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  1. Hey guys! Still some stuff left for sale! 
    Updated first post and highlighted available items with red, also summary here:

    25$- 2007, metal before-Malifaux-edition Ramos with his mechanical spider familiar

    49$- 2012, Hanging Tree (terrain/alt.Hanged/alt.Montressor)
    169$ - - Malifaux Curiosity Killed the Cat Nightmare Edition+Malifaux Cat herders+Malifaux Alley cats
    15\15$ - 2014, - alt.Katanaka Sniper, Bete Noir (red translucent)
    20/20/25$- 2016, VINTAGE (alt.Misaki, alt.SonniaCreed, alt.Som’er Teeth Jones (old metal))
    17$- 2017, alt.Tanuki
    25$ - alt. He-come
    25$ - M1E, classic metal Zoraida, Hug with cauldron
    60$ - M1E, metal Pale Rider
    20$ - M1E, Lelu & Lilitu (1ed) 
    15$ - M1E, 3 Alps (1ed) 
    15$ - M1E, 2 Night Terrors (1ed) 
    15$ - M1E, 2 Seishin (1ed)
    20$ - M1E, 3 Death Marshals (1ed) -  *1 coffin changed

  2. Hey guys!
    I think I need a new topic for US buyers due thу fact that international shipping is really bad now. 
    I have some stuff on my local store in Oregon so that would be fast shipping.

    Also you can check my other stuff in main topic, that's okay shipping in EU and other locations.

    All models are new, unassembled on the sprue.

    150$ - Through the Breach ALT Hannah !

    70$- 2012, Hanging Tree (terrain/alt.Hanged/alt.Montressor) – The first limited plastic box. *(US and Russia based both)*

    40$ - 2012, Santana Ortega (alt. Santiago Ortega)

     85$ - Brine and Bones - Mary Bonnet Nightmare Edition (alt.Molly box)

    85$ - Curiosity Killed the Cat Nightmare Edition (alt.Hamelin box)

     60$ - Cat Herders + Cat Princess (alt rat. catchers and alt. rats with rat king)

    27$ -Miss Feasance (alt. Seamus)

    85$ - Nightmare Edition Dark Carnival (alt.Colette box)



     WYR21032-NEDarkCarnival_0323a0a6-796d-45b7-b39f-d68d84523d83_1024x1024.jpeg Screenshot - 2020-06-25T202328.933.png

    121689654_HannahFriekorpsLibrarian-BothVersions(1).thumb.JPG.47b6861c165ab6a64fdc8e50ed992686.JPG aHldaU6171A1.jpg

    MissFeasance_4c542e39-4e44-4728-a3a8-a06f83319405_1024x1024.jpg Herders2_962ec074-be23-44a8-868f-80a32ad2a3b2_1024x1024.jpg Princess2_09ee2a1e-e0ca-4e79-b7ec-b45833a64f67_1024x1024.jpg HamelinsCats_6b79786e-783c-41f2-9f51-2de1d10cb31f_1024x1024.jpg




  3. Hello guys! 
    I'm looking some miniatures for my LOTR. I know that my be long shot, but I'll try.
    If you have or know where to find fo reasonable price - fell free to PM me.

    - Witch-king on the fell beast (old one)
    - pack of Gandalf and Bilbo

    - Nazgul The Tainted 
    - Box Guardians of the Shire
    - Box Fog on the barrow-downs
    - box the fall of the witch king
    - the moth of Sauron
    - vanquishers of the Necromancer 
    - battering ram of uruk-hai

    Source books:
    battle for pelennor fields
    fall of the necromancer
    Shadow and flame
    siege of gondor
    gondor in flames
    khazad dum
    the scouring of the shire
    a shadow in the east
    the ruin of arnor


  4. Well hello there! The time when I'll finally sell my collection is near! Only 1\4 of all miniatures left, thenk's for all buyer! You're all great folks, and I hope those miniatures will bring you a lot of fun!

    Now to update - I refreshed the current list and drop prices. Also I find out that I forgot to about hecomi and alt titania! That was fixed.

    Also I made a new albom with picures of current stuff. Fell free to pm me with your questions!




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