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  1. 15 minutes ago, Gnomezilla said:

    What's the point? It's on a master nobody seems to take in a competitive environment ANYway. :angry: (Yeah, I can't argue with the consensus of the masters which have too many disadvantageous match-ups, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Stupid, stupid balance to the certainties of playing Hoffman!)

    I want to wait a few months and see what the release of sanctioned spellcasters does when it takes away the certainty of one way for the opponent to shut him down. If it does, then we'll start to see whether it's a problem, or just a threat to cough and mutter about before putting a different master on the table regardless. :(

    I'll be taking him to an upcoming tournament. He'll probably get lured apart or blasted to death, but auto-decapitating things should make me feel better :D

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  2. 14 minutes ago, admiralvorkraft said:

    To explain my position; it bothers me, less because of what it actually accomplishes in-game and more because the designers built in a limitation for a reason, and then provided an end-run to achieve the same result. 

    It's a nasty alpha-strike, especially because it's a one-two punch with Langston popping out at the bottom of the activation, likely carrying Patchwork Plating. But it's 22 stones plus a master activation, and it's pretty well broadcast. While it has a long range, it's not infinite, and there are models in the game that could pretty easily deal with the choreographed Emissary.

    All that being said, I would prefer it if the Emissaries hadn't been designed the way they were. I suspect we'll see one in most competitive lists sooner rather than later.

    Think it was an oversight that you get auto-decapitate, or that they couldn't design to prevent it?

    I'll be attending my 1st tournament soon. The Emissary is a must have.

  3. So what's everyone's feeling on the Brutal Emissary getting Howard Langston's attack with auto-decapitate? Was it a mistake by Wyrd, and should it be fixed? 

    For those not in the know: "Conflux of Amalgamation" makes the Emissary a construct, Hoffman gives the "Targeting Systems" modification to the Emissary, machine puppets the Emissary to bury Howard > the Emissary activates and removes the modification to add a ram to every Ml/Sh, getting Howard's attack with the decapitate trigger built-in.

    From what i hear, "Targeting Systems" was worded so that it can only be attached to Guild constructs to prevent Howard getting auto-decapitate.

    So was this missed in testing, or is it OK because of the resources you need to spend to make it happen (1 AP burying and maybe 2 wounds on the Emissary to make it Fast)?

    I want to be fair to my opponents, but i also want to decapitate them.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Bengt said:

    "Power Loop: At the start of a duel, this model may use the printed numerical..."

    So Power loop only lets you use the stat value from another model in a duel, it does not change the stat values of a model with the condition. So for the Emissary to use another models value in a duel the Emissary itself has to have power loop. If a buried model has Power Loop it can let other models use its stats, but that doesn't affect the Emissary if the Emissary hasn't been looped.

    Ooh...that would mean if the Emissary is in Power Loop and buries a non-construct like an Austringer...the Emissary can then make a raptor attack and choose a higher Sh from another construct in Power Loop?

  5. 4 hours ago, solkan said:

    Machine Puppet:

    With the Conflux of Amalgamation, the Brutal Emissary gains the Construct characteristic.  Otherwise it won't work.

    Note that Machine Puppet doesn't place any restrictions on the (1) such as needing to be printed on any particular card.  So it's whatever (1) AP actions the model can perform, including the ones granted by Tyranny of Order.


    What about the wording for Tyranny Of Order? Is Hoffman the acting model during the action, or is it the Emmisary?

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