resellers either. I've noticed the same thing for a few other models and boxes (such as Hired Guns). Any specific reason why these appear to be (temporarily) out of production?
  2. From the FAQ. This appears to be the answer that I'm looking for!
  3. I did a search first, though couldn't find anything specific... So, Scion of the Void's 'In the blink of an eye' ability states it can 'move' its WK, ignoring terrain and other models. Since the model isn't being pushed and distance is always measured top-down, does that mean it can essentially teleport on top of a wall, or a tower if it's within the WK distance?
  4. As an example, imagine the following scenario; A Rail Golem wants to charge Criid through a corridor. However, in between Criid and the golem is a Witchling. The golem still has LoS on Criid because of it's larger base, though there's less than an inch of room between the corridor walls and the witchling. Is the golem allowed to charge Criid, or can he only move against the witchling? What if there isn't enough room for the golem in the space between Criid and the witchling?
  5. Right! I promised a quick report on how things went last saturday. We voted and ended up doing a 1 vs 1 vs 1 king-of-the-hill type game. Having a non-insignificant minion on a center bit of terrain scores 1 vp on the next turn and killing an enemy leader scores 2 vp. Things went quite well, actually! It was a lot more balanced than I honestly expected it to be. Friend A and B played Grimwell and Angel Eyes respectively, I played the Rail Golem crew. Round one, the entire Rail Golem crew slogged along towards the center, moving an entire 8 inch forwards from a corner of the map. I was mostly just biding my time this round, getting the burning counter up. The first few activations between the other two players mirrored each other; A and B rushed towards the center. One hunter harpooned an orderly which was then dispatched by Angel Eyes, the other harpooned a Bloodwretch which was then dispatched by the remaining orderly. Player A had grimwell rush towards the center for a point, B did the same with the remaining Bloodwretch. Round two, I had the Rail Golem come out swinging. Two locomotions let me charge Angel Eyes, hoping to end her. Unfortunately she survived with one wound remaining. Seeing the golem's surprise attack, A and B quickly decided to team up on the Rail Golem, sending Angel Eyes, Grimwell and a Hunter after the construct and bringing him down to only 3 wounds. I moved the guardian to the center for a point, hoping to use him to engage a bunch of enemy models on the next round. The mechanical attendant took a few pot shots but missed and Heartsbane was too far away from the action to be of much use, so I also moved her towards the center. Round three, At this point the game was pretty much over. Player A won initiate, took down the Golem with Grimwell and then a near-dead Angel Eyes with his hunter; scoring 4 vp in one round. With 6 vp in total, we declared him the winner and ended the game. Conclusion; it was my first 3 player game and most likely some tactical mistakes were made. Despite this, fun was had. In the mean time, my shipment has finally arrived so now I have 3 playable crews to mess around with!
  6. So not a good idea then From what I read I'm assuming the Hoffman crew is still over-powered even when he's lacking 5 soul stones? Could someone give me a quick estimate what the outcome would be of my original setup? Remember, it's a 2vs1 not a free-for-all. I'm afraid I only have the small paper-back rulebook, so no extra stat cards. Making tweaks to the list is going to be difficult. I also thought about leaving the Rail Golem out all together and just play with the vanilla hoffman box set, though I'm not sure how much of an impact this will have. I would say that kicking Hoffman himself off the team sounds like a good idea, though I've only played a bunch of games with the starter set, so I really don't have enough experience with the game to predict the outcome. This seems like it might be worth exploring further! I'm not 100% sure about the stone values, I don't have the cards at hand at the moment; Team Grimwell - Doctor Grimwell - Hunter (7s) - Orderly (5s) - Orderly (5s) Team Heartsbane - Rail Golem - Nurse Heartsbane (7s) - Guardian (8s) - Mechanical Attendant (2s) Team Angel Eyes - Angel Eyes - Hunter (7s) - Bloodwretch (5s) - Bloodwretch (5s) My only concern is that the rail golem is perhaps a tad too strong? His hit chance and defense are a great deal lower without Hoffman though, and the mechanical attendant seems pretty useless.
  7. Right, so I got interested in Malifaux roughly two months ago. However due to some shipping delays I haven't been able to collect a playable crew yet. Out of frustration I took a train to the nearest hobby store to buy a crew box I hadn't ordered already just so I could have some malifaux-related things to do while waiting for my other stuff to arrive, even though I'm itching to finally start playing. Now I'm having two friends over tomorrow for a board game night and I was wondering if threw everything I currently have together, if it would make a playable game. What I have is the starter set, the Hoffman crewbox and a Rail Golem and I was hoping a 2 vs 1 scenario might work. The starter set for both crews is 38 stones in total (19 each), excluding the two henchmen as they'll be serving as leaders. The Hoffman kit is 28 + 3 (field mechanic & arcanist ties) + 11 (Rail Golem) for a total of 42 stones. Technically, dropping the watcher would reduce the Hoffman crew to 38 as well, but this still feels a bit too strong when put against two starter set crews, so I think it might be best to drop one of the two hunters instead, which would make the following lists; Guild Crew; (Grimwell, Nurse, Orderly, Orderly, upgrade) 19 stones Neverborn Crew; (Angel eyes, Shaman, Wretch, Wretch, upgrade) 19 stones VS Tiny Hoffman Ball (Hoffman, Guardian, Attendant, Watcher, Hunter, Rail Golem, Field Mechanic, Arcanist Ties) 33 stones I'm aware that Master vs Henchmen games aren't played, though unfortunately I only have one master. Obviously this is by no means meant to be a proper game... mostly something to have fun with, while teaching my friends the rules at the same time. Would this turn out to be enjoyable in any way, or would this be an utterly bad idea and a one-sided game?
  8. I don't have the stat cards on hand at the moment but I believe so, yes. Either way that clears things up, thanks!
  9. So, the post lost my initial order and I've been waiting the last two months for Lilith and Criid to be re-sent to me. In the mean time, I have hopped by the hobby store to pick up a crew so I can actually play and decided to go with Hoffman. Anyway, it's probably a stupid question because I missed something in the rules though here goes; looped states that you can use another looped model's Ml, Sh and Ca values though it seems somewhat unclear on how to actually use them. Do you simply exchange the value, or do you use the other model's attack action? For example, I have a Rail Golem and a Guardian in the loop. The Guardian's Ml is higher than the golem's. Does the golem use it's own attack action with the Guardian's Ml value, or does the golem 'copy' the guardian's attack action, including its damage track?
  10. Yep, I received the box yesterday and the bases are there. Also, thanks for the Sonnia Criid tip!
  11. Hi guys, I've been getting quite hyped about the game the past few days and after doing a bunch of reading I've finally decided to order the 2-player starter set. After rewatching an unboxing video however I noticed that there didn't seem to be any bases in the box. Is it possible I have to buy 30mm bases sepperatly? If so, is it the same for the other packs? Bonus question; If I like the gameplay and manage to rope a few friends in to playing as well I intend to buy two starter crews. My first choice goes to Lilith, as I read she's good for beginners and (I hope) synergies well with the neverborn models of the starter set. I'm not so certain about the second one, though I'm leaning towards Mcmourning. He can serve as a Guild master and works well thematically with the doctor and the orderlies. Thoughts?
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