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  1. Hi all, unfortunately i am busy with homeland security operation and i didnt get the info... is the backer kit already being sent? has anybody got news about shipping?
  2. is a pity that the rain cant be painted in the air and miss some realism... but is a nice diorama
  3. Welcome... If in need for anything in Northwest Italy let me know
  4. Thanks to all of you! Fellow hobbists and wyrd employees. Have a nice time with your dears... Merry xmas and happy new year to everybody!
  5. Great! Just a question.. how Long Will take to let these errata being available for printing service?
  6. sorry for the losed time. got problem solved
  7. how long usually takes to get the cards.. is about 2/3 months that i am waiting...
  8. Seems perfect playin with Colette..
  9. Endreus


    @Goblinenrico che ne dici? si, lo so, devo ancora migliorare, e sopratutto a fare le foto....
  10. Here there are my "til now works". I've started with Mei Feng, and I'm progressively finishing Arcanists, then I would move on other stuff playable with these firsts models, and so on. But probably i would finish money before than miniatures... Enjoy!
  11. Ok. I didn t got guild extras for ramos :-( why Can he?
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