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  1. Gave her two more chances last night. I will be focusing on other NB masters, so you can sing her praises in peace from now on @whodares.
  2. Dude. You have made a valiant effort, but you need to stop with the theories. She has issues man.
  3. They are different. One discussing the closed beta nerf and the other about voodoo-suckage.
  4. I thought we were going to agree to disagree? You think she is good enough, to one of the greatest (depending on the point you are trying to make). I disagree. I think as is she won’t be seeing the table compared to other options in faction. Playing convinces me vs. forum chatter. I will give her another shot tonight, but you haven’t provided anything that any Z player of any edition doesn’t already know.
  5. Yawn. She is mediocre at best currently. Sorry man. A different faction player would definitely want her to be less than she could be, so I get where you are coming from.
  6. Your reading of my words is a bit off. I said “Other masters in our faction are way more efficient at achieving, well, just about everything.“ Not nifty combos, but achieving actual victory conditions of the game. Other masters can achieve ALL victory goals much easier. So my question to players who actually play her is: why bother now as it’s the same as it was (or worse imo) than M2e. Other faction options are better choices to win games. I own and play Z, but certainly not competitively (although I had hoped she would be a possibility in M3e). And certainly will play her less than I did in M2e, now that I have played her, since winning is actually fun. Metas are all different, but in mine, a mediocre master gets chewed up and spit out. We have great options in our faction, but Z just isn’t one of them.
  7. Duh. Nifty combos are not the issue. Some of us have been playing the old hag for a while now. This version is NOT better than the M2e version, which was mediocre at best. So again, why bother other than liking the swampfiend theme? Other masters in our faction are way more efficient at achieving, well, just about everything. I was under the impression we were trying to make an edition that removes the teirs of masters.
  8. She will remain confined to the ranks of mediocrity, just like M2e. Certanly as long as people who just play against her and think she was fine continue to make sure she stays middle to bottom teir.
  9. Getting off Obey is not the issue. My issue is why bther with taking her? Because you want to use (and get your ass handed to you) the cool swampfiend models is not good enough.
  10. Her current state is pretty bad. First game with her last night left me feeling like there wasn’t much I could do with her without putting her in a compromising situation where she would get her face shot off or torn off. I didn’t see her closed beta version, but what were they thinking for this current version? So frustrating that I think I will be playing someone else until some changes are made. I can’t think of a situation that I would chose her over Pandora or Titania, which is too bad.
  11. Bring it goosestepping Guild-scum! (sorry Guild playing friends...I couldn’t resist stoking the fires in preparation for the beta)
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