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  1. I printed a pile of tiny blue circles with the wi-fi logo on them. I think of power loop like a network that Hoffman is broadcasting and putting constructs in.
  2. Thanks. So, to be clear: this means the watcher cannot engage models at all? (Can't prevent them from performing interacts etc?)
  3. Am I right in thinking that models engaged with the watcher can disengage without the watcher performing a disengaging strike, because the watcher has no ML attack?
  4. Machine puppet says: ...construct takes a (1) action which CANNNOT DECLARE TRIGGERS. So does that mean the Hunter can't use its built-in trigger "drag" to pull a model 8" when chain-harpooning? It's still great to use machine puppet for this, but a real shame if it can't drag Thanks guys
  5. If a model with 3 wounds gets Burning +3 and survives to the end of the turn...does its death count for Reckoning? Burning is converted to wounds at the end of the turn, but players get a VP for killing at least 2 models *during* the turn.
  6. I read in the rule book that totems don't start on the board, but have to be summoned (p65 small book). So does Hoffman need to spend an action to summon the Mechanical Attendant? I've been playing with him already on the board. Can someone clarify using totems? Thanks.
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