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  1. Webstores are accepted as long as they are connected to a retailer with a storefront somewhere, even if it's not in your home country.
  2. And the winners are.... @Zool and @CateranLlama! Congratulations to the winners of this art contest, which was FULL of wonderful renditions of Plague Boi! Stay safe out there!
  3. Thanks to everyone who submitted a snapshot of their artistry! Check your inbox for a fun surprise We're wrapping this up now, so keep an eye out for an announcement on the winners of both divisions. Stay safe!
  4. ^This! If you click on the image of each box on the Upcoming Releases page, you'll see the box contents as shown on the back. Some of the boxes also list out the contents next to the image on the first page.
  5. LGS's are able to order SO items using the same product number you would use. Ask your LGS if they could put in an order for you with their next shipment, including via our new direct sales program. Available Thru Aug. 2020: Order Initiates (x3) $27.00 - WYR23301-SO Elijah Borgmann & Firebranded (x3) $32.00 - WYR23302-SO Good Ol' Boy (x3) $27.00 - WYR23601-SO Available Thru Jan. 2021: Agent 46 $14.00 - WYR23102-SO Georgy and Olaf $27.00 - WYR23602-SO Spit Hog $21.00 - WYR23603-SO
  6. Never fear - she's still available in her 2E form on our webstore: https://bit.ly/2SjHh3A Her 3E card is included in the Guild Faction Pack, and is also available on Wargame Vault for print-on-demand: https://bit.ly/2OrvsHI
  7. We ship around the world, some countries just may have some restrictions about how we do so. We can certainly ship to you unless there's an active embargo
  8. Hey Wyrdos! Loving these suggestions! It's great to see players come together to share ways to spread the love. If you haven't already, I highly encourage you, @Otherside casualty, to apply for our Henchmen Program. You'll have access to prize support for larger events, as well as a whole forum area to discuss stuff like this with other Henchmen! Same for you, @Maniacal_cackle and @solkan Keep up the great work, guys!
  9. McMourning wanted in on the action after Waldo mentioned this venture in passing. I have no idea where he got the model...
  10. Wow, guys! Just WOW! Some incredible work here this month! I'm super excited to see more!
  11. No, the Special Orders program has not kicked off yet, but it will be soon (I know, everyone's favorite word)! Don't worry, you haven't missed it!
  12. For those who missed the earlier post about M3E translations (per @Nathan Caroland) : "TRANSLATIONS We are pleased to see our International Community continue to grow and recognize the importance of translations. Due to the scope of the work (our translation studio was even a bit surprised), we will be staggering the release just a bit. The rules themselves will be released first, and for free, over the coming months in the following languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Russian. Due to the number of cards and rules on them, those will take just a touch
  13. Great question! New characters do not = new sculpts: "Special Orders may only be made for all brand new M3E models in a box if that box also contains previously existing characters. These orders can only be made for the first year of a product’s release." Agent 46 is a new character, but boxed with familiar faces who got a new look, just as the Order Initiates are new, but boxed with Marcus and his cohorts. Once the program kicks off, we only have a few models initially available (listed on the Special Orders page), but keep an eye out for more as more boxes are released. There
  14. Methinks it's the hat... If nothing else, that has made him EXTREMELY popular of late.
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