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  1. No need to pin, no need to build a scenic base...just carefully superglue a couple of legs to the outer lip of the base, making sure that the spider is rearing upwards.
  2. Moving it to a new domain! www.schemefaux.com
  3. Seems fine now. It's hosted on crappy, free webspace. I'll find somewhere more stable to host it.
  4. Sorry, been away. I'll get this sorted.
  5. Photo from Gencon that shows how the plastic stands can be used (presuming you've got them in your box).
  6. Here's mine. One shows the plastic stands that came in the box. The more upright Skeeter can just be superglued to the outer ring of the base (this technique works perfectly for Langston + the Brass Arachnid without the need for building a ridiculous base!)
  7. 2017 Scheme generator made! Will update this if the wording changes in any way... http://malifaux.site88.net
  8. Made an updated Gaining Grounds 2017 generator for you to practice building lists. No playing until January! Here it is : http://malifaux.site88.net
  9. I'll be taking him to an upcoming tournament. He'll probably get lured apart or blasted to death, but auto-decapitating things should make me feel better
  10. Think it was an oversight that you get auto-decapitate, or that they couldn't design to prevent it? I'll be attending my 1st tournament soon. The Emissary is a must have.
  11. Maybe shouldn't have asked in the non-Guild forum! Nobody cares about me auto decapitating Ressers
  12. So what's everyone's feeling on the Brutal Emissary getting Howard Langston's attack with auto-decapitate? Was it a mistake by Wyrd, and should it be fixed? For those not in the know: "Conflux of Amalgamation" makes the Emissary a construct, Hoffman gives the "Targeting Systems" modification to the Emissary, machine puppets the Emissary to bury Howard > the Emissary activates and removes the modification to add a ram to every Ml/Sh, getting Howard's attack with the decapitate trigger built-in. From what i hear, "Targeting Systems" was worded so that it can only be attached to Guild constructs to prevent Howard getting auto-decapitate. So was this missed in testing, or is it OK because of the resources you need to spend to make it happen (1 AP burying and maybe 2 wounds on the Emissary to make it Fast)? I want to be fair to my opponents, but i also want to decapitate them.
  13. Thanks everyone. I think this is pretty clear now.
  14. Haha! You and your obvious logic... No power = no power loop.
  15. Re: no "in play" requirement, when a model with Power Loop dies, can other constructs still use the stats from that model (until the next time Hoffman activates and the condition ends)?
  16. The Conflux of Amalgamation upgrade makes him a construct!
  17. Ooh...that would mean if the Emissary is in Power Loop and buries a non-construct like an Austringer...the Emissary can then make a raptor attack and choose a higher Sh from another construct in Power Loop?
  18. How does Hoffman's Power Loop work with buried models? Specifically: If the Brutal Emissary buries a construct that has the Power Loop condition, and makes an attack using Tyranny Of Order, can the Emissary make the buried construct's attack action then choose a higher Ml or Sh stat from another model with Power Loop?
  19. I've made a simple Gaining Grounds 2016 strategy/scheme generator that allows you to share the generated scheme pool with friends before a game: http://malifaux.site88.net Let me know what you think (and tell me how it looks on your phone please!) Also, credit has to go to godwearshats who beat me to it with his excellent game generator:
  20. What about the wording for Tyranny Of Order? Is Hoffman the acting model during the action, or is it the Emmisary?
  21. So...Hoffman can Machine Puppet actions from non-constructs by having the Emmisary bury them, then Machine Puppet-ing the Emmisary to do a 1 action??? Awesome.
  22. That's what I thought. It leads to some pretty awesome combos. Have to make sure it's OK.
  23. Can Hoffman Machine Puppet the Brutal Emissary to do a 1 action from a buried model?
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