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  1. Edit: sorry if the formatting sucks! It's fine on "regular", but messed up on Mobile) Hey all, Put this together just in case it helps FMs to find a particular FMC that they want, or get inspired or something. Linked to a spreadsheet format in Google Drive as well (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10bqoTIJj_yjWbUJi064AFh9aHWxgeZShC8KK3MKOHj0/edit?usp=sharing) So far, this just covers the following books: Core, Into the Steam, Into The Bayou, Under Quarantine. I don't own the Fated Almanac, and I haven't gone through the Wyrd Chronicles/Penny Dreadfuls yet. Sorry 😉 And "Faction" is derived from the colour strip in the Bestiary entry (which is why all the Gremlin pigs are listed as "Outcasts Indepedents" - they have the same light brown/yellow colour strip as Freikorps, etc). The format in the shared file contains the following information: Name Faction Rank Book Page Arcanist Operative Arcanists 8 Into The Steam 222 Arcanist Smuggler Arcanists 6 Core v2 392 Arlan Devlin Arcanists 7 21 44 Basic Gamin Arcanists 5 Into The Steam 241 Basic Golem Arcanists 8 Into The Steam 241 Coryphee Arcanists 6 Into The Steam 220 December Cultist Arcanists 6 Core v2 393 Eccentric Inventor Arcanists 7 Into The Steam 229 Gamin Arcanists 5 Core v2 403 Golem Arcanists 8 Core v2 403 Gunsmith Arcanists 6 Core v2 384 Gunsmith Arcanists 6 Into The Steam 231 Large Arachnid Arcanists 6 Core v2 391 Mannequin Arcanists 4 Into The Steam 219 Miner Arcanists 3 Into The Steam 226 Mobile Toolkit Arcanists 3 Into The Steam 230 Moleman Arcanists 5 Into The Steam 223 Oxfordian Mage Arcanists 7 Core v2 387 Rock Hopper Arcanists 5 Core v2 389 Showgirl Arcanists 5 Core v2 385 Soulstone Driller Arcanists 5 Core v2 388 Steam Arachnid Arcanists 5 Core v2 390 Steam Arachnid Swarm Arcanists * Core v2 390 Steamborg Executioner Arcanists 9 Core v2 383 Steamfitter Arcanists 6 Core v2 386 The Cailleach Arcanists 7 21 44 The Firestarter Arcanists 11 Into The Steam 244 Union Thug Arcanists 5 Core v2 382 Union Thug Arcanists 5 31 58 Bayou Boss Gremlins 8 Core v2 375 Bayou Boss Gremlins 8 Into The Bayou 167 Bayou Bushwhacker Gremlins 6 Into The Bayou 176 Bayou Gremlin Gremlins 5 Core v2 374 Bayou Gremlin Gremlins 5 Into The Bayou 159 Fingers Leong Gremlins 9 Into The Bayou 197 Mechanized Porkchop Gremlins 6 Into The Bayou 179 Moon Shinobi Gremlins 7 Core v2 377 Moon Shinobi Gremlins 7 Into The Bayou 185 Slop Hauler Gremlins 6 Core v2 376 Slop Hauler Gremlins 6 Into The Bayou 160 Survivor Gremlins 6 Into The Bayou 188 Swamp People Gremlins 6 Into The Bayou 158 Swine-Cursed Gremlins 8 Into The Bayou 178 Whiskey Gamin Gremlins 5 Into The Bayou 169 Whiskey Golem Gremlins 8 Into The Bayou 168 Wild Boar Gremlins 5 Into The Steam 233 Austringer Guild 6 Into The Bayou 190 Carlyle Thorne Guild 7 20 42 Death Marshal Guild 8 Core v2 330 Emeline Bellerose Guild 9 Under Quarantine 202 Exorcist Guild 8 Core v2 331 Guardian Guild 6 Core v2 327 Guardsman Guild 5 Core v2 322 Guardsman Guild 5 30 44 Hunter Guild 6 Core v2 325 Seishin Resurrectionists 3 Under Quarantine 111 Seirei Resurrectionists Enforcer Under Quarantine 111 Huntmaster Guild 6 Core v2 321 Exorcist Jeremiah Crohn Guild 8 26 57 Nephilim Hunter Guild 7 Core v2 329 Peacekeeper Guild 8 Core v2 326 Plague Picker Guild 6 Under Quarantine 182 Reporter Guild 5 Core v2 334 Rifleman Guild 6 Core v2 324 Riotbreaker Guild 5 Core v2 328 Sergeant Guild 7 Core v2 323 Trained Raptor Guild 5 Into The Bayou 191 Witchling Handler Guild 8 Core v2 333 Witchling Stalker Guild 6 Core v2 332 Bandersnatch Neverborn 6 Into The Steam 216 Beckoner Neverborn 6 Under Quarantine 188 Black Blood Shaman Neverborn 8 30 43 Doppleganger Neverborn 7 Core v2 368 Eliza Anders Neverborn 5 26 58 Gloom Crow Neverborn 3 Into The Steam 234 Grave Goo Neverborn 5 Under Quarantine 174 Gupp Swarm Neverborn * Into The Bayou 182 Illuminated Neverborn 6 27 62 Insidious Madness Neverborn 5 Core v2 367 Kaltgeist Neverborn 5 Into The Steam 239 Marionette Neverborn 5 Core v2 371 Mature Nephilim Neverborn 8 Core v2 366 Mature Nephilim Neverborn 8 30 43 Needle Beast Neverborn 7 32 68 Nightmare Insects Neverborn 4 32 68 Rougarou Neverborn 7 Core v2 373 Silurid Neverborn 5 Into The Bayou 181 Silurid Neverborn 5 23 36 Spawn Mother Neverborn 9 Into The Bayou 183 Stitched Together Neverborn 6 Core v2 370 Terror Tot Neverborn 5 Core v2 364 Terror Tot Neverborn 5 30 42 The Beast of Triggsville Neverborn 8 31 58 The Carver Neverborn 9 32 67 The Depleted Neverborn 5 Under Quarantine 187 The Illuminated Neverborn 6 Under Quarantine 189 Waldgeist Neverborn 5 Core v2 369 Waldgeist Neverborn 5 Into The Bayou 170 Wicked Doll Neverborn 5 Core v2 372 Wicked Doll Neverborn 5 26 58 Widow Weaver Neverborn 11 37 41 Young Nephilim Neverborn 6 Core v2 365 Young Nephilim Neverborn 6 30 42 Ahool Independent 6 Into The Bayou 177 Archaeologist Independent 4 30 44 Bandit Independent 5 Core v2 341 Bayou Chicken Independent 6 Core v2 381 Bayou Chicken Independent 6 Into The Bayou 172 Bayou Gator Independent 6 Core v2 380 Bayou Gator Independent 6 Into The Bayou 164 Bayou Gremlin Independent 5 23 36 Bayou Leech Independent 6 Into The Bayou 165 Bayou Pig Independent 6 Core v2 379 Bayou Pig Independent 6 Into The Bayou 162 Bunyip Independent 6 Into The Bayou 184 Catalan Rifleman Independent 5 Core v2 342 Convict Gunslinger Independent 7 Core v2 338 Desperate Mercenary Independent 5 Core v2 339 Freikorps Drache Trooper Independent 7 Core v2 347 Freikorps Librarian Independent 7 Core v2 346 Freikorps Trapper Independent 6 Core v2 345 Freikorpsmann Independent 6 Core v2 344 Giant Drunken Frog Independent 7 17 34 Green Sleeves Independent 5 19 38 Grootslang Independent 8 Into The Bayou 189 Guard Dog Independent 4 Core v2 321 Guard Dog Independent 4 Under Quarantine 173 Hoarcat Independent 5 Into The Steam 236 Horse Independent 3 Core v2 336 Horse Independent 3 Into The Steam 221 Jackalope Independent 3 Into The Steam 228 Killjoy Independent 11 Under Quarantine 200 Leopold Von Schill Independent 12 Core v2 406 Malifaux Rat Independent 4 Under Quarantine 178 Mama Pig Independent 5 23 35 Mauler Independent 7 Into The Steam 235 Mire Golem Independent 7 Into The Bayou 173 Mountain People Independent 6 Into The Steam 237 Mudscale Moccasin Independent 6 Into The Bayou 186 Nightsilk Creeper Independent 6 Under Quarantine 199 Orphan Independent 4 Core v2 335 Piglet Independent 4 Core v2 378 Piglet Independent 4 Into The Bayou 161 Piglet Independent 4 23 35 Prohibitionist Independent 5 27 61 Raptor Independent 4 Into The Steam 225 Rat Catcher Independent 5 Under Quarantine 179 Rat King Independent 6 Under Quarantine 180 Razorspine Rattler Independent 6 Into The Steam 232 Rogue Construct Independent 7 Core v2 343 Ronin Independent 6 Core v2 340 Sawtooth Creeper Independent 6 Into The Steam 217 Skeeter Independent 4 Into The Bayou 175 Skeeters Independent 4 17 31 Skunk Ape Independent 7 Into The Bayou 187 Snaptooth Creeper Independent 6 Into The Bayou 171 Socialite Independent 5 Core v2 337 Steelclaw Stinger Independent 5 Into The Steam 218 Stuffed Piglet Independent 4 Into The Bayou 166 Swarm of Biting Midges Independent * Into The Bayou 174 The Dismembered Independent 6 19 40 Void Hunter Independent 8 Core v2 349 Void Wretch Independent 6 Core v2 348 Vulture Independent 5 Under Quarantine 170 Wandering Drosera Independent 7 Into The Bayou 180 War Pig Independent 7 Into The Bayou 163 Wendigo Independent 5 Into The Steam 238 Zeb Independent 7 20 41 Abomination Resurrectionists 5 Core v2 350 Annabelle MacAlester Resurrectionists 7 25 52 Bete Noire Resurrectionists 8 22 44 Canine Remains Resurrectionists 5 Under Quarantine 173 Canine Remains Resurrectionists 5 29 59 Corpse Slime Resurrectionists 6 Into The Steam 224 Crooked Man Resurrectionists 5 Into The Steam 227 Crooked Man Resurrectionists 5 33 50 Crooligan Resurrectionists 5 Core v2 354 Crooligan Resurrectionists 4 Under Quarantine 171 Datsue-Ba Resurrectionists 9 28 50 Dead Doxy Resurrectionists 6 Core v2 353 Desolation Engine Resurrectionists 8 Core v2 351 Discarded Amalgam Resurrectionists 7 Under Quarantine 181 Exo-Miner Resurrectionists 7 33 51 Flesh Construct Resurrectionists 6 Under Quarantine 204 Gaki Resurrectionists 5 Under Quarantine 191 Gaki Resurrectionists 5 28 49 Goryo Resurrectionists 8 Under Quarantine 193 Guild Autopsy Resurrectionists 5 Under Quarantine 176 Iron Zombie Resurrectionists 5 25 52 Lampad Resurrectionists 7 Under Quarantine 198 Maniacal Necromancer Resurrectionists 8 Under Quarantine 172 Mindless Zombie Resurrectionists 4 Core v2 361 Mindless Zombie Horde Resurrectionists * Core v2 361 Necropunk Resurrectionists 5 Under Quarantine 177 Necrotic Machine Resurrectionists 5 Under Quarantine 195 Night Terror Resurrectionists 5 Under Quarantine 168 Nurse Resurrectionists 6 Core v2 358 Nurse Resurrectionists 6 29 57 Onryo Resurrectionists 6 Under Quarantine 192 Onryo Resurrectionists 6 24 68 Onryo Resurrectionists 6 28 51 Patchwork Nephilim Resurrectionists 6 Under Quarantine 190 Phlegyas Resurrectionists 8 20 15 Poltergeist Resurrectionists 6 Core v2 363 Punk Zombie Resurrectionists 6 22 44 Radu Temere Resurrectionists 8 22 43 Red Cage Abomination Resurrectionists 8 Into The Bayou 192 Remorseless Poisoner Resurrectionists 5 Under Quarantine 169 Resurrectionist Resurrectionists 8 Core v2 356 Rotten Belle Resurrectionists 5 Core v2 352 Sebastian Resurrectionists 9 29 58 Shackled Spirit Resurrectionists 5 Core v2 359 Shieldbearer Resurrectionists 5 Core v2 357 Shikome Resurrectionists 8 Under Quarantine 197 Simulacrum Resurrectionists 8 Core v2 360 Sorrow Resurrectionists 5 Core v2 362 Student of Sinew Resurrectionists 6 Under Quarantine 184 Student of Steel Resurrectionists 6 Under Quarantine 185 Student of Viscera Resurrectionists 6 Under Quarantine 186 The Drowned Resurrectionists 5 Under Quarantine 183 The Foreman Resurrectionists 7 33 51 The Guilty Resurrectionists 5 Under Quarantine 175 The Hanged Resurrectionists 8 Under Quarantine 196 The Mourntaur Resurrectionists 7 29 59 Volan Tynys Resurrectionists 8 22 43 Wanyudo Resurrectionists 7 Under Quarantine 194 Zombie Swordsman Resurrectionists 6 Core v2 355 Ansatsu Sniper Ten Thunders 8 Core v2 402 Gokudo Ten Thunders 5 Core v2 400 Hu Yongrui Ten Thunders 4 24 67 Oiran Ten Thunders 6 Core v2 399 Rail Worker Ten Thunders 5 Core v2 395 Samurai Ten Thunders 9 Core v2 397 Ten Thunder Brother Ten Thunders 5 Core v2 396 Ten Thunders Thug Ten Thunders 6 24 67 The Gweyuja Ten Thunders 8 24 68 Thunder Archer Ten Thunders 7 Core v2 394 Torakage Ten Thunders 8 Core v2 398 Wastrel Ten Thunders 5 Core v2 401 Artisan Independent 3 FM Almanac 124 Alchemist Independent 3 FM Almanac 124 Barrister Independent 5 FM Almanac 125 Child Independent 3 FM Almanac 126 Craftsman Independent 5 FM Almanac 127 Coachman Independent 5 FM Almanac 127 Doctor Independent 5 FM Almanac 128 Field Hand Independent 3 FM Almanac 129 Field Overseer Independent 7 FM Almanac 129 Gambler Independent 5 FM Almanac 130 Guard Dog Independent 5 FM Almanac 130 Gunfighter Independent 5 FM Almanac 131 Harlot Independent 3 FM Almanac 131 Household Servant Independent 3 FM Almanac 132 Magistrate Independent 5 FM Almanac 132 Night Watchman Independent 5 FM Almanac 133 Proprietor Independent 5 FM Almanac 133 Vapid Socialite Independent 3 FM Almanac 134 Imposing Socialite Independent 7 FM Almanac 134 Stable Master Independent 5 FM Almanac 135 Austringer Guild 5 FM Almanac 137 Austringer's Raptor Guild 3 FM Almanac 137 Sergeant Guild 7 FM Almanac 139 Guard Guild 5 FM Almanac 139 Hound Guild 5 FM Almanac 139 Pathfinder Guild 5 FM Almanac 143 Clockwork Trap Guild 3 FM Almanac 143 Rifleman Guild 5 FM Almanac 145 Sentry Guild 7 FM Almanac 145 Guardian Guild 5 FM Almanac 147 Hunter Guild 5 FM Almanac 147 Peacekeeper Guild 7 FM Almanac 149 Riotbreaker Guild 5 FM Almanac 149 Warden Guild 5 FM Almanac 151 Watcher Guild 5 FM Almanac 151 Bag Man Guild 7 FM Almanac 153 Death Marshal Guild 5 FM Almanac 153 Executioner Guild 7 FM Almanac 155 Exorcist Guild 5 FM Almanac 155 Interrogator Guild 7 FM Almanac 157 Witchling Handler Guild 7 FM Almanac 157 Witch-Scour Guild 5 FM Almanac 159 Witchling Stalker Guild 5 FM Almanac 159 Convict Gunslinger Independent 7 FM Almanac 161 Desperate Mercenary Independent 5 FM Almanac 161 Ronin Independent 5 FM Almanac 163 Catalan Rifleman Independent 5 FM Almanac 163 Freikorpsmann Independent 5 FM Almanac 165 Freikorps Librarian Independent 5 FM Almanac 165 Freikorps Specialist Independent 5 FM Almanac 167 Strongarm Suit Independent 7 FM Almanac 167 Rat Catcher Independent 5 FM Almanac 169 Stolen Independent 3 FM Almanac 169 Abomination Independent 5 FM Almanac 173 Desolation Engine Independent 7 FM Almanac 173 Black Blood Shaman Neverborn 5 FM Almanac 175 Terror Tot Neverborn 5 FM Almanac 175 Young Nephilim Neverborn 5 FM Almanac 177 Mature Nephilim Neverborn 7 FM Almanac 177 Alp Neverborn 3 FM Almanac 179 Insidious Madness Neverborn 5 FM Almanac 179 Sorrow Neverborn 5 FM Almanac 181 Stitched Together Neverborn 5 FM Almanac 181 Lelitu Neverborn 7 FM Almanac 183 Lelu Neverborn 7 FM Almanac 183 Beckoner Neverborn 5 FM Almanac 185 Doppleganger Neverborn 7 FM Almanac 185 The Depleted Dual 5 FM Almanac 187 The Illuminated Dual 5 FM Almanac 187 Marionette Neverborn 5 FM Almanac 189 Wicked Doll Neverborn 5 FM Almanac 189 Canine Remains Resurrectionists 5 FM Almanac 193 Mindless Zombie Resurrectionists 3 FM Almanac 193 Rotten Belle Resurrectionists 5 FM Almanac 195 Punk Zombie Resurrectionists 5 FM Almanac 195 Bayou Gremlin Bayou 5 FM Almanac 197 Piglet Bayou 5 FM Almanac 197 Hog Whisperer Bayou 5 FM Almanac 199 War Pig Bayou 5 FM Almanac 199 Stuffed Piglet Bayou 3 FM Almanac 201 Slop Hauler Bayou 5 FM Almanac 201 Gupp Bayou 5 FM Almanac 203 Silurid Bayou 5 FM Almanac 203 Spawn Mother Bayou 9 FM Almanac 205 Waldgeist Bayou 5 FM Almanac 205
  2. Supernatural Diseases like the above - are they really of any consequence to the Fated? They seem easy-ish to get rid of, if I'm reading them correctly. A TN 12 or 11 Counter-Spelling challenge. And the Conditions don't tick upwards all that often. Maybe. Depends on the environment, of course. So, each character in the party could just continuously spam those challenges till they get it right, even if they don't have the Counter-Spelling skill? It'll obviously be harder for them - no cheating the flip (the way we play, anyhow) - but does anyone limit each character to something like 1 attempt per day, and/or do you implement the Counter-Spelling clause that a failed attempt at removing effects results in that character suffering a permanent +4 to the TN on all following attempts? Just asking, cause I've got a cursed item for my Fated, and I want the Curse to be a mitigating factor for using it - not just a "use it, get Cursed, flip hard-out till it's removed, use it again" kind of formula. I guess I could make it only removable by a certain skilled individual? By someone with Counter-Spelling rank 3 or more, for instance.
  3. They've ALL passed their TB checks so far, dammit. And one of them is even a Ghoul, eating the diseased flesh of the fallen!
  4. @Malistrad Thanks for your awesome work in collating all the Wyrd Chronicles TTB Adventures especially. Just noticed that the Issue 31 adventure is called "Stonetooth's Folly" (pg48), not "Terror of Hog's Bog" (which is a story). Cheers!
  5. Rifle & Shotgun ranges: The "Rifle" special rule (p238) says the range of the rifle is increased by +10 for each Plus Flip it gains from Focused (the rule used to be "multiplied by 10" for each Plus Flip (Into The Steam)). The "Shot Studies" Talent (p220) says that if the character is Focused, and firing a shotgun loaded with slug ammo, then "she multiplies the range of the shotgun by x10". Is the Shot Studies talent also really be meant to say "she increases the range of the shotgun by +10", the same way the updated Rifle rule does? Otherwise it's possible to get solid slug ammo (heavy & non-aerodynamic) going 90-100 yards, while a focused rifle can only reach 44 yards max. (Howles Pattern 1874 + 2*10 from two Focused Actions due to being Fast).
  6. True - I forgot about Grappling still having "Snaring". Thanks! And in the FAQ + Errata, Disabling is not specifically mentioned as being removed in 2.0 (then again, neither is "Saddlegun", so...) B). Agreed, based on your point about timing. I missed that Snaring happens while/after damaging, and Disabling just...happens. Agreed. I'll bring it up on the FAQ thread - thanks!
  7. Also, Rifle & Shotgun ranges: "Rifle" special rule in Into The Steam says the range of the rifle is "multiplied by 10 for each Plus Flip it gains from the Focused Condition". But the Core book version of Rifle says to increase the range by +10 for each Plus Flip from Focused. However, "Shot Studies" Talent in the Core book says that if the character is Focused, and firing a shotgun loaded with slug ammo, then "she multiplies the range of the shotgun by x10". Is the Shot Studies talent also really be meant to say "she increases the range of the shotgun by +10", the same way the updated Rifle rule does? Otherwise it's possible to get solid slug ammo (heavy & non-aerodynamic) going 90-100 yards, while a focused rifle can only reach 44 yards max. (Howles Pattern 1874 + 2*10 from two Focused Actions due to being Fast). <Not that I'm considering initiating any Dramatic time encounters at ranges up to or above 44 yards, but hey - I'm sure my Fated will find a way 😉 >
  8. AG Netgun & Tranquilizer Gun These guns are in Into The Steam, and have the "Snaring" & "Disabling" special rules. Neither of those rules are in the Core 2.0 book, but the new "Slowing" special rule does the exact same thing as Snaring. Neither of these guns is in the Core book. So, if I wanted to use those weapons now, I figure I'd still be able to do so using the ITS profiles, but: A). Does this mean that they both lost the Disabling special rule, and if not: B). Are these weapons intended to Paralysed an opponent on the first hit (by applying Snaring then Disabling), or on successive hits (by giving them slow on the first hit, then Paralysed on the second?) Thanks!
  9. We're just getting rolling with TTB, and as it's my first time FM-ing, we're just running straight with A Night In Rottenburg, using the set encounters there. Which means, so far, they've killed/KO'd about 6 Cauldron Gang, 7 Brass Irregulars, 16 Cold Street & 3 Shock Spiders. And yes - they've rifled every single one of them for cash & guns. They were even trying to figure out whether they could remove the legs & cannons from one of the Spiders, to be integrated later into their Augmented character (a la Howard Langston)... It's fine - I just need to impose a limit on the level of junk that they can carry. And the spider legs were never coming off without a Toolkit (which they don't have). And even then, they'd be too heavy to carry. What's funny is they gave more thought to recovering the spider legs than they did the lightning cannons. The heart wants what the heart wants. I guess?
  10. Necro-ing this to hype "SoulStory" - a TTB live play podcast. Has anyone found any others?
  11. I agree with this concept, so we've house-ruled that Endeavour ranks can stack onto Root ranks. If a Fated wants to be heavily specialised in something, they have to justify it, and they'll miss out on being more well-rounded. I'm aware though that this breaks the mechanics, in that it's increasingly costly to raise a Skill in terms of XP, and this isn't taken account of in the number of Endeavour ranks available (since they're all intended to be new skills), so some kind of penalty needs to be incurred. Maybe as you say, no Skill above Rank 3. Maybe it costs 2 Endeavour points to raise an existing Skill by 1. Maybe the Endeavour skill points are treated like XP, and it costs an amount equal to the current Rank to increase that Skill by 1. Makes it costly, but that's the price a character pays for being a shut-in, practicing that particular skill day-in and day-out, right?
  12. I'm still very new to all this, but I tried Mason's suggestion last session and it worked better than revealing the Destiny at the end, or just after it happened. It still felt like a minor part of the session tho, and the character in question didn't really become the focus of the session, the other characters didn't step back at all. I think that perhaps we're not roleplaying deep enough yet for that to happen, but also that - since we're doing A Night In Rottenburg - I'm scratching around to find ways to shoehorn the Destiny Steps into the scripted elements, and the first two steps I did were pretty off the cuff and ugly (still learning how to improvise). Maybe with a custom adventure it would be possible to tailor the entire session around an upcoming Destiny Step, and really go hard on the theme? Or do the Fated just do the usual thing, and wander off-script to a degree proportional to the amount of work the FM has put into it? 😉
  13. Maybe next year 😉 I just checked this out, and it's a nice idea. Led me to purchase the pdf's of Unknown Armies, so hey - it's a legit marketing exercise for those companies involved!
  14. Did anybody (@J4bberw0ck) find a compromise here? I was looking at having a Demolitionist character in an upcoming campaign, and noticed - with a bit of confusion - all those points you mentioned. Demolitionist Step 1 allows you to do exactly what the Explosives skill already allows you to do, but only if you already have the Explosives skill anyway. And it seems to cost more. So that first Talent step in Demolitionist is worse than useless - it actually makes things cost more, and gives you fewer options - you'll just use the Explosives skill for everything you want to make, and disregard the Talent (Explosives skill also provides Triggers, so...). I'm assuming that Explosives skill in v1.0 was quite different? I don't have those books. I think I'd just rewrite that first Demolitionist Talent so as to give a plus flip to all Explosive skill crafting attempts, and scratch the suggested costs.
  15. Agreed. I've found that using the map allows you to place & device bits of cover as well, and then the players can go off and plan their tactics using their own brains (using all of their relevant skills), meaning that I don't have to try to mentally keep tabs on how far everyone is from everyone else, where pieces of cover might be, etc. I've got enough to worry about just trying to remember the FM character's abilities!
  16. Thanks. I figured it would - I think I just wasn't sure about whether combat duels used Target Numbers (TNs), but since no flips are actually opposed duels (as they are in M2e), it means that every flip is a simple duel, against a TN of some kind.
  17. Another couple: 1/. Does the "Dazed" Condition affect combat actions? If a FM character is Dazed, will it's Fated target receive +2 to her Df (because the FM is at a +2 TN to all actions)? Similarly, if a Fated is Dazed, will the TN of her Df flip be at +2? Or does Dazed only affect things such as Challenges? 2/. Does a character receive a Critical Effect EVERY time it takes a wound when it's at zero wounds or below? Thanks again!
  18. As @diki says, Soulstones & Soulstone dust can also be used to animate Constructs. Dust costs 5$ (Scrip) per charge, and animates a Construct for a month, so I'd personally go that route for the Mobile Toolkit as starting gear. Most other Pursuits get starting gear worth 25$, and if you tried to construct a Mobile Toolkit using the rules in the Core book (ignoring that a MT is a Peon, and the minimum construct you can craft is a Minion), I reckon it would come out to about 20$ anyway without the dust, so it seems fair. Gives your engineer plenty of time to upskill, and also means nobody has to spend the first few sessions remembering to somehow animate the damned thing every hour, or where you left it because you forgot to do so about 3 hours ago 😉
  19. My Fated are bl**dy vultures, always rifling through corpses and picking up weapons to sell off later, so they're all getting pretty cash-rich. Hmmm... Might have to have a Guild Investigator start shadowing them, taking an interest in this "new gang of arms dealers" that's cropped up 😉
  20. I was just thinking that they've traditionally released new books at GenCon, they're also going to be busy with The Other Side going live and needing tweaking once it's available to all, plus there's M3e beta testing to initiate, resolve, analyse & implement, then write all the fluff, do all the graphics, arrange everything, get the printers sorted out with enough time to produce the first run, then get them out to distributors worldwide. Which all sounds like a lot, to me. Much of this may already have been done, of course - what do I know? But they're only demoing Raspy & Marcus (? Only two Masters, anyway) at GenCon, which indicates to me that they've probably just whipped something up for those Masters in order to show off, and the rest will be sketched out later. In any case, we'll see! I guess it's important tho, to speculate whether there'll be a GG2019... 🙂
  21. Added, New Zealand 🙂
  22. We're just playing through "One Night In Rottenburg" at the moment - it has a setup where a cannonball can do a nasty amount of damage to the Fated, and suggest that if any of them die, the player may be given the option to come back as a Revenant (Advanced Pursuit, Under Quarantine), looking to avenge their death. So that's an "official" version of how it can be done. All of @Steamtastic Vagabond's ideas are excellent. As already mentioned tho, I'd make sure to figure out first whether the players would actually be okay with playing a Stitched. Some may hate the idea, so basing a storyline around it might not fly.
  23. I'm guessing it'll still be a year or so before M3e lands, and there's playtesting and feedback to give before then, so let's get onto that beta-test crew and see what we can make of the new propositions. Looking forward to seeing what's in store for my favourite Faction, and I want to be involved in maintaining the Gremlin madness, against the tide of whinging "Reckless is SOOOOO OP" types (who I suspect are likely to make up a large portion of the playtesters...). Not that I'm saying Reckless necessarily needs to stay in - I just want to see the Bayou remain a place of unpredictable joy to those who run with it 🙂
  24. Yeah, existing NB players are getting hit hard in terms of Masters disappearing. I only just bought Lynch's crew (to expand on my NB as I also have Zoraida), and while I can still play him in 10T, I won't have an existing stake in 10T any longer either (Brewmaster going solo Bayou), so that's a shame. Was also just about to pick up Collodi and Lilith as my next NB Masters, but I'm rethinking that for now. Probably not any kind of deal breaker (for me), but I completely comisserate with y'all who are looking at three of your Masters, and thinking "Damn...". Sure, Nekima should be able to pick up where Lilith has left off. But Lynch and Collodi have both gone buh-bye (what will become of the Bunraku, Wicked Dolls, Hinamatsu, etc?), and it's especially sour given that a few releases that were meant to be released some months ago (again, Hinamatsu, etc), but this announcement has pipped them before they've even been released. I'm guessing it'll still be a year or so before M3e lands, and there's playtesting and feedback to give before then, so let's get onto that beta-test crew and see what we can make of the now proposition. Can't whinge too hard about things if we don't take the opportunity to contribute feedback to the process.
  25. Dammit - another question, sorry! Got a Fated who's starting down the Augmented Pursuit (from Into The Steam). He's got a Partial Limb pneumatic arm, with a Piston Driver augmentation. I told him (getting it wrong, I think), that he'd need the Pneumatics Skill (Rank 3) in order to be good at using that limb for Combat. He also got the Martial Arts & Melee Skills at Ranks 3 & 1 respectively. Then, he bought Fighting Claws, and a Club. We're currently saying he's got the Fighting Claws attached to his pneumatic, so they're out on display. So, how wrong have we gone?! I assumed the Pneumatic Skill was needed to use the limb as a weapon, but the Pneumatics actually have no damage themselves, right? He doesn't even need that Skill to utilise the Piston Driver ability, does he? Because it just augments the Might Aspect. So we got all confused about how he's actually attacking, which skills he's using, and what Pneumatics is used for (and whether he actually needs it). Think we've settled on: - Pneumatics will come in if he gets an Augment that allows an integrated weapon; - if he's using his Claws, he uses the Martial Arts Skill (and Damage Track). If he's using the Club, it's the Melee Skill; - the Claws just add "Fistload" to the Martial Arts Skill damage track; Sound about right? Thanks!
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