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  1. So how exactly does the bonus walk work when Sensei Yu copies Misaki's Stalk ability? I get that she can then use her zero action as an attack against it then, but if the stalked model moves, what are my options? A ) Misaki gets to walk toward the stalked model B ) Sensei Yu gets to walk toward it C ) I get to choose either Misaki or Sensei Yu to walk toward it D ) Something else "A" would be my guess, but I'm having trouble finding a ruling or clarification, and I want to make sure that I play it correctly. Thank you.
  2. Regarding beginners, if you can, try to get in at least one timed game this week before you go. I haven't played that much, but that seems to be the biggest difference. Regarding no Facebook event page, that's fine, I was just wondering. I'll see you on Saturday.
  3. I am planning on attending from out of town. Do you have a Facebook event page?
  4. If Misaki kills a model, does she get to place the head before she pushes with Next Target (allowing her to go pick it up)? How does the timing work?
  5. Do charges need to be made directly at the charged person, or can you charge off to the side, or even behind, as long as you end up engaged?
  6. If this is still active, please add me. IambicPentakill United States Iowa/Illinois Quad Cities Thanks!
  7. I don't know if you are still looking, but I and a couple of my friends just started playing and would be interested in playing with you. Feel free to message me.
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