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  1. I've made an unusual list to try against Wong. Sonnia with Counterspell Aura (1), Cherufe's Imprint (1), Reincarnation (1) The Judge (9) Malifaux Child (2+1) Guild Pathfinder (6) Clockwork Trap (2) Nino Ortega (7) with Hair Trigger (1) The Lone Marshal (8) with Expert Sleuth (1) Freikorps Specialist (8+1) SS Cache 4 The Pathfinder, the Trap and Nino give me some options during deployment. They could possibly distract him from his normal plans. They can attack his models on the flanks at range. I thought of some formations for these with the trap in front, as close as I can be to his models, with the Pathfinder 6" behind. The Pathfinder could use his (0) action to push the trap into a mass of his models for some movement disruption and free attacks. Nino with Hair Trigger can fire up to three times, which could even kill a model. He has Companion so if he is close to the Pathfinder who activates first, he can chain activate. I could also keep Nino far away and fire at long range. Or use him and the Pathfinder in my own lines. There are so many options depending on the schemes, strategies, terrain and set up. The Lone Marshal is an independent model that can scheme run or attack from the flanks. I can discard the Sleuth for a bonus to initiative. The Child can't be charged and has Manipulative 15. It is a cheap shield that can also throw up a second flame wall. It would activate last in most turns. Freikorps Specialist has flamethrower and suit that makes him immune to blasts. He's a perfect model to fight Wong, I think. A good independent model that doesn't need to bunch up for buffs. The Judge is a tough fighter who can use his Stand for Judgement ability to draw models towards me or push my own models up. Sonnia is left as the main damage dealer with the flame wall option and summoning Witchling Stalkers if enemy models on fire die within 10" of her. I plan to push her up aggressively. I would probably run the Judge at exactly 3" away from her to be protected by the Counterspell aura. He is the main fighter to attack anything that tries to get Sonnia in melee.
  2. I played against the below Wong list and I struggled against it. It seems very powerful and seems to do everything Sonnia does but better, and has lots of synergy and some very tough combinations. Could I get some advice on how to build a crew to beat it? WONG with Glowy 1 and Explosive Solutions 2 Lovely Assistant 3 Burt Jebsen 7 Merris 6 Gracie 10 with Saddle 1 Lightning Bug 5 Pigapult 8 3 Stuffed Piglets TOTAL 49 SS What do people think of Wong's force? I'm wondering if it's even balanced. Gracie with the saddle and the Pigapult with stuffed piglets both seem ummm, good. You can fire a stuffed piglet forward 24" ignoring cover and without needing LOS then target it with Wong for mega blasts that stack hugely. Several models get powers to force models to bunch up. Gracie's saddle drags Burt forward for free. Gremlins can generate the extra AP so can easily get the drop on Sonnia and fire first. Anyway, advice please.
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