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  1. Harrower

    Tournament in Albuquerque, NM

    Hello all! We will be having a small tournament on Saturday, August 18th, at: Active Imagination. 11200 Montgomery Blvd. Albuquerque, NM The event will be a 3-round 50-ss tournament, using GG18 format, Fall Schemes. Registration at 11, first round at ~11:30 If you're interested, send me a message!
  2. Hey all! We are having a 50ssMalifaux Tournament on March 18th. $10 Entry Fee, which all goes toward prizes. This is a single-master, 80-ss pool for the event. This means all of your crew and upgrades plus any summons have to come from the 80-ss pool of models you bring to the event. This will be at Active Imagination, 11200 Montgomery Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM. Registration at 11:30, games start at 12.
  3. Hey all! I'll be hosting a tournament in Albuquerque, NM on December 9th. This will be at Active imagination, Active Imagination Add a nicknameAdd a descriptionDelete nicknameDelete description Add a nickname Add Add a description Add Active Imagination Send directions to phone Address: 11200 Montgomery Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111 Phone: (505) 299-2019 This will be a 50 SS event, using the Gaining Grounds 2017 rules pack. Start time is at 11:30. We'll have new winter-themed terrain. No entry fee. Message me if you're interested!
  4. Harrower

    Tournament in Albuquerque on September 30th

    Virtus, our next tournament will be December 9th-- I'll post information this weekend. I'm optimistic we'll have ~8 players, with a couple coming from Los Alamos, and another couple coming from Las Cruces. I'll have a posting up here shortly, and will set up an event on Facebook.
  5. Harrower

    Tournament in Albuquerque on September 30th

    We had 6(including me). 4 locals, plus a couple guys from Los Alamos. The next tournament will be in mid-November I think. I need to coordinate with the store on a date.
  6. Harrower

    Tournament in Albuquerque on September 30th

    Active Imagination 11200 Montgomery Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111 --Sorry, I forgot the address!
  7. We will have a 50 soul stone 1-day tournament at Active Imagination, our LGS. we will be using the Gaining Grounds rulespack, and we'll be allowing all the wave-5 upgrades and models. registration will be at 11, with the first round starting at 11:30. please PM me if you are interested.
  8. Harrower

    Fighting Jack Daw

    Jack is one of the most versatile Outcasts masters; but Jack is key to much of that flexibility. As others have intimated, kill Jack or put him under significant pressure and it significantly increases your chances
  9. Harrower

    Trouble with Summoners

    katadder-- good points on Levi; I've been taking a single master to our game nights for the past several months instead of tailoring lists; I think I might be hamstringing myself a little in certain match-ups. I've also been trying to avoid Levi, since I find he has 'easy' answers for so many situations, and I've been trying to stretch my gaming acumen. Meaning he's very intuitive for me; other masters require some different playstyles.
  10. Harrower

    Trouble with Summoners

    The thing that was killing me is that the Emissary had the generic upgrade that gives + flips to all minions, and he could generate blocking terrain. PLUS-- he can turn corpses into scheme markers, which enabled him to score at least one of his points for a scheme (The one where you put markers down within 6" of their deployment zone. Reflecting on all this, I think my answer this game was I should focus on killing the emissary at all costs, starting with the crew selection. I could deal with the rest, but he tied up too much of my force.
  11. Harrower

    Trouble with Summoners

    I've gotten away from playing snipers-- that's a good thought. My most recent match-up was Jack Daw vs. Kirai-- with flank deployment and the table quarters strategy. I had a minion-heavy tormented crew, with the hodgepodge emissary; he was minion-heavy with the carrion emissary. Ended up tied 8-8, after he came from behind. Looking back, I made 1 significant error-- I failed to realize the emissary is not living/undead, so malevolence doesn't apply. I could have (and should have) gone right after it early, but instead I was obsessed with lost love. I also needed to make more offensive choices with my crew--- the emissary just simply wasn't worth its points. Rusty Alyce or a couple 7/8 point offensive/utility moders (Gunslingers, Sue, Johan) would have been better choices
  12. Harrower

    Trouble with Summoners

    Ok, so it sounds like it's all about pressure, and finding ways to apply it early in the game. What I've witnessed is that by turn 3, I'm struggling in the attrition game. My force has been weakened, and the summoner has been able to keep up with bringing new models onto the board. I also need to better prioritize targets, to pull out the critical elements of his strategy before they establish themselves. limitations on models is not an issue; I have virtually the whole faction, plus the supporting pieces for masters from other crews. I think the main issue is I am taking crews that take too long to apply pressure, so I need pieces that let me get in on turn 1/2 and start disrupting so that I can have more control. Does that sound right?
  13. Harrower

    Trouble with Summoners

    Hi all, I find my biggest struggles in Malifaux games with Outcasts are against summoner crews. It always seems that it's a losing battle, where they gain the advantage turn 3 or so, and it's a tough go for the rest of the game. So-- any advice on crew selection with outcasts when you suspect you are facing a summoner? What strategies do all of you employ?
  14. Harrower

    Events in Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Hey! We are holding a tournament on Saturday, May 13th, at Active Imagination Family and Arena. Start time 11:00, 50 soul stones, using the new gaining grounds tournament pack. message me if you are interested. Also, I'm still available if you are interested in a demo in the ABQ area. -H
  15. Harrower

    Events in Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Hey! We've switched to Monday Nights for Malifaux. Still available for demos and pickup games-- just PM me if you are looking for a game in Albuquerque. Also-- we will be holding a tournament in February, on the 25th, pregame check-in at 11:30. It'll be 50 ss, Gaining Grounds 2017 Q1 rules and scenario set, at Active Imagination