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  1. Next round of demos for October - October 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th! I'll be there from 6-10 every Monday if you're interested in a demo game!
  2. It's that time again! The dates for the next month of Demos is the following: September 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. Come on down to Tier 1 Cards and Games; I'll be there from 6pm to 10!
  3. When: September 17th 2017 Where: Battle Zone Ursa Convention; Egan Center, Anchorage, Alaska What: 50ss GG2017 Tournament Here are the details for the Malifaux Tournament at Battle Zone Ursa this year. 1. We'll be playing GG2017; I'd like to do 2018 but I'm not sure the rules are there yet. 2. Models and Upgrades from Wave 5: Broken Promises will not be allowed. 3. All models must have three colors of paint. 4. Your roster must consist of a 100ss selection of models; in addition you will have the option to have up to two different Masters to choose from. These are the only models you can use, summoned or otherwise, throughout the event. If you're taking a mercenary model into your list, the extra Soul Stone to hire does take effect; however if you're hiring models outside of faction that are not mercenaries (but you're allowed to take due to Master abilities or upgrades), you do not have to pay the Merc tax on these models. Also note that this is -up- to 100ss of models, and you do not have to fill up the entirety of your roster. You will use these models to create your roster before each game. 5. Our rounds will consist of the following Schemes and Strategies: Round 1: Turf War, Standard Deployment; Claim Jump, Frame for Murder, Dig Their Graves, Undercover Entourage and Set Up Round 2: Headhunter, Flank Deployment; Claim Jump, Dig Their Graves, Accusation, Covert Breakthrough and Set Up Round 3: Interference, Close Deployment; Claim Jump, Eliminate the Leadership, Frame for Murder, Hidden Trap and Tail 'Em Round Schedule: Sunday, Sept. 17th Registration/Set Up: 12pm-3pm Round One Parings/Crew Selection: 3pm Round One: 3:00pm-5:00pm Round Two Pairings/Crew Selection: 5:00pm Round Two: 5:00pm-7:00pm Dinner Break: 7:00pm to 7:45pm Round 3 Pairings/Crew Selection: 7:45pm Round 3: 7:45pm-9:45pm Clean up/Awards: 9:45-10pm Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns! Thanks, Danny
  4. Same verse, same as the first; here's our schedule for August: When: August 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th Where: Tier 1 Cards and Games What: Demos and Open Play for Malifaux!
  5. Greetings and Salutations! My name is Danny McDevitt, and I am a new Henchman located in Anchorage, Alaska! I will be running demos at Tier 1 Cards and Games every Monday evening after 5pm. Here is the initial schedule for the rest of July: When: July 24th, 31st Where: Tier 1 Cards and Games What: Malifaux Demos! Either bring your own models down or use some of mine - I have several crews that are fully painted and ready to go! -SPECIAL- in preparation for our local Convention, I will be giving out a shiny Guilder to anyone who participates in a Demo with me until the end of next month! Please PM me if you have any questions! Thanks, Danny
  6. As an addendum, I feel like I should also mention that the Terracotta Warrior is also very good with Lucius, but I haven't had a chance to try them out yet.
  7. Great Models for Lucius: Scribe Doppleganger Witchling Thrall Executioner (getting to get in a charge with him via his 0 upgrade off activation is great!) Austringer You can run a Guardsman heavy list (I often do), and if so you're definitely going to want to take Captain Dashel. I like combining him with Riflemen and Mounted Guard, so while Lucius walks around giving orders, the Riflemen are getting a bunch of plus flips to get extra shots off. I often will activate Dashel first, walk him so that he counts for a Guardsmen activated for the riflemen, and then companion one of them to get the immediate attack with free focus, then focus again for when Lucius makes him attack later in the turn. Basically though, you want to take a bunch of minions with him. I'd recommend taking at least one good beater in the crew as well, because there's some situations where you just need a tough, hitty model to get the job done. Here's an example of a list that I used twice in a recent event, to great success. Lucius w/ Secret Assets, Legaleese and Surprisingly Loyal; 4ss Cache Captain Dashel w/ Arrest Him! Guild Rifleman Guild Rifleman Guild Austringer Doppleganger Peacekeeper w/ Debt to the Guild Scribe Granted, this list works best in schemes were a lot of stuff has to die, but I've got a couple models that make scheme-running very easy; the Austringer and Dopple easily put out two scheme markers, engaged or not. Plus Lucius can make them do it again if I have to. I will say this though; make your list flexible. Have a core of models that you take every time and customize it to the missions, as fixed lists aren't always the best in every situation; this game specifically lets you tailor lists every time you play, so use that to your advantage. Good luck! Lucius is a great master (and my favorite in the game).
  8. I usually run a little firebase of riflemen with Dashel in most of my Lucius lists - however, I save myself 5SS and run just two. That gives me some redundancy if I end up losing one to something else. For the 19 points that I spend on these three models, it gives me a great little objective holding unit, great for missions where you know where exactly the enemy is going to be (like Guard the Stash or Extraction) or in Interference where you're going to want some models in a table quarter hanging out.
  9. It's a simple question. So let's make it a bit deeper: Who did you play? Nellie What were your and your opponent's list? Me: Nellie w/ Guild Funds, Delegation, Misleading Headlines Master Queeg w/ Debt to the Guild, Promises Phiona Gage w/ Debt to the Guild, Transparency (this was a psych out) Peacekeeper w/ Debt to the Guild Executioner w/ Ready to Work Field Reporter Printing Press Opponent: Lilith w/ Living Blade, Wicked Mistress Barbaros w/ Cyclone Crash and Fears Given Form Mature Nephilim w/ Mimic's Blessing 2 Terror Tots Primordial Magic Young Nephilim Lilitu On a scale from 1-10 how competitive would you say the game was? This was tournament practice; I want to see if I felt like Promises was as gross as I thought it would be on all these big beater models - it was pretty nasty. I felt like my list was pretty competitive, but my opponents could be optimized a little more. So I'd say an 8. What were the strat and scheme pool? Standard Deployment; Headhunter; Claim Jump, Frame, Leave your Mark, Search the Ruins, A Quick Murder Why did you take the schemes you did? Frame for Murder - Peacekeeper and A Quick Murder - Mature Nephilim What worked? What didnt? It ended 9-3; My Quick Murder and his Frame Target were the same, which is fine. I felt confident that I could just kill his crew and pick up markers all day. I only got two points for Frame, because Lilith BJ'd one of her attacks. I really liked the Promises/Debt to the Guild Combo. The sheer amount of high quality attacks meant that I was hitting very often, and very hard. The PK was moderate 7'ing Barbaros. What would you do with the same pool next time? Probably the same; though I feel like this crew is really good at Search the Ruins too; Phiona and Nellie can lay down just a ton of scheme markers with attacks.
  10. Why just one from Commanding Presence? Am I missing something?
  11. The idea is to not completely invest your list into making it shooty - here's a Guardsmen-Heavy list I'm planning on using at a tournament this weekend: Lucius w/ Legalese and Secret Assets Dashel w/ Arrest Him 2 Guild Riflemen Mounted Guard Guild Hound Executioner w/Ready to Work Scribe Austringer I know I'm weird, but I like to put a list together that can achieve most objectives and strategies in the game, and this one really works. The focal point of the list is not Lucius, but rather Dashel. I'm using soul stones to try and keep him alive, because he's helping me to make the Riflemen into something truly dangerous. Typically, I'm shooting people the most on turns 2-3, and after that I'm either engaging most of their army with my beaters and don't want to shoot into melee, or they're hiding models as not to get blown off the board. Deliver Orders from the Austringer keeps my models close together but usually out of melee, and so do Lucius's pushes. I'd never really want to buy Guild Guard, but they're nice to summon to try and tie up models in Melee that might shoot me back. The Mounted Guard delivers some nice placement and pushes to that I move my dudes out of melee (again), and can let the Executioner tag along when he charges. Basically, no one wants to fight the executioner, especially when I can let him take up to 6 melee actions in a single turn, without burning scheme markers (which could make it seven!). But yeah, it can totally work, you just have to make sure you take Dashel, and Lucius is a good master to help give you guys some extra activations too.
  12. I like this one; went undefeated the last time I played: Dashel w/ Debt to the Guild 2 Riflemen Executioner w/ Ready to Work It shoots, it fights...it's not super great at objectives, but you're playing Guild.
  13. Pretty stoked about the changes to Lucius. Can't wait to pull off a potential 3 attack Executioner activation from Lucius with from like 29"+ away. I do feel like I'm better off changing the way that I play him though; he definitely feels better at scheme running now rather than just blasting the piss out of people with riflemen. I don't feel like I've experienced the relative hardship of other folks with Lucius, as he's always worked just fine for me (he was just a little bit more resource intensive than playing someone similar, like Collodi).
  14. I've had some luck carting them around with the Mounted Guardsmen as well. I took one in our round of Henchman Hardcore, took out Nekima NP (well, with some Red Joker Action). Then I played them in two games with Nellie and one with Lucius - they were a great piece in all three games, either scaring my opponent senseless after they nuked an important model, or engaging a ton of stuff with their melee.
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