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  1. Welcome again players we have yet another 50ss event at Leodis Games. £15 entry fee to be paid in advance via paypal (gift) to the address: hullmalifaux@hotmail.com strats and schemes below http://imgur.com/a/96SOIBp Round timings: 10am-12pm round 1 12pm-1pm lunch 1pm-3pm round 2 3pm-5pm round 3 5pm-5:30pm prizes! prizes for ‘favourite crew’, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and of course wooden spoon! Everyone gets a token for entering
  2. deathstrike86

    -The Other Side- tourney!

    Nope no painting requirement though i will give out a prize for favourite faction if people have painted (though i never require painting)
  3. deathstrike86

    -The Other Side- tourney!

    I know
  4. deathstrike86

    -The Other Side- tourney!

    Want to come and test your skills with your new toys? Want to make loads of mistakes but have a great day of cobbling the game together? Then head on down and duke it out Earthside (barring any further delays!) obviously we’ll take this with a pinch of salt with shipping going out late July (hopefully). This is subject to change, but i’m gauging interest in the UK’s first tournament for ‘the other side’! I didn’t play the beta so rules pack to follow. Our venue can probably only hold a few tables worth but if there’s enough interest i’ll change to another larger local venue! i’m also considering running this at Leodis games. With the Delay we are looking at early September now folks! Provisional sign up sheet: 1-Billy Mason 2-proximo coal 3-skitt_happens
  5. deathstrike86

    A New Breach Opens-14th July, Leodis Games

    Come Join us for the official first Malifaux event at Leodis Games! On the 14th of july we are celebrating the opening with a 3 round, 50ss event. GG18 will be in play, schemes and strats to follow on the facebook event tickets are £15 and are payable (as a gift) to hullmalifaux@hotmail.com please include full name and the event you are paying for in the comments
  6. deathstrike86

    The Dead Rise...30th June (cancelled due to overlap)

    Sorry my mistake! Will update now!
  7. Hello all! I’m back with my follow up tournament at Stronghold Games in Hull. It’ll be a 50ss event, 3 rounds using GG18. New player friendly and hopefully with plenty of prizes to give out! Facebook event is on ‘The Hull Breach’ but i will be posting to A Wyrd Place simultaneously so come down for an ace day of malifaux and laughs come join us on the 30th of June at Stronghold Games in Hull! https://www.facebook.com/events/2061003927475899/?ti=icl
  8. deathstrike86

    Bayou Bash 16 player tournament!

    Hi all i’ll be running a 16 player 50ss event on the 28th of April! £15 entry, all welcome. Stronghold games in Hull. https://www.facebook.com/events/534503626935762/?ti=icl
  9. deathstrike86

    Battle for the Bayou 2-league

    Stronghold games, Hull- come and join this free shifting loyalties campaign and meet the community, starts feb 28th and runs for a month
  10. deathstrike86

    Wanna see a trick? Demo days!

    As always i am still demoing, wednesday nights are a favourite. Just contact me through 'the Hull breach' facebook page
  11. deathstrike86

    UK Nationals 2017

    Can i be put on the reserve list please-Billy Mason
  12. deathstrike86

    Lincoln - Sunday 18th june 17

    Me and some of the hull lads willhopefully come and show support!
  13. deathstrike86

    Saturday 13th May 2017 - Heartfaux 4 - YORK

    Wow! Me and the guys from Stronghold Games in Hull should hopefully be heading over!
  14. deathstrike86

    Wanna see a trick? Demo days!

    Good morning all! I as always will be running demo days in the wonderful Stronghold Games of Hull! This week it is Thursday, however typically this will be on a wednesday so come along and have fun! You can also find us on 'The Hull Breach' facebook page!
  15. deathstrike86

    The Battle of the Bayou week 4

    Welcome wyrdos to the fourth week in the Battle of the Bayou campaign, things are heating up. The gremlins have been gathering scrap and bodies for an infernal invention. The fortune-seekers must find and destroy the gremlin builders before this gets worse! Where: Stronghold games when: all this week, inquire for campaign details! See you in the Bayou...