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  1. Let's say farewell to second edition with a return to how we began! We have a lot of newer players, and it would be great to welcome to them to the community with a fun event of flipping cards amongst a background musical of arcade machines. 2 rounds of Henchman Hardcore 2 50ss games using 2018 Gaining Grounds Scenarios (download the app CrewFaux, and I will provide QR codes) If you are interested, but fret over the competitiveness of your collection, talk to me, and I could lend out a mighty Neverborn crew or two - February 3rd, @10am, Game Quest, 4158 Cowart Road, Prince George, BC
  2. Hi all, With the recent resurgence in Malifaux after a winter hibernation, I am back and have been demoing the game at Wonderland, with events to follow again at Game Quest. I am available most Saturdays, and many weekday evenings, so please just contact me directly, or through the Northern Malifaux facebook page, and we can do a game. I have plenty of crews to lend if you do not have your own models yet. Typically, for a new player, I will start with a Henchman Hardcore game, just to familiarize ourselves with the basics, then a 35ss game with hidden Schemes, and then finally a 50ss full game. If you have any questions, just reach out - Brian (Vastare)
  3. Sunday, June 10 at 10 AM - 6 PM Game Quest 4158 Cowart Rd, Prince George, British Columbia V2N6H9 50 ss event, 3 rounds. Scenarios to be posted in the Facebook page Northern Malifaux closer to the date. See you all there!
  4. Game Quest 4158 Cowart Rd, Prince George, British Columbia V2N6H9 Event starts at 10am. Three rounds. A mixture of Gaining Grounds and holiday scenarios will be used. 50ss event. The christmas scenario(s) may return. You MAY NOT build lists with extra stones beyond your master's cache. However, you may buy unlimited stones, per game, at a doubling price with foodbank donations. The first stone costs 1 ticket, the second 2 tickets, the third 4 tickets, and so on.I will be posting a sheet to show the value of items to each ticket. Expect something like ramen noodles to be worth 1 or less, while shampoo or canned vegetables to be worth more.
  5. NPC Con is back, and Malifaux is going to be there!!Three rounds, 50ss. Entry to the tournament is free with the price of admission to the Con ($10 for the weekend)So, come on out, support a local event, and show off your Wave 5 goodies! Knox United Church, Prince George, BC 10am. Sunday October 29th 3 rounds. 50ss.
  6. Be sure to share any events you do to the Northern Malifaux facebook group - I will see about getting you a posse from the north
  7. Hey Everyone,This is the event page for our Master-Experience league at Game Quest (4158 Cowart Rd, PG, BC). Use this space to ask questions, call out opponents, and to post pictures/battle reports to document progress as we go along. There is also a Facebook event in the Northern Malifaux group. The rules, as I know them (I will edit this section if there are changes): - $5 entry fee to cover shipping of the final prize(s) - You will receive the inclusive Master x Master sheet (file attached in the event page), and will fill in a square every game for the particular combinations of competing masters. - A maximum of 2 games per week may be played; only one of which can be played outside of league day - Sundays at 12:00pm at GQ are the game day, beginning August 6th, 2017 - 2 points for a game in a new column and row - 1.5 points for a game in a new row only (you are reusing a master against a new master) - 1 point for a game in a new row only (playing against the same master, but with a new master) - .5 points for repeating a square - 1 point is available once per week for painting. Post a picture in the event early in the week of the unpainted figure, and post a pic of it painted before the Sunday meeting to earn a point for the week.If you have any questions, just ask The league will run until the end of August. I may have a tourny on the labour day weekend to show off our skills before Attack X
  8. With the summer half over, I am starting up events again to prepare people for the Attack-X event in Kamloops. If you want a game, just let me know - I have everything you need to start playing
  9. JUL22 Flip it like it's hot!! Public ยท Hosted by Brian Duffels clock Saturday, July 22 at 10 AM pin Show Map Game Quest 4158 Cowart Rd, Prince George, British Columbia V2N6H9 app-groups Created for Northern Malifaux find us on Facebook! 50ss Gaining Grounds Event! Doors open at 10am. 2 hours per game. Find the event on Facebook in the Northern Malifaux group, or feel free to write me directly for further questions
  10. Hey everyone, this one is going to be a big one! Keep an eye on http://www.attack-x.com for details and event registration. Games take place September 15-17! There will be Gaining Grounds and Henchman Hardcore events (32 players a piece), with the possibility of getting more than 32 players and breaking into a 5 round event over 2 days. I will also likely be taking sign ups for Enforcer Brawls throughout the weekend, based on interest. This year will be held at the Thompson Rivers University Grand Hall Thompson Rivers University 805 TRU Way Kamloops, BC, Canada V2C 0C8 Registration starts at 9am both days. See you there!
  11. Hey there! Do you guys do tournaments at all? We could come down from Prince George to show you all what's up Barring that, I often have monthly events of varying degrees of seriousness, and more faces means more fun
  12. Hi all, Just giving this another bump. We have two larger events upcoming, and new people are showing interest. So, if anyone would like a game, I am happy to provide all the terrain, models, cards, and everything that we could need for an afternoon of gaming. See you soon!
  13. Hey all, Have you guys tried to run any of the scenarios (train robbery? burn the hangar?) If so, do you happen to have any fancy/fun templates that you used for it? I am using them for an event, and would like something fun
  14. Both days will begin at 10am at Game Quest, in Prince George BC Saturday May 20th will be a round of Enforcer Brawl where your points determine your standing and pairing for the subsequent three rounds of Henchman Hardcore! Sunday May 21st will be a 3-round, 50ss gaining grounds event, with scenarios being posted in the facebook event (through Northern Malifaux) If you have any questions, please feel free to post or to contact me through facebook (Northern Malifaux)
  15. On April 23, I will be hosting a tournament using the Break Quarantine, Burn the Hangar, and Train Robbery scenarios, so get practicing! The event will begin at 10am at Game Quest - 4158 Cowart Road 50ss, single declared faction. If you have any questions, please comment or contact me through the Northern Malifaux facebook group.
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