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  1. Location: Game Kastle Fremont 3911 Washington Blvd. Fremont, CA. 94538 Event Type: 50SS tournament, Fixed Faction, Gaining Grounds 2018 rules (Painting not required), 3 rounds Event time: 11:15 am - 7:30~ pm Check in: 10:45-11:00 am 2.5 hours per round with a hard stop. (Everything should be wrapped up by 7:30pm) Player Limit: 24 Cost: $10 Pre-reg $15 at door Prizes: 1st-3rd will get LTD edition models. Raffle Prizes too!
  2. They're already range 10 friend Did you mean range 8?
  3. This was sort of implicit in the mention of the other model's triggers, but yeah, you hit the points that I was making as well.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm here today to talk about one of my favorite models and one of the most powerful models in the game! Sande.. Sorry, Make that Oxfordian Mages. With the prevalence of Sandeep and Ironsides in a lot of competitive lists, as well as the ever growing list of synergistic models, one has to wonder. Is the master really the biggest problem here? I'm going to compare Ox-Mages to other models in faction at their point cost when you take 3 and the extra bonuses that they really get from just being near everyone's favorite new arcanist master. But first, We'll need to set the stage.
  5. I'm like 99% sure this was errated so that way you couldn't have perfect blocking with same base sizes. Edit: Huh, Only with markers. Seems like a pretty big inconsistency.
  6. I mean like later in the comments I literally state that you should probably take goodstuff against Arcanists IE Sue,Aionus. It’s slightly different than taking say, Ronin (before, a fantastic choice). But, like I said, you’ve got to commit to the idea that he’ll be able to do some things and you need to play against them
  7. (I actually kinda forget to use the no-randomization action on the upgrade way too often.) I’m usually using it for Action through inaction. Preference on IE. It is good and it definitely has its place. I just tend to be very soulstone intensive for prevention. The Second spellcaster is really just there for the redundancy. Once you’ve got yasunori or Nekima unable to charge your opponents start to hate the poor collared people.
  8. What I’m saying isn’t that you need all the stuff to beat him, but you need to consider the fact that he’s coming. If you just say that you’ll let him do whatever, and you’ll do your own plan, you might find yourself overwhelmed by his versatility to shut him down. Aionus has always given this list massive headaches, and should give any list running triple oxfords a huge blow. The particulars of my list in the last game were just kinda stuff that I liked and that I thought would be good against my friend. Let’s not ignore the fact that I played poorly and should have been able to at least not
  9. Hey everyone, here's my battle report for LVO. I came in first place, and a few people on A Wyrd Place wanted to see what the list I ran was and which masters I used, as well as my thoughts on what to do against the power of the Sandeep. First, I'd like to talk about the list I use and why it it works the way that I need my lists to work. Sandeep Desai + 6/7 Pool - Unaligned Sage (1) - To Command Another Plane (1) - Arcane Reservoir (2) The Valedictorian (10) - Warding Runes (1) The Firestarter (7) - Warding Runes (1) Oxfordian Mage (5) - Tempo
  10. Unfortunately, Commands in Earth only affects actions with the symbol. I've found that taking the emissary is only really good with Kandara and having some fun teleporting your big charger up the board into engagement with things.
  11. Generally the Firestarter acted as an AP battery for the Sanctioned Spellcasters, hitting models with the dreaded "You can't declare 0's or charges" when she needed to go far though, she scored hidden trap for me.
  12. I'm ready for Sandeep to paralyze masters without doing damage
  13. Key moments in the quals: G1: Asami v. Sandeep (Turf War) I took set up on yasunori and dig their graves. Took the mannequin in, and the sanctioned out. With no ranged attacks, the Sanctioned safely stopped any hair shenanigans. 6-4? G2: Lynch 10T V. Sandeep. (Headhunter) A pretty tough match, considering I took what people consider to be the worst (Hidden trap) and FFM on the Valedictorian. The Firestarter showed her worth by getting that last point. 5-4 Victory for me, could have been 5-3 if I wasn't afraid of hidden trap G3: Lynch NB V. Sandeep (Interference) No Marker-Sch
  14. I don't think he actually got to use misdirection at all that game. Ohaguro was in Mei's face. It's why I mentioned it was unusual that he was going defensive with her. No triggers makes it pretty scary to leave her guarding a stash marker by herself.
  15. The only thing that changed from the last beta was the fact that they couldn't target non-masters
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