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  1. Hello all! I will be resuming demo days for Malifaux starting this Sunday (5/21/17). I will be hosting events in Jonesboro Arkansas at Cullisons Cards and games more info on the store can be found here. https://www.facebook.com/cullisonscardsandgames/. I will provide everything you need to play! You can message me here for any further info or to schedule a game! Or email me at horusblack78@gmail.com Demo dates and times are as follows. 5/21/17 @ 2pm-5pm 6/4/17 @ 2pm-5pm 6/18/17 @ 2pm-5pm Hope to see you there!
  2. Hey there wyrdos! I will be running demos at Cullinsons Cards and Games in Jonesboro Arkansas. I will be there this upcoming 9th and 14th as well as the 20th and 23rd. Message me for any additional info or to set up a demo!
  3. Hello fellow Malifaux players! I am starting a league September 3rd . It will be held at Cullison's Cards and Games in Jonesboro Arkansas. I have included a link with the info below. Hope to see you there! https://www.facebook.com/events/523300481194212/?ti=cl
  4. I will be helping run a demo this upcoming Monday At Treasure Chest Games in Conway Arkansas. Starts at 6pm-10pm hope to see you there!
  5. I will be hosting demos for the month of June at my local game store Cullisons cards and games located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I will be at the store from 2-4pm Saturday 11th as well as Tuesday the 14th from 3-6. I will also be at the store Saturday 25th 2pm - 10pm. I will update this post if I am available any other times. If you live around Northeast Arkansas come check out our store!
  6. Now that im officialy a Henchman Im hosting a demo at my local game store on the 29th of may. Anyone interested in Northeast Arkansas should come check out our gamestore! Here is a link to the event on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/events/1556306437996786/?ti=as
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