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  1. 7thSquirrel

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    Or crazy cat lady? Nightmare is all over the place, pleasing different people for different reasons. But they're alts, so more power to them.
  2. 7thSquirrel

    Monday Preview - GenCon Nightmare Crew

    I appreciate this.
  3. 7thSquirrel

    Dress Rehearsal - A Colette Guide for Stage Management

    I'm relatively new to Colette, but I've been having a bit of fun Killjoying bombing people with her. Her Doves with a 10" move ( so 13" more if they are prompted) and a (1) to self detonate (for more potential damage no less) seems to make a good delivery engine. Probably not the best list, but I've been enjoying it.
  4. 7thSquirrel

    July 2018 Errata

    And this is why we won't get public Betas anymore, cause according to people apparently they don't help.
  5. 7thSquirrel

    Sandeep: Considerations for Errata

    My kneejerk on the nerf was pretty harsh. Since then I've come back a long ways. I'm looking forward to my upcoming League game that I plan to use him in.
  6. 7thSquirrel

    Iron Piglet

    Summons? Can you overlap those? The answer will give cheat deficits or advantages to certain masters.
  7. 7thSquirrel

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    On a focus of play, I really don't want to see a model and have to remember which of its stat lines it is using based on which Faction my opponent it is playing. Especially if I'm on game 3 or so of the day and have played against multiple Factions. WWHSD beat me to it
  8. 7thSquirrel

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    Not my style, mostly for reasons that @daniello_s has been stating. If others like it I will forgive them for having different opinions from me though. I will note, however, if this model does ever enter my collection it will absolutely have at least the feet brass knuckles removed... probably more.
  9. 7thSquirrel

    Friday Preview - Rail Gunner

    Well with that knowledge I can no longer rail against the deisgn
  10. 7thSquirrel

    Friday Preview - Stalking Portals

    I'll just let the question of it burn in your thoughts for a bit until you decide
  11. 7thSquirrel

    Friday Preview - Stalking Portals

    Woot, are we are up to two Wyrdo's successfully broken when it comes to reading this section of the forum?
  12. 7thSquirrel

    Friday Preview - Stalking Portals

    Well if you don't want my puns I'll port that energy into staying on my diet of celery stalks.
  13. 7thSquirrel

    Iron Scorpius choices

    only if mine is painted
  14. 7thSquirrel

    Iron Scorpius choices

    Granting the "no charge" condition? Or is there another tech I don't know about? Would be very interested to learn so I can apply in the future, thank you.
  15. Indeed, also means that 1 Wd model can clear both my Strike Markers (I think? is that the new question?). But yeah, I was definitely doing it wrong before I had this pointed out to me