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    It is indeed Living models only. For 2e its only living . wish you could use undead still.
  2. Greshthecat

    8bit Somer Teeth Jones

    made this awesome Somer on 8bit art http://imgur.com/WclWdVZ (link to picture)
  3. I have removed this topic because it was incorrect
  4. Greshthecat


    Thanks soooo much for all the helpful info. I'll make sure to pick up some nurses as soon as I can
  5. Greshthecat


    Just got the swamp swamp hag set for my gremlin crew. so far she looks pretty awesome especially with the Bad Jujus incredible strength. I was reading through zoridas car and noticed she could summon in other miniatures with a WP of under 4 and the stat Mercenary attribute, are there any card that fit that description.
  6. YAY, I heard that Gracie was one of the best gremlin pigs. BTW are you enjoying the new miniatures that came out yesterday
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