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  1. Digital. Finished while at work. actually pretty pleased with the results given the state of the laptop i have to work with.
  2. The thing i love most about this rant is that Mei has her own personal gremlin on payroll, complete with robot pig.
  3. June complete. 2 Swine curse 3 Changelings and a Mysterious Emissary Proxy. 36ss
  4. Ugh, having troubles uploading my pledge photo, so I'll just have to list it out. Hopefully, come time for finals, the upload will work. Pretty stoked for this months projects. So, for the month I have: 2 Swine cursed (HYEPPPEEEE) 3 Changelings and a conversion for the Mysterious Emissary all totaled, it comes to 36ss, and once I get them pigmans done, a whole lot of gremlin games.
  5. *phew* got em done, finally. For this month, I completed Ama No Zako, a Katanaka sniper and 3 Yokai for exactly 31ss. Onward to June, and is that. . . onking i hear? #swinecursed
  6. The mounted guard totally looks like she's about to shoot the malifaux version of "Gangnam Style"
  7. Ughhh, looking at all theses lovely models, I gotta get my self in gear and get some paint on some plastic. Gonna continue with the Asami crew this month, starting with a katanaka sniper and Ama no zako. Then I'm gonna start working on the minion summons (tengu, yokai, obsidian oni, and jorogumo). I have a really neat basing idea for the summons that I'm excited to share with you fine folks. Cheers, and happy painting.
  8. Alright, here what I got done on my April pledge. New work schedule kept me from getting as much as i wanted to get done done, but i'm still over 31 stones. Asami: 15ss Amanjaku: 3ss Ohaguro Bettari: 8ss Wandering River Monk: 4ss Kamaitachi: 4ss Total: 34ss, and an asami that can't summon anyting. . . yet! Bring it on May!
  9. Alright here I am, i'm ready to make my pledge. For April I have: Asami: 15ss Amanjaku: 3ss Ohaguro Bettari: 8ss 3 Yokai: 15ss 3 Obsidian Oni: 18ss Totaling to: 59ss for the month. And the Thunder rolls. Time to get to it!
  10. @ringsnake I really dig the color scheme for your Lynch crew. Guess they really are . . . darkened
  11. Here's my set. Included are: (Super) Thunder brother: 5ss Fart, a nebulous sort of flesh construct: 6ss Unity, Unity, and Unity, mindless zombies of a hive mind: 2+2+2= 6ss 2 crawling mindless zombies: 2+2= 4ss Monk of the Wandering River: 7ss and of course, Archie in his cute rain boots: 13ss All totaled, that's 41ss of 'faux-y goodness. ONWARD!!!!!! to April.
  12. @wizuriel, If the taxidermy iz done right, the pig should be almost lifelike . That said, looks good. When i did mine, they stayed a bit closer to the living colors than undead shades, just a bit more grey and pallid than my normal piggies. Definitely don't be concerned about makin' em a bit more "fresh". The gunpowder and dynamite makes them more than recognizable.
  13. So here's what I gots: Flesh Construct (Large Mindless zombie): 6ss 4 Mindless Zombies: 8ss Thunder Brother: 5ss Wandering River Monk: 7ss Archie: 13ss That'll put me at a total of 39ss if(when) I get it all done this month.
  14. yah, there are very few instances when I DON'T take merris. For 6ss she's friggin gold
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