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  1. A good versatile hire for Molly is Dead Rider. It is also a superb model. On the issue of Night Terrors. They are really good! There is so much ranged in the game at the moment.
  2. I don't really see the point with the killer instinct on Lampads and Asura Roten in this list, Deadly pursuit is marginal at best and you are paying 2 soulstones to likely get 2 soulstones back later. I'd just go for emissary and swap a lampad or draugr for Anna Lovelace
  3. the marker doesn't have ht, but since it is a larger base than the marker it blocks all los to it for #1.
  4. As i read the text, the shockwave is basically a 30mm marker that you place under the model and then pulse from there. Does this mean that if you fire a 40mm base model with the pigapult the shockwave will only hit the model that landed on the shockwave, is this intentional or a weird rule conundrum.
  5. Emissary only summons zombies. Molly likes the effigy more than the emissary, and i'd swap philip for archie and then you have space for another rabble riser or drop a crooligan and add forgotten marshal.
  6. I would use it as a schemer if there are scheme marker things in the pool, since as long as it is close to the corpse it has a bonus action to lay scheme markers. Also if a ball emerges, having it there eating corpses for focus pulse is pretty ace. Remember also that even if there are no other corpses dropped in the turn he can himself drop a corpse and push towards it. To be honest i see a funny scheming build where you have 2 diggers and restless spirit dropping corpses so that the diggers can push up faster
  7. I feel "The Whisper" is basically stapled on to Kirai, simply for the reason that you do NOT want to black joker your once per turn summon. Also the intuition lets her save stones for the summons. I basically start out with Kirai+The Whisper, Ikiryo, Francis, 2 Seishin, 1-2 Onryo, and then after that fill out with stuff relevant to the schemes. Usually take some sort of condition removal like a Nurse or Bone Pile. Possibly a beater with or without Killer Instinct....
  8. I would consider something like McM, chihuahua, Sebastian, Rafkin, Rogue Necro, gravedigger, mindless zombie, nurse and then whatever for the last 10 stones (possibly swap the zombie for another digger or something) The zombie and the digger give mcm 3 corpses to make the construct. the nurse uses pills to remove slow from the construct and assist to remove distract from mcm and gain fast. requires a bit of positioning but could be pretty effective.
  9. why 2 nurses? you can assist mcm to remove the distracted, gaining fast and then use the bottle of pills to remove slow
  10. I have a feeling grave golem has a Place with reva in reckoning
  11. I honestly feel that Reva currently doesn't really do anything except heal her crew and die ... While she does have a high(ish) attack damage, she has to get into trouble to use it and after that she usually just dies... I do enjoy her crews playstyle, but currently Reva does very little in that crew... Maybe make one of her attacks irreducible?
  12. I was more thinking running asura so you get something for tosh to summon off and have a chance to do the trick. might be too big an investment, but possibly good in idols for example.
  13. You can't use focus on that. It is only on opposed duels now.
  14. Anyone tried making a list where you attach reliquaries to mindless zombies and replace them?
  15. I feel the restless spirit is there to provide for blasphemous ritual
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