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  1. currently you can use the grid/detailed view during a game to see a summary of stats and wounds remaining on each model, and while that's useful, I would appreciate the option to show more pertinent game-state info. I like to play vs myself and post battle reports in my local chat, so it would be great for me if there were a way to display focused/burning/shielded/chi etc etc, even if it were only colored dots with a legend, or even colored numbers with a legend. for my purposes, stats of models are irrelevant and the conditions and other game state changes are very important (beyond wounds remaining). Basically, some shorthand way of denoting the entire non-visibie portion of the game state in one easy screenshot would be very helpful to content creators and/or sharing in-progress games with friends or chats.
  2. Hey there! the path of soft control/less violent victory is a bit hard at first, but well worth the effort. As far as shooting goes: check out some versatile/ook stuff. You can bring the emissary for a cheap concealment aura (cover from bill, concealment from emissary is a pretty nice bunker vs ranged, and double negs vs youko makes her pretty hard to shoot). You can also try bringing a komainu; for 7 stones you get a lot of what the samurai does for 11 with silent protector and a very reasonable model in the deal. Also consider sun quiang, who brings a large amount of healing + bedside manner, which is a fantastic way to ruin the dreams of a melee beater who just charged. I think there are basically two ways of responding to an aggressive alpha, generally. The first is to stay very close to your deployment (maybe 1 move out of it) and use your second action to focus, buff, etc etc. If they're willing to go all the way across the table, you'll have an insurmountable advantage (you do need to bring and deploy your crew with a plan to punish the alpha, but youko can do that). If they're not, then you're both prepared for turn 2 (most models with focused, in proper position) and they have less time to kill you before they need to start scoring. The other way is to spread out around the map and use terrain to hide. You'll still get alpha'd, but if you do it correctly and your crew is built correctly, they won't have enough movement to efficiently take out your whole crew before you score. This approach is especially strong in some pools in tournaments because games often end mid-game, and so scoring early is very important. I play Seamus this way often; I'm not sure how easy it is with youko, because not everyone has a 12" place on their master. YMMV. I second whoever counseled you to use pass tokens to pass. You have to think of youko like a surgeon - you're not going to kill their whole crew, so you have to make each attack action count. Use your pass tokens to force them to commit to plays, and then when they're in deep, choose one model and scalpel it out. Sure, + flips are sometimes exactly what you need, but if you're cheating to ensure you kill a key piece anyway, then activation control is more important. Consider taking tannen with Trained Ninja. Tannen and Youko are a very powerful combo, and will really punish your opponent for trying to break your bubble. I'm eventually going to try a crew with youko, tannen, and gwenyth maddox for a 6" (you may not cheat) bubble of awesomeness. bring some damage, bring healing, bring some stones. The great thing about control masters is that they're generally only threatened by a few things - if you survive the crucial turn on 1 wound, you might as well have survived it on 12. Learn to see at which point you achieve control over the game, and bait them into getting very close to killing youko (instead of ACTUALLY killing the support models around her). Anyway, just some thoughts. I played Seamus all last edition (when he was considered bad, and even after reva came out and he was considered garbage) and in the end, player skill and experience can take you to the level where player skill and experience, not crew selection, is the primary factor in victory. Good luck! Joshua
  3. I don't know if this is super helpful since I play resser Yan Lo, but I've just tested this build in a game -- Yan Lo 4 Chi Turn 1 -- Yan Lo Awakening, 1SS Follow Their Footsteps, 1SS Reliquary, 1SS Soul Porter, 3SS Datsue Ba, 8SS Spirit Whispers, 1SS My Little Helper, 1SS Goryo, 7SS Goryo, 7SS Carrion Emissary, 10SS Ancestral Conflux Chiaki the Niece, 6SS Pull of the Grave, 1SS Available Soulstones: 50 Total: 47 Pool: 7 Shared from MalifauxModels (geeksong.com/Malifaux, or Google Play). The only thing that you can't get easily is Datsue Ba for the third Seishin, which honestly might be a problem. Still, there is a lot of synergy in this list - Goryo are excellent and Yan Lo loves healing them, 1 charges are great with Fury of the Yomi (although, again, Datsue Ba provides the adversary for me, so it might not work the same). Summoning your emissary turn 3-4 is beyond useful, and can really swing a game. Reliquary is, especially if you have yin/chiaki/emissary, basically an autoinclude for me. Yan Lo doesn't really need tankiness because he can very easily be ItW incorporeal armor +2. It would be nice to have a little healing in the crew tho. I think that getting up to 4 chi on turn 1 is really important. It allows you to attach blood ascendant to give hte emissary fast, then trade it in for spirit ascendant turn 2. If you discard a card on turn 2 as well, that sits you very comfortably at 4 ap (casting expert generates when this model activates, so just resolve it before swapping the upgrade out), cast 8, and incorporeal, with the option for fury of the yomi if it's juicy. It also means that you should kill some stuff and generate more chi turn 2, which in turn allows for crazy amounts of upgrades OR just giving a buttload of things armor and spirit and making them do stuff. The only things I would consider changing are Datsue Ba (she was good, but how good? I'm not sure where the fourth chi woudl come from), and I think Yin is really important in this list. Of course, Yin gets crazy with my little helper so maybe that's a resser thing, but consider this - Ascendant of Blood's attack is a cast vs WP. It's even somewhat feasible to get 3 chi turn 1, discard at start of activation turn 2, trade in all your chi for blood ascendant, and then just nuke whatever Yin debuffed. As long as it's not a soulstone user, Ca 5 should be plenty to kill something on negative flips. Chiaki is an amazing flexible piece and is almost an autoinclude for me. The condition protection, minor damage, chi generation, healing, handing out insignificant, pushing, annoyingly hard to remove for her cost, and I like pull of hte grave for the situational slow. Anyway, just some thoughts - it's very quiet on the Yan Lo front over at the resser forums, so I'm glad to see some buzz over here. I'm extremely excited about hte new Yan Lo - it turns out that masters with 6 AP are pretty good - and personally he may have moved to A or even S tier. Looking forward to the results of more experiments!
  4. They also work very well together. The belle lures models in for the initial double pounce,. Then you nurse the belle for +2 damage. Then the doxy pushes them .1" and gives them - on defensive duels, and you get another mega double pounce! Well, it won't often happen like that, but yeah live the dream man! They actually are better together than either is separately.
  5. You guys gotta try him with Sybelle/NTBU and a belle. Then nurse him and accomplice into massive melee mayhem. NTBU mitigates his primary weakness (wk4) and belles lure him out of activation. He's the best combat drugs target because of his high Ml, reach, and corpse markers on hit.
  6. Hmmm you're probably right @hydranixx, although Nicodem does tend to draw a lot of cards... Joss is an annoying problem. More reasons to take nurses =D He isn't immune to paralyze, and while he looks graceful and beautiful doing it, +2 wk and interacts only isn't what the Arcanist player wants for Joss. Isn't he WP 5 to boot...?
  7. Your list looks a little weak to me. Cassandra isn't going to be mowing down soulstone users with any crazed regularity, so decaying aura is probably a waste at 2 stones. The ideal is to create a flexible, powerful list where Cassandra is too great a threat to ignore, but too insignificant to gut you if she dies. This is what I've been theorycrafting: -- Crew 6 -- Seamus Sinister Reputation, 1SS Red Chapel Killer, 1SS AKASB, 1SS Copycat Killer, 3SS Cassandra, 8SS My Little Helper, 1SS Carrion Emissary, 10SS Carrion Conflux Nurse, 5SS Chiaki the Niece, 6SS Pull of the Grave, 1SS The Hanged, 9SS Available Soulstones: 50 Total: 46 Pool: 7 Shared from MalifauxModels (geeksong.com/Malifaux, or Google Play). This has the nice chiaki/nurse full heal combo and 4 good targets for it. Cassandra has many good options for understudy as the need arises (nurse, chiaki condition removal, hanged, emissary's damage), and plenty of soulstones to abuse it with. It's a little light on the model side, but with Seamus and a lot of aggression, you should fix that quickly...
  8. Nicodem is also just about as crazy in wave 1 as he is now. -- Nicodem Corpse Engine -- Nicodem Undertaker, 1SS Maniacal Laugh, 1SS Love Thy Master, 1SS Mortimer, 9SS Corpse Bloat, 2SS Nurse, 5SS Madam Sybelle, 8SS Bleeding Tongue, 1SS Not Too Banged Up, 1SS Rotten Belle, 5SS Johan (Mercenary), 6SS Necropunk, 5SS Available Soulstones: 50 Total: 46 Pool: 7 Shared from MalifauxModels (geeksong.com/Malifaux, or Google Play). Sybelle runs up and calls belle, belle pulls morty and nicodem up. Morty poops out some corpses and nico summons. Johan moves up, nurse moves up, necropunk leaps to start putting down markers for dig their graves or claim jump. Nico summons beaters. Sybelle can function as a beater, but she's also really strong with scheme running. She can walk 10, call belle, and then companion into a wk6 belle for weird scheme marker shenanigans or w/e. She can also move, place a marker, call belle, and then the belle can move and place a marker too. Nicodem is great at creating a zone of infinite death - summon only hanged and punk zombies if you can, but flesh constructs aren't bad, especially if you paralyze someone with the nurse and you have a high tome. Protect the nurse, she messes people up, and heal/paralyze mortimer turn 2 after you corpse bloat. Good luck!
  9. I like mortimer quite a bit, although I don't use him that much. One thing of note is that he's one of the best targets in faction for nurse's ram trigger, with ml 7, 2" reach, and no flurry. He's got enough wounds to hang in there for a bit and while he's not really the best at anything, he's satisfyingly good at a lot of things. I think the problem with mortimer is that corpse bloat should probably be a 1 upgrade, and he should probably be a stone cheaper. Still, I don't think he's totally obsolete.
  10. I definitely disagree that showgirls are a nothing. The manipulative 13 with Seamus wp aura, removing enemy markers, don't mind me, paralyze push on a crow, possible seduction/poison shenanigans, reactivate on death... Performers are quite excellent. In the past, people pooh-pooh'd doxies, and said you should only take Belles. Others said doxies are great. A wise man said that you should take both, because they complement each other well. I think we'll find that the same is true of performers, doxies, and belles. Ice dancers I'm less sure about (after all, we already have doxies and necropunks) but they're definitely excellent models, and on some boards and situations, butterfly jump is beyond good. Oiran are interesting and I'm curious to see what it's like. I don't know that they're necessarily optimal, but with a doxies -flips, a medicated assassins gift is kind of interesting...? Probably too corner case. I'm not convinced that Seamus got as much of a boost as I would have liked, but he's a very interesting all rounder. Good damage (for 1 ap only, true, but for that ap it's quite good), good movement (perhaps not quite as good as others in some respects, but literally no one else in the game moves 16" for 1 ap), very efficient summoning (9 for anything, fully wounds) of very useful models, and an excellent support aura. Quite difficult to remove. He's become a much more versatile master with this upgrade imo.
  11. I'm going to be as honest with you as I can... Seamus and Yan Lo are my two most played masters (probably about 20-30 games total). Don't play Yan Lo as a newbie. Repeat. Don't play Yan Lo. If you want something powerful, fun, and quick, play McMourning =)
  12. Wait, we have another regular player in the Sacramento Area? Do you play at GeG? I haven't seen a single Yan Lo player around... Anyway I'm near midtown.
  13. After reading your reply, I really do agree with the core models vs simpler, less core models, and ultimately I strongly agree that ressers is not a good place to start. I think what I believe more than all the rest of it is; if you're determined to start ressers, start with Nicodem or McMourning as one of your primary masters. Everything is better that way. Even without so many models, Nicodem's raw power will carry you far, and he's a very serviceable support master. I came here from blood bowl, and that is a game that I have mastered with over 1300 games played. I'm far from the best but I have certainly put the time in and I'm a very competent player. I've also played some warhammer, and many of the smaller skirmish games. I've played lots of D&D and other complex pen and paper games. I am a little slow to learn sometimes, so that could be a factor, but I found Ressers to be a pretty steep learning curve. Of course I learned how to kill things turn1 with Seamus and snowball the game from there, and even from the beginning VP weren't so foreign to me (after all, Blood bowl is another game you can win with 0 healthy players, and I primarily play pro elves). Nonetheless, ressers is a tricky faction to get a handle on (oh, and did I mention that I played only Seamus and Yan Lo? I'm sure it would have been easier with McM or Nicodem...) As far as Bete goes, I'll sandbag a 10 all day... And yet, at the end of the turn, that 10 might be what I need to save x model, gain x VP, or do 1 2 3 things. Moreover, if they're savvy and kill her twice in two turns or twice in one turn, I often don't have a second 10. Perhaps I just haven't learned to use her to her best yet (and as I mentioned, she's one of my favorite models and I take her often). As far as Yan Lo goes, I think I have maybe 20 games under my belt, so I'm not super experienced. I have gotten a good handle on him and have begun winning with him, or at least coming close, much more often of late. He's a very interesting master - full of powerful options, and it's just so hard to use him to the fullest! I may be wrong about the Izamu-hate, but the more I play with Izamu the more I realize that he's not the tanky beater he appears to be. There are a lot of things in the game that ignore armor, and they're popular choices for obvious reasons. I did like one strategy a lot - I saw a blog by someone who used him for Frame for Murder bait and then resummoned on turn 4. Nice plan!
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