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  1. Carecalmo

    Slow Player solutions ?

    In a casual setting it is perfectly fine to tell somebody "Sure, I'll play, but we have to be done in 3 hours because there's other stuff I have to do." That other stuff could be going home to do laundry, going shopping or just hanging around with the other people who are done at that time. This is sort of the same as what happens at tournaments: You know you have a set amount of time, so you have to play faster if you want to get the game done. I started playing heaps faster after my first 5 round tournament simply because I suddenly could not spend 5 minutes thinking about every move - and this made me stop doing that. Ludwig's tips for casual play are very good - constructive and oriented towards teaching somebody to play faster. But there's nothing wrong with telling somebody that you can't spend half the day on one game and you want to be done by a set time.
  2. Carecalmo

    Monday Preview - Mysterious Gentlemen

    I really hope the undead undandy with the book keeps his pocket watch in his rib cage. Got to keep the old ticker going!
  3. Carecalmo

    Monday Preview - Mysterious Gentlemen

    Rotten Beaus! Or at least I really hope so.
  4. Carecalmo

    Ironsides Shifting Loyalties

    Are you starting with a master? In the standard SL rules, you start with a Henchman-led 35 SS crew, where you have to pay the leader's cost in SS as well. Masters also have a default cost of 15 SS once you get one. Other than that, your list looks good. Lots of mobility and killing power - I too would add the Arcane Effigy. Conditions can really mess up low model count games, and in the beginning of the campaign, AP will be at a premium, so having cheap, durable scheme runners is *really* good.
  5. Carecalmo

    General Draw Methods in Ten Thunders?

    Sun Quiang on a tome trigger with his peonizing action. Lotus Eaters and Crime Bossess draw a card when an enemy scheme marker is placed within 6" of them. There are also a few that are more like cycling cards: Toshiro and Izamu both have a trigger (built in for Toshiro) to draw a card if they cheat the damage flip of their meelee attacks. Wastrels get to draw a card if they use their Bravado ability while they have an upgrade equipped. I'm sure there's more.
  6. Carecalmo

    What are some good Ten Thunders builds for Henchman Hardcore?

    I am not very imaginative, so I'd probably take my standard HH list of Toshiro Izamu Komainu Komainu It is quite vulnerable to blasts with lots of low df models, but armor should compensate a little for that. The Komainu attack Snowstorm's weaker willpower stat and can reliably slow when they're near Toshiro, which should help with meelee attack. Ideally you would kill Snowstorm with Izamu from 3" away or use the Komainu to put enough burning on it to kill it by the end of turn and then use their (0) to place away and avoid the death explosion. But Snowstorm is only one model... what about countering the rest of the crew?
  7. Carecalmo

    March 2018 FAQ

    Love the fact that a Bone Pile with an extra set of heads drops two when killed. ... As for Tanuki, well, who knows what they are fermenting in their gourds?
  8. Carecalmo

    The Road to McCabe

    I love your dragon - especially the scales! It looks magical. In general I really like your use of nice, bright colors. Looking forward to seeing an entire painted crew on the table!
  9. I would play being in base contact with dense terrain as being inside it. Same for hazardous terrain. The reason I bring up hazardous terrain is that it too only counts for models entering it, which makes a lot of hazardous terrain kind of weird. How do you play a huge cactus or a spiked fence? If it is impassable, you cannot enter it and take damage from it, but if it is not, you have find a way to let models stand on top of it/be inside it. My solution is to let base contact count as entering terrain, especially for impassable terrain with other/relevant terrain traits. I don't see why you can't play dense the same way.
  10. Carecalmo

    The Road to McCabe

    If no one else needs it, I like to stick Smoke Grenades on him. His size and low stats makes him such a tempting target for ranged control and condition attacks. It's especially satisfying to change it to Recalled Training with a Terracotta Warrior once he gets into close combat.
  11. Carecalmo

    All The Jorogumo Ninjas, Where Do They All Come From?

    Nah, just three 6+ Masks. That's a whole two more cards you can use for it! I've mostly played Smoke and Shadows with Misaki (and always given her Misdirection) and I've never had the opportunity to bury three models with it. But I do see how the ability to unbury in a chain gives a crazy amount of mobility. I would love to hear your experiences with Jorogumo and Smoke and Shadows!
  12. Carecalmo

    Climbing down when Lured.

    They must end the move as close to the Belle as possible. Climbing down costs movement, but falling does not, so it will always be better (when trying to get as close as possible to the Belle) to fall.
  13. Carecalmo

    Carver as an option in the Malifaux App

    My app shows the Carver's name and picture, but the stats, abilities and actions are identical to those on Killjoy's card.
  14. First off, thank you for a wonderful overview of the Collette-themed stuff in the game. I'm (very slowly) starting Collette, and this post has been really helpful in getting an overview of what to do with all these triggers and extra AP. I'm having a little trouble with this little trick, though Collette's trigger reads: "After suffering damage, discard target Scheme Marker within 1" to reduce the damage to 0, then place this model anywhere within 6"." And Cassandra's: "After damaging, push this model up to 4”. In my understanding of triggers, they both trigger After damaging, with Collette's taking effect first because she's the defender. Then she reduces the damage to 0, which means Cassandra should not get her trigger, since she did not do damage. How do you make Cassandra's After damaging trigger take effect before Collette reduces the damage to 0?
  15. Carecalmo

    The Road to McCabe

    I got them at Ristul's Extraordinary Market. They have lots of cool basing bits and scatter terrain. And thanks, both of you.