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  1. I have found that a Friekorps Trapper at 7ss and a Doppleganger at 7ss makes a nice anti-scheme runner / ranged attack option to my lists. it is a little pricey but has a lot of benefits and at a min 14"/ max 28" you can get some enemy scheme runners before they even get close to position. -Other than that you could use corrupted hounds (2 for 6ss) -I think an important thing to consider is not taking a model for a singular purpose unless necessary, a 7ss model that can perform well in 2 or more roles is well worth the cost.
  2. They really shine for me with Dreamer, he can summon them which puts them at 1 wound but if you play it right they will heal at least 1 with his aura. The best part is if you can keep them in his aura and use "Gamble your life" on an opponent if they lose and drop down to 1 wound they get reactivate which allows them to heal again, this does not allow them to activate a third time as you're only allowed to reactivate a model once. I've played them in a Collodi crew but didn't have as much worth as they do with Dreamer, i also play a gun line Collodi so that could just be a personal taste.
  3. Summoning Dreamer is still very viable and powerful. You get the + on all casting till you cast Manifest Nightmares, so you can summon a Daydream then summon a manifest model, then either burn a stone for the suit or if you have a high mask card in hand use that. I think trying to mix his play style up puts him in too much danger without enough protection. Dreamer is known to die to a brisk magical wind or some blasts. His tactical actions are amazing for support though, he can give teddy fast and let him get 4 attacks off (flurry + fast AP) to kill almost anything in the game in one action, possibly even 2 models as I've done with the Teddy+Baby Kade duo. Do try new things and see how you like using him most though, different players will visualize the game differently.
  4. I've recently started playing Pandora and i love the ranged control aspect. My crew consists of - -Pandora (voices, Wings of darkness, Fugue state) -Primordial magic -Nekima (Fears given form, Mimics blessing) -Doppleganger (Retributions eye) -Lilitu (Mimics Blessing) -Sorrow -Insidious Madness -leaving 3ss + 3ss cache puts you at a pool of 6 Pandora uses incite to put mood swing on a model to control activation, that mixed with the voices crow trigger paralyzing models you can effectively force them to activate a paralyzed model giving yourself another activation before they can do anything. I've been pulling 2-3 models closer with Lilitu and Doppleganger (copying her lure) which were paralyzed by Pandora and the Sorrow, Nekima goes in and murders what she can, anything left activates and has to pass a DF14 duel or suffer 3 damage because of fears given form upgrade on Nekima (be careful though because your own models can be hurt by this too). Fugue state also allows you to make enemy models insignificant so they will be unable to take interact actions. you can claim markers or drop schemes and your opponents models are either paralyzed, insignificant, or tied up in a fight. The insidious madness adds to the -WP and forces opponents to discard a card before cheating WP duels. This really helps to drain your opponents hand fast.
  5. you are correct, the waking goes away when you "summon " Lord Chompy Bits so when you (0) action to bring dreamer back out his healing aura is there in full.
  6. Friekorps trapper and a doppelganger work horrible wonders to your opponent. I run a Trapper, Doppelganger, Brutal effigy, Arcane effigy, Mysterious emmisary, and primordial magic with some other stuff to make a Collodi gun line.
  7. What experience do people have hiring Anna Lovelace as a Merc. in their crews, and which Masters have you paired her with? picked her up as she seems really strong for the area denial of push and placement effects, and rush of magic added to boot. She has a decent gun with the limited potential of summoning, i'd probably go with Seishin as they can teleport to my master and be a LOS blocking wall.
  8. As stated I'm looking for 2x Freikorps Trappers. I have a lot of unpainted but built M2E Guild, and Legion, Cryx, and Protectorate warmahodes to trade. Also will just buy them for cash.
  9. Thank you all, this was really helpful. And I have been having issues with getting the scheme markers I need out so I went a little overboard on the runners. I definitely want to try her with Johan and a trapper.
  10. I've played about a dozen games so far with Neverborn, most with dreamer and a few with Lynch. I've been looking at Lilith and want to learn how she plays. The crew I've thought of to start this is - Lilith -- 7ss +Beckon Malifaux - 1ss +On Wings Of Darkness - 1ss Primordial Magic - 2ss Insidious Madness - 5ss Insidious Madness - 5ss Mysterous Effigy - 4ss Nekima - 13ss +The Mimic's Blessing - 1ss Tuco - 7ss +The Mimic's Blessing - 1ss Waldgeist - 6ss Any suggestions as to if this is usable as a general start to learning her would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Thank you, been trying to figure out how I want to play Dreamer. definitely going summoner dreamer though. The idea of summoning teddy's peeked my interest but the chances of it seem too slim to bank on as a strategy.
  12. Has anyone had any experience playing or playing against a Dreamer crew with Tannen with the goal of summoning Teddy's? I love the idea and have started investing in some more Teddy's (total of 3) to either play from the beginning or to summon if the chance arises.
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