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  1. Neonbasschild

    Digital Minis

    Yeah I hoping that someone would have some nice top down photos for minis or something. I know hoping for the 3d files from wyrd is a bit much to ask for.
  2. Neonbasschild

    Malifaux Mobile App

    Is it iOS?
  3. Neonbasschild

    Malifaux Mobile App

    I personally have been waiting since last October for this to come back. No news in 6 months, I think at this point we can safely say its not coming back.
  4. Neonbasschild

    Digital Minis

    Does anyone have any good ideas for digital minis/tokens for online play? I am running a game via roll20 soon and all I can really find is the tokens from vassal. Which honestly kinda stink.
  5. Neonbasschild

    Guild Scrip

    Not trying to overshadow anyone but I made my own scrip back during the kickstarter. I have modified it a little bit because I though Riastrad's wording was better. My notes are a bit larger and are meant to be printed two to a page. I modeled the size and the notes after old english pounds (which were very large and the writing so flourished that it was hard to read). Click here to access the folder.
  6. Neonbasschild

    Malifaux Mobile App

    currently no. damn
  7. Neonbasschild

    Wyrd please bring the terraclips back.

    It was a amazing product and if you look at how much is going for everywhere you have to know there is a market. Please bring it back. Just my two cents.
  8. Neonbasschild

    Malifaux Mobile App

    Is this app still in the app store? The link is not working and I can't find it by searching.