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    Asami help

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    Asami help

    Well, I disagree with some of those assessments of Asami. For one, yokai are absolutely amazing as a summon. They're worth hiring at 5ss in other crews, and when you can charge them off right after being summoned at + to attacks with a myriad of triggers really forces your opponent to spend resources to protect assets. All the while, while those 3 yokai summons are forcing cards, you still have a bunch of excellent hitters and support models who didn't even activate yet. Don't look over Yokai or throwing a Joro in the middle of an enemy with an extra flicker or popping off a corpse marker or two with their 3 inch MI can be a real headache. I don't think Asami is broken, but now that there isn't nico to whine about, eyes are going to focus on the next best, which imo is Asami. I hear a lot about armor and ten thunders, but I rarely see people in tournaments or friendlies stacking armor. I think its a non issue. I typically only summon yokai, joro and the occasional Obsidian. I have used asasame against poisoners for some niche things, but not often. I don't see her summons being all that versatile, and there really not meant to be a tool kit like Sandeep, but what they do is charge immediately and forces your opponent to waste AP on them, mostly likely more AP than you spend on them. I love looking over at a near empty opponent hand and still have Emissary and Yas to activate.
  3. kasual

    Asami help

    Flicker on Asami is auto-include, imo. Add her totem in to get some back, use her aggressively to get some back. Being able to stone (not stone but using flicker) to add suits to summons or suits to her attacks is amazing. I never hire Yokai, they make excellent summons. Use Yokai as missiles. Summon within 4 inches, do 1 dmg to asami to allow the to charge. Profit. They drop scheme markers when they flicker out, which makes Asami excellent in scheme marker pools. Shadow emissary is almost always in my Asami lists. Giving Yas (who obviously is in every list) fast, and providing Asami with more scheme markers to heal if she needs or just for doing what the emissary does like it's focused attacks. Charm warder pretty much makes it in every list I play with any master because... Charm warder. Also Yamaziko is amazing at 6ss. With nimble, min 3 dmg, and brace Yari, amazing model that can do whatever you need it to do while your opponent is dealing with a never ending flow of Yokai, joros, and ob oni. Asami is now the absolute best summoner in the game with the nerf to nico. Get play in while you can because Jan 19 errata will be her reckoning.
  4. I have an LG G5 that has two different rear cameras; a regular and a wide angle. When I attempt to scan a QR code, you guessed it, it defaults to the wide angle camera and cannot recognize the QR code. Is there any way to fix this issue in the app? Or must I look for some kind of way to disable the camera completely in my phone?
  5. First battle report from a new player. I hope you all enjoy.