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  1. Ooops, sorry for the delay in reply guys; I've been busy with real world stuff these past few weeks. Thanks for all the advice though! @CapnBloodbeard - The other colours on the Nothing Beast/Void Wretches was simple; I just used some blister pack foam to stipple orange/purple/red in random spots all over the model. Nothing difficult! You could probably get a similar/better effect from airbrushing. Von Schill was just the sepia wash going on a bit heavy and discolouring the base, definitely not intentional! That's one of the reasons I've stopped using it on my more recent minis as I found it discolours the base colour too much thus making it a pain to highlight. I've thankfully found some thinner steel sheets that will fit out without modification. I am going to use those for the case; hopefully getting that sorted next month on pay day. Where I'm on shifts now I have one in four Fridays off so might be able to head down to Sluggaz at last, at least once the Crossfit Open is done with. I managed to finish off the last of wave two today. They were nearly done last weekend but needed to sort the fire, powders and varnish. Now I'm just waiting on 'Fistful of Scrip' and the Undead Outlaws to drop so I can finish off. In the mean time I might be starting a terrain log soon (if I actually get paid/reimbursed properly this month), which should keep me out of trouble and allow me to play at home those weeks I can't get down. Scion of the Void Death Marshals
  2. These guys came out a little glossy, but that might just be the Testors settling. I have no excuse for the pictures being so dark though... Apart from that I'm happy enough and I feel they look better in person than in these pictures. It's a shame, but I've not been feeling the hobby/painting side this time round. I think it's because I'm forcing myself to paint worse than I can that I am consistently unsatisfied with the work I'm producing. That being said they are close enough to the last lot to tie in and be usable. I've just built the two Death Marshals for some Pine Box shenanigans I've just built the two Death Marshals for some Pine Box shenanigans so will hopefully have them and the Scion of the Void done within a fortnight. After that I need to get a carry case built; I have the box and the design, but does anyone have any recommendations on how to cut down stainless steel (1.2mm thick) or alternatively any experience with the self adhesive magnetic sheet? Once I have transport sorted it will be a lot easier for me to get anywhere to play. However, I am currently waiting on my work to reimburse some travel expenses so that I can get a table built for some home gaming (with the CrossFit Open coming up I won't be able to attend Sluggaz for a while, not that I have played yet...) which should open up some more possibilities to play. Despite my constant bitching about my models I'm really keen to start playing again.
  3. @Zelaminator Thanks dude, I appreciate it. I'm surprisingly happy with how it turned out given I was making it up as I went along! To be fair, as far as creations of a less than destructive deity go, they are pretty adorable. I appreciate the love for Anna. Instagram seemed to agree as she was the first mini of mine that's reached 100+ likes. I should probably give her a second chance. Christmas and New Year got in the way a bit, but I've been making some progress. Sue and Karina are now done. I'm not happy with the former, which is a bit of a bummer as he's an integral part of a few lists. A model wearing all black and wielding a flaming guitar was always going to be a bit of a pain to paint though. The scale seems a little off too, with legs the in proportion to the older miniatures and then torso/etc. being far smaller in line with the newer stuff. Karina came out better, which is ironic because she doesn't feature in my Tara list. I've put some more colours down on the remaining four guys. I've just moved job so I'm not sure how much time I will have over the next few weeks, but I'm intending to get another pair done next weekend. After that it will be cleaning up the two spare (in scale) Death Marshals and painting them along with the Scion of the Void (again). I saw a nice dual Marshal list in the Outcast section I'd like to try and I think I have enough bases...
  4. I'm once again a little bit behind with this project. I've made progress blocking in colours on a couple of the guys, but a few have gone wrong. A combination of a problem with the sepia wash and me messing up the skin on the Scion of the Void meant it had to be stripped again, and the skin on the Death Marshall went wrong. I've decided that the scale on the Death Marshall sculpt is far too off to be used, so I've decided to go with one of the alternate models. As I'm having to prime the Scion again it's not too much bother. On the plus side Tara has been completed and I'm pretty happy with how she's turned out. This was my first attempt at OSL, and without an airbrush it is a pain. Satisfied with how it's come out though.
  5. Finished off Anna Lovelace this morning. She turned out fine, but nothing particularly of note. This is probably the worst sculpt I've worked with out of Wyrd; the model isn't particularly interesting, she's tiny (far smaller in stature to any of the other female models) and there seems to be a distinct lack of detail away from the dress. The arm blade had also broken off before I even started work on her, hence she is a lot less intimidating than intended. The paint job is satisfactory and she ties in with the rest of the Freikorps. She worked well to help me get an eye back in for the scale/style. It is odd trying to paint how I used to, however it has helped me see how I have improved over the past year. *I have a new phone, so I am still trying to get used to the camera on it, so sorry if the pic is a little off.
  6. So I unintentionally ended up finished the Nothing Beast (aka Ian the Intergalactic Space Shrimp) and the Void Wretches yesterday. I would like to say that there was some artistic or genius reasoning behind the scheme, but in all honesty I was messing around on my palette and my girlfriend said that the space scheme looked cool. Overall I'm satisfied with them and glad I'm done as it now means I can move on to more interesting models. Speaking of; I've also started to put colour down on Anna Lovelace who is tiny!
  7. Spent yesterday putting the silver metals down on the crew, brown on the coffin and blacking up the Nothing critters. Making good progress, if still in the unexciting stages at the moment. Anna especially should be super easy to finish thanks to her dress. Thanks dude! I agree with you when it comes to the Void Wretches/Nothing Beast. After painting the eyes in I realised quite how small they are and that, in practice, it's not going to look good. I played about with making a galactic/space look on my palette yesterday and that just might work. I've just put the black wash down so that will probably be my afternoon. Given these are very much different to everything else I'm painting I'm going to try and get them done as soon as possible so I can move on to more conventional models!
  8. I've got two weeks off and am attempting to get as much of this project done in that time as I can, what with the obligatory seasonal socialising and festivities. Yesterday I made some good headway into the project and got all the bases finished off. They're as close to the original ones as I could hope and once varnished should be near indistinguishable. I also began to lay down the base layer on the flesh, which I am hoping to finish today along with the silver metallics.
  9. ...and here was me thinking that I was done! So with the preview of Parker et al. I couldn't resist returning through the Breach. I've also been harbouring an urge to do Tara for a while, so this seemed like the perfect excuse to pick her up. Not only that, as Wyrd released a few of the other chaps I was looking forward to earlier in the year I've ended up with them too. I've basically got the same volume of minis to work through as I did first time! I was a little bummed to see Fistful of Scrip/Undead Outlaws not be on the 'Upcoming Releases', especially as I couldn't justify picking them up on Black Friday due to the exchange rate, so I guess will just wait here in anticipation... I'm working again now, which is great but means I've got a lot less hobby time (1-2 days a week). I picked the above up back at the start of November and had hoped to have everyone done by the end of the year, but due to real world obligations and the first attempt at priming being a disaster* I'm about a month behind. I've got two weeks off over Christmas so I'm hoping to make some good headway. Currently this is where I am at, with the metal areas being blacked out and hopefully the bases at least basecoated by this afternoon. *I was too far away which resulted in a sandpaper like finish, thankfully Detol and Mentholated Spirits work wonders at stripping plastic (Acetone for metal). I've been experimenting a lot recently with different techniques and materials which has resulted in a lot of mistakes. I don't think I've actually completed a miniature in a few months... if you want to see what else I have been working on then feel free to check out my Instagram. I hope that you folks enjoy chapter 2. I think I've got better at painting since I did the original batch, but in the interest in consistency I am aiming to paint these to tie in as best I can. I found having this thread a great motivator to get this done so I will try to keep it updated as frequently I can. I do have two questions though: 1) How should I paint the Nothing Beast/Void Wretches? I am struggling with the concept of a non-existent void in space actually being a physical model and how to represent that without the clear kit. Currently the forerunner is to paint them pitch black, slightly glossy, with glowing green eyes (to tie them in with the factions colours) and bloody maws/claws. I can't decide if that will look good or not. Anyone got any opinions or alternative ideas? In my head it should look a little like demon form Alucard from the Hellsing animes/manga. 2) Should I pick up the Hodgepodge Emissary? I don't like the model, but he seems a worthy tactical addition to Von Schill. For £30 I don't know if he's really worth it just for that of if he/it can be run alongside Viks/Tara/Parker with similar potency.
  10. I found some on eBay that I was incredibly happy with; personally I went for cobblestone but they also make some others. They took little to no clean up and all fitted perfectly. Here's a link to the shop: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/gga-bases/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Pictures if it's a help:
  11. Cheers for the compliments guys! I appreciate it! I'm currently on the lookout for a release of Big Jake, so when he finally drops I'll likely pop back and get him, Hodgepodge Effigy, Sue, some Desperate Mercenaries, and maybe Anna Lovelace. I know that the Hodgepodge Emissary is meant to be awesome, but I'm not sold on the model unfortunately. @Argentbadger - Thanks dude. The weird 'bulb' on the Strongarm's mouth is part of his gas mask. It freaks my girlfriend out!
  12. Thanks for the kind words fellas, I appreciate it! I definitely had fun and am looking forward to getting some games in. The whole thing came together a lot quicker than I anticipated. Overall I'm happy with them, but I agree with Munindk that the skins lets them down/needs some work. I've seen a similar methodology used by fromthewarp.blogspot.com where he highlights after the initial washes, so I might try that. I don't think these will be my last Malifaux miniatures either, but will probably work on some other projects until I decide what. Transportation wise I'm definitely going to be using magnets and rubber steel; the models are too delicate and too dynamic for conventional storage. I'm debating doing something stupidly elaborate; probably a stained wooden chest, or just a more robust for container. It will probably come down to cost more than common sense. Anyway, a terribly overexposed group shot as promised:
  13. FINISHED!!! Spent today polishing off the Viks. They all went together pretty quickly as, although there's a lot of colours, the areas are all pretty small. They didn't turn out as nicely as the Freikorps but better than I expected given the base coats. Overall I'm happy to field all of these guys on the table and no one is resigned to the box of shame. Victoria of Ashes Victoria of Blood Vanessa, Treasure Hunter Taelor Ronin I'm going to try and get a group shot tomorrow once I'm 100% all the glue has dried and they're not going to mess up my mat. Speaking of I intend to build up a table at some point this year so I can play in the flat; I've already got a 3' Frontline Wild West mat and a folding table my friend made so I just need to invest in some scenery. I hope everyone enjoyed and was vaguely interested in this project. I'm pretty surprised that this only took me 1.5 months, but to be fair that is one of the small mercies of unemployment. This is the first project I've done since getting back into wargaming, and the first one I've actually invested myself in. Overall I'm satisfied with how they all look and definitely proud of the Freikorps. I'm looking forward to actually playing with them as soon as I can spare the money every week for Sluggaz. I need to work out transportation for them now, as currently they live in a tupperware container.
  14. After near enough a solid six hours of work I've got the Freikorp finished and, believe it or not, I'm actually rather happy with how they've turned out! I know, surprising right? The reduced amounts of exposed flesh was definitely a welcome change and made the project a lot more 'familiar'. Anyway, pictures: *I've had to play with the white balance on some of the pics so if they look a little weird that'd be why! Von Schill Hopefully less racist, homophobic, incestuous and with fewer sex tapes than he who inspired him; the boss man is a lanky git! Even the skin turned out pretty well! He did serve to as a test and subsequent solution to highlighting washed, light colours; add a little brown ink to correct the hue. Strongarm Suit Apart from the pipes being a nightmare to attach (two broke) they didn't actually impede the painting too much. He came together quite nicely. I read that quite a few people don't like his size, but personally this is a selling point for me. Not only are there documented giants in Malifaux (Johan, I'm looking at you...) but I imagine that the boiler/modification is somewhat like Bane in the Batman comics where they pump him full of drugs to make him more powerful. Librarian This will probably be the only picture of her attached to a base because, you know, she's balancing on her little toe supported by a 0.5mm brass rod and more superglue than I should have used. Rather delicate but she's okay, probably my least favourite Freikorp model although probably the most useful. I've tried to incorporate the yellow of the badge on her tassel, with the prominence of black being inspired by Germanic witchcraft/black magic. I possibly overthought this.... Specialist The powders didn't turn out as expected but he's solid enough. As with everyone else the eyes have been glossed as has the pressure gauge; this is intended to mimic glass. Trapper Not the best photos but another chap who I'm particularly proud of, mainly because of all the cool cogs on the rifle. Second photo is there to show that I'm mad and painted the scope lens and drilled the barrel. I don't overly like the design of the cape but I didn't have an alternative . Freikorpsmen The standing Freikorpsman is probably my favourite Malifaux model to date; both in design and in paintjob. Lots of details on him to add interest and make him pop. The crouching guy came out solid too, but design oversights (the iron nappy only covers his groin, unlike the standing guy's, and his body armour just... stops) annoy me slightly. Only the Viks left to do and I'll have two playable crews! Roll on Sluggaz once I have some disposable income again!
  15. Cheers! If anything I have time on my side at the moment, so I might as well make the most of it! The Viks, along with Nessi, Hannah and the Student are the first female models I've ever painted. It sounds a bit strange but I think that might have something to do with it. I found adding lipstick (bright red in this case) and eyebrows definitely helped define the faces. I'm debating trying some blusher, but I'm worried that they might end up looking a bit like Penguins if I mess it up... Speaking of work rate; I've managed to finish off some more guys: Student of Conflict This is a very 'warts and all' pic but I'm actually rather happy with how she turned out; she looks rather good from about 2' away. I really enjoyed painting her; probably the most conventional model in the range I've experienced so far and she has me confident that the Freikorp will turn out well. I think a lot has to do with a reduced amount of exposed flesh, same as with Hannah. Malifaux Child Again, another fun model to paint. I was initially concerned about the size but if anything that made him easier to work with; a lot more forgiving. I did have a slight issue with the gloss varnish pooling in his left eye but it wasn't disastrous; the eyes are meant to look like emeralds/gems hence the sheen. Completely unintended but both him and the Student of Conflict are blonde and alarmingly aryan... I'm sure there's a joke there at the Freikorp's expense... Bishop Not a great photo and the colours are a little off, but it does give some good detail of Dante Bishop. I ended up repainting his hair black as I may or may not have messed up the grey. More blood on his hook/cleaver/axe/thing as, like Killjoy, he's angry. He was really easy to paint too; it only took an two hours to get him and the Student post-wash to finish (inc. varnish, powders, effects and mounting). Johan The big guy is back. The size and sculpt made him pretty straight forward to paint. The washes didn't go 100% to plan but he's turned out okay; quite rough around the edges which probably suits his character. I did forget to highlight his hammer pole mind... oops. You can't tell in the pic but he has lips/eyebrows too. Convict Gunslingers I'll be honest; I completely messed up the highlights on their prison garb. The brown/sepia wash really darkens down any colour you use and the base colour highlights were just too bright in this instance, a fact not helped by a heavy hand yesterday morning. They subsequently rewashed and smashed with a fair few powders and now look acceptable. Overall I'm not overly happy with them but they're good enough to be used. Along with job hunting, a few more driving lessons and the usual training I'm looking to at least get the Freikorp contingent done next week. Now I need to go be all romantic...
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