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  1. Sounds great - thanks for hosting these monthly tournaments!
  2. I appreciate the specifics, Solkan! That was what I thought was legal, but I didn't want to be a dirty cheater 😁
  3. Sorry to be so dense, but I'm assuming that Pandora can take an opponent's melee action against them from 10" away. Please let me know if this is incorrect!
  4. Excellent - putting this on the calendar!
  5. I can't make the 29th, but I'd love to play some 3E at Dragon's Lair another day. Do you think you'll have regular Malifaux days scheduled?
  6. I think he fits as well on a table as a dragon should. Kudos, Wyrd - FAR exceeded my expectation of "big Asian dragon thing." Now a must-have, whenever this future occurs.
  7. Quite impressive! Can't wait to find out the "street date" for that beautiful bovine!
  8. Hey, all! We're going to try to get a Shifting Loyalties campaign started at GameOn Chattanooga. We're still trying to figure out the best "official" day to start each week, so let me know if you're interested!
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